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Conservative African Americans Expose Liberals’ Worst Fears

By Willie Deutsch

Few things upset liberals more than people who don’t think the way they are “supposed” to.  This is particularly displayed when women and minorities articulately defend conservatism.

We saw the complete wrath of the liberal elites when Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court, and that vitriol continues to this day.  You would think liberals would want minorities to succeed.  However, a conservative African American rising to power would undermine the perception of how the African American community thinks, and more importantly reveal the true nature of liberalism.

We saw this reaction yet again when Miguel Estrada was nominated by President Bush to serve on the D.C. Circuit Court, a move that was seen as preparing him for a Supreme Court nomination.

In 2008, Sarah Palin was mischaracterized in the media to such an extent that most Americans actually believed she said, “I can see Russia from my house.”  The line really came from a Saturday Night Live skit about her.

Four years later we saw a similar witch hunt as Herman Cain rose to prominence.  Some brutal racist attacks were launched on him.  Media bias was put on full display as the mainstream media spent more time investigating Herman Cain’s relationships than the murky history and radical associations of their darling, Barack Obama.

As David Bozeman stated at the time: “The mainstream media would rather search the closets of Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Sarah Palin, and now Herman Cain for skeletons than examine the cozy relationship between the current administration and Solyndra.”

This year we see this continuing vitriol displayed as three African Americans have become powerful conservative communicators: Dr. Ben Carson, Bishop E.W. Jackson, and now Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Guillory.

Dr. Carson is a world renowned neurosurgeon with an incredible personal story.  He was raised by a young single black mother in Detroit who couldn’t read.  In 1987, he became the first surgeon to successfully separate twins conjoined at the back of the head, and in 2000, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

However, because of a speech he gave at the National Prayer Breakfast, espousing what he called “common sense principles and solutions” he received vitriolic responses from the liberal media, and ended up being disinvited as the commencement speaker of John Hopkins Medical School, the school where he teaches and practices.  As Allen West said, “Dr. Carson criticized the unwritten rule of being an African American male by criticizing the policies of Barack Obama.

While conservatives embraced Dr. Carson inviting him to speak at CPAC this Spring, and called on him to run for president, the Democrat response revealed what liberals think of those who don’t fit their stereotypes.

Last month, Bishop Jackson gave a rousing speech entitled “Let Liberty Light the Way” that won him the nomination for Lieutenant Governor at the Virginia Republican State Convention.  As an outspoken African American minister and Harvard Law graduate, he’s made many blunt statements for which the liberal establishment is trying to demonize him.  The liberals have gone bonanza on him online, as they mock his faith and even mock key Christian doctrines.

Looking at Jackson’s comments that have liberals most upset, we see why liberals become outraged when minorities don’t toe the line.  Jackson has repeatedly argued that Planned Parenthood has done more damage to the African American community than the Klu Klux Klan.  This is something that many conservatives have pointed out for years, and something that the numbers clearly prove.

The newest line that has Liberals furious with Jackson, a direct descendant of slaves, is his comment that the Great Society has done more to destroy the African American family than slavery.  This claim goes straight to the heart of the liberal philosophy.

True to form, every liberal outlet from Rachel Maddow and Allan Colmes‘s blogs to the Huffington Post are using this as an opportunity to mock E.W. Jackson.  Even more astonishingly, liberals have resorted to denying that family units existed under slavery, and calling Jackson an Uncle Tom who is toeing the line for his Republican masters.  Nothing gets the proponents of group think upset like powerful communicators who think for themselves.

Just recently a state senator in Louisiana, Elbert Guillory, switched parties and became a Republican.  Furious Democrats in the state reacted quickly:

“The Democratic Party reacted swiftly to the announcement, characterizing Guillory’s defection “a craven display of political opportunism” and calling on him to resign.”

Sen. Guillory responded by releasing a powerful video, entitled “Why I am a Republican,” in which he argued that there is an “Illusion that their (Democrats) policies are best for black people.”

He begins by explaining how historically Republicans worked hard to bring freedom to the African American community, while Democrats worked to enforce Jim Crow laws.  He then details the danger of the Democrats’ philosophy to the African American community.

“At the heart of liberalism is the idea that only a great and powerful big government can be the benefactor of social justice for all Americans, but the left is only concerned with one thing. Control and they disguise this control as charity.  Programs such as welfare, food stamps these programs weren’t designed to lift African Americans out of poverty.  They were always intended as a mechanism for politicians to control the African American community.  The idea that blacks or anyone for that matter need the government to get ahead in life is despicable.  Even more, this idea is a failure.”

After describing how liberalism has failed the African American community, he speculates about the devaluing of the word “freedom”.  “Sometimes I wonder if the word freedom has been tossed around so much that it has become cliché.”  He finished with a rousing call for African Americans to follow his lead and abandon the Democrat party, the “overseers” of the “government plantation and party of disappointment.”

True to form, Democrats are already mocking Sen. Guillory for his video with factually inaccurate attacks.

Dr. Carson, Bishop Jackson, and Sen. Guillory have liberals scared for a reason.  They have seen first hand the destruction of liberalism to their communities, and succeeded in spite of that philosophy.  This uniquely positions them to point out the failures of liberalism, and show others a better way.  If Americans are allowed to take them seriously and see the “government plantation” as such, the lies of “charity” disguising liberalism will unravel and reveal the true nature of their philosophy.  This is why Liberals find themselves desperate to discredit and smear those who should be role models.

Willie Deutsch is Editor-in-Chief for NetRightDaily.com, and Social Media Director for Americans for Limited Government.  You can follow him on twitter @WillieDeutsch.

  • VA

    You call Bishop Jackson an African American but he admittedly stated in his speech at the VA convention that he is an AMERICAN, NOT and African American.

  • Irish-American American

    And your point?

  • Irish-Italian-French-British-

    Yeah ? Your point ?

  • Jim Hise

    If and when these conservative Republican blacks can get their message across to the majority of Blacks, maybe this country will do turn around. Until people, [all people] realize that one must work for ones keep, be it on the farm or in the cities. When a government takes from the haves and gives to the don’t haves without any demand of working for it, it creates a nation of “Its my God given right to be fed, clothed and housed”.

    When I was born, 71 years ago, my father had a damaged disk in his back. He worked as a mucker in a tunnel boring. He crawled behind the concrete forms and cleaned out the mud and washed the reinforcing steel prior to concrete pour.

    He built a ladder up the wall adjacent to his bed. He had to roll out of bed, crawl to the ladder to pull himself up to stand. Couldn’t do it otherwise. He also walked dragging a survey measuring chain during the day. He ate Anacin by the hand full, but never did he accept anything free. Today if one injures a little finger, it’s to the doctor and have to have leave time to heal. {I know, I know not all are like that} but there are millions who could work, even it it was a menial job and do not.

  • RDWells

    If only these voices would be heard and not drowned out and disparaged by an admittedly Leftist media, then yes, oh yes, would our nation truly be changed and for the better, much better.

    God bless these men for the courage to say what has been needed to be said for decades and the integrity and fortitude to stand up for what is good, right and just.

  • Thomas Laman

    This may be to little to late. But it nice to see that some people have figured it out that all the black community is to the Democrats is a vote. Very little has been done to enhance their position.
    Has Obummer made even one non government job?

  • BigMamaTEA

    Is that the real reason the Dems want amnesty? Blacks going to leave the plantation soon?

  • Nicholi Tesla

    Jackson isn’t holding onto his roots, that appears to be the major problem in America: Those that hold onto their roots, like Indians, Blacks, Mexicans, etc… also have suicide, drug and alcohol issues. Jackson is an American not a look back to Africa which would make him half American.

  • stopspending4

    Maybe his point is that when we again become a melting pot rather than a group of divergent people, the US will once again become strong. Breaking the country into groups based on their heritage rather than their commonality, is like the tower of babal.

  • dkme1

    The liberal experiments of the last 100 years have now come home to roost. Look at Europe and you will see America’s future. Bankrupt and lazy citizens who depend on the government to feed, clothe and house their weak and narrow existence. These American’s who have spoken out are black and they reference a time when the black family was a strong unit who stood together until Liberal’s and feminist’s destroyed their ability to do so through government handouts.

  • Jeff Noncent

    if more black people would have the balls to stand against Obama just like Benjamin Carson did in the prayer breakfast we would have a better America

  • Death2Unions

    Liberals and especially black liberals will simply say that he is a hayseed who for some reason wants to hang out with “them racist plantation owners.” The Democrap Party is running on vapor. Soon to be worthless as dog spit. Oops, bad me. They already are so.

  • bahndon

    The “THIEF” comes to kill, steal, and destroy, the democrat party has been deceiving the low income voters since Abe Lincoln was shot. It is refreshing to have these prominent American decedents of americas dark age, expose the lies of the democrats.

  • bahndon

    You may have something there. Amnesty will create a huge block of democrat voters, that also hate the 2nd amendment.

  • rbblum

    Most fascinating how classic ‘racism’ has been used to advance progressive causes . . . and, has been very successful without being challenged.

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    I don’t know anyone in or from Africa. Africans don’t care for us period and given what I have witness, I don’t blame them. All these name changes hasn’t done one dam thing for my race but make complete idiots of them. I was born a Negro in the United States of America, I was not born in Africa, nor was any of my grand parents according to my parents. So what if African were brought to America to be slaves? What does that have to do with me from 1943 to the present 2013? NOTHING. It is history just like Columbus discovered America. It is alright to know your origin so you can know were it is you are going. My birth certificate stated Negro and that’s what I am and proud of it. American first, Negro second.

  • 1josephg1

    God bless these men. They are right. God wants his people to be free. God wants our love and our hearts. I pledge my support to these and others like them. If we come back to God he will restore our lives and our souls. If God is for us who can be against us.

  • sharon

    I agree. Love Benjamin Carson when he spoke out with such a gentle manner. We all know he is correct and the rest of the conservative black people thrill me when they get it. I wish they were a larger group to give their opinion more weight.

  • Roy Elsworth

    Ben Carson is hilarious and a great speaker so is elbert gillroy. but ben carson had me laughing. he be a great president, even though I am canadian he would get along with our conservative PM.

  • Larry M. O’Neal

    Thank GOD for this article. Prior to the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, the vast majority of Black Americans were registered Republicans, then came massive welfare incentives to Black communities. Promoting the government as the “New Daddy” for unwed and widowed black women had millions of dollars behind it to insure its success. As a result, welfare and disadvantaged mothers and women of all races quickly learned, “make a baby, make a check” as a way of life. Conservative Blacks were silenced and shouted down by media, government and those seeking more power on the backs of the disadvantaged. Enter Jessie Jackson and all like him. They are the true “Sam Boo’s”. They have and will sell out anyone, of any color to gain and maintain power and wealth. The best thing for Black America and all minorities in this country is turn from the government support and turn to GOD AND YOUR NEIGHBOR

  • SomethingSomethingGOAT

    If these republicans want abortion stopped and all the unwanted babies allowed to grow up who’s gonna take care of them? Republicans don’t want universal healthcare, lower taxes, no welfare and basically just don’t want government involved in peoples well being. Who’s gonna give the kids the emotional support to discourage them from becoming gun wielding criminals? I thought republicans want minorities and lower class people to stop troubling the wealthy, pure americans? Honestly outlawing abortion makes no sense especially supported by capitalist Republicans.

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