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Facebook: ‘Kill Zimmerman’ page not a “credible threat of violence”

UPDATE: It looks like Facebook has removed all “Kill Zimmerman” pages as a result of pressure.

By Willie Deutsch

Following the racially charged George Zimmerman case, some people went hysterical that he was declared “not guilty.”  Calls for Zimmerman’s death quickly popped up on twitter and Facebook as violence broke out in places as far from Florida as Oakland by protestors angry with the result.  The New Black Panthers have also declared that this verdict means war stating the “white man’s justice system” proves “the white is right theory.”

In the middle of this I came across a Facebook page entitled “Kill Zimmerman.”  It included posts like the following.

In a climate where people are taking to social media to advocate Zimmerman’s death, it seemed something that should be reported and taken down.  The response from Facebook was astonishing.  Facebook stated that this page met it’s standards.  I reported it first for being a “credible threat of violence” and then for “harassment.”  Facebooks responses are below.

You can read the Facebook community standards for yourself to see what they define as harassment or threats of violence.

If Facebook had an open policy where they barely deleted anything, this might not be a problem.  However, stories regularly pop up of conservatives who were banned permanently or temporarily from Facebook.  On January 3rd, the Examiner published an article entitled “Is Facebook Actively Censoring Conservative Bloggers?”  January 22nd, Foxnews wrote an article about Facebook being forced to apologize for threatening to shut down a page that was critical of Obama.  On March 27th The Blaze reported on three new cases of conservatives being unfairly blocked on Facebook.  Just a couple weeks ago on June 29th, The Blaze reported on someone who was blocked from Facebook for bragging about being politically incorrect for supporting Chick-Fil-A, the NRA, Paula Deen, and Jesus.

If political incorrectness can violate Facebook’s “Community Standards” but advocating someone’s death does not, then it has become a social media site that engages in viewpoint discrimination while allowing itself to be used as a platform to advocate murder.

This double standard and the political viewpoints that Facebook clearly seems to push are important for conservatives to remember as they rely on Facebook to spread their message.

Willie Deutsch is Editor-in-Chief for NetRightDaily.com, and Social Media Director for Americans for Limited Government.

  • ary

    Facebook seems to be using double standards for “hate speech”, holding those in support of Trayvon to a lower standard than others with whom the adminstration agrees. They appear to be discriminating openly, as well as colluding with this administration and the NSA to track and harvest all our personal information for the eventual use of whatever politicians choose to put the information to “prove”.
    This is about maintaining THEIR jobs and THEIR security, not ours.

    What does Facebook and its owner and administrators fear from the groups and the political views they favor, if they were to actually be color- and race-neutral in their decisions about what is “hate” speech?
    What do they fear from this administration?
    Do they fear loss of political clout and mutual political favors, along with loss of “business” and “profits”?
    This surely seems to be another case of the defiance of the arrogant, wealthy and those in political power who are either in or have been colluding with this administration.
    Their attitude is that THEY are judge and jury of right and wrong. The additional reality is the attitude of the rulers and players in communication, when allied with the corrupt political machine, are becoming “untouchable!”, as illustrated by comments that defy anyone to think about the truth of matters, for themselves.
    Remember the “defense” of those who will not admit their guilt while ensuring that the facts are suppressed or hidden:
    the smirking: “it depends on what ‘is’ is”;
    the arrogant: “there is no ‘there’ there” and
    and the defiantly angry at being caught in a web of their own making re: the harm they’ve done: “What difference does it make?”

  • Mahmoud Cohen

    They are called Jews. They actively work against white people and have zero honor or integrity.

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