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Lurking Tyranny

Amazingly Obama actually said the following quote just days before the IRS scandal broke.

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  • You don’t suppose the big o just learned about this from the news as he claims? Another great illustration Tony!

  • Thank you Rodney

  • yaki534


  • rich dunn

    It’s almost like the devil giving a speech trying to convince people he doesn’t exist

  • Poppo

    Great comment, but why ‘almost’?

  • rich dunn

    Don’t want to associate incompetence with evil plus the devil is more skilled @ lying and I like to give credit where credit is due

  • Poppo

    Good Points!

  • It is not that the Government is so vast,it is really way too vast and has to shrink before it implodes at the seams and it is half way there now in my opinion.Think on this one.

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