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Defund Obamacare the only way

NobamaCareBy Bill Wilson

“If and when defunding has 60 votes in the Senate, we will absolutely deliver more than 218 votes in the House.”

That was House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) in an Aug. 9 interview with the National Review, essentially telling the nation that there will never be the votes in the U.S. Senate to support a continuing resolution that defunds the health care law.

And so the House will never attempt to pass one. Why?

“I am not aware of a single Democrat in the Senate who would join us,” Cantor said.

And none likely ever will. Indeed, after campaigning for more than a generation for universal health care, when the so-called “Affordable Care Act” finally passed in 2010, every single Democrat in the Senate voted for it.

Moreover, since the advent of Rule XXII in the Senate 96 years ago, Republicans have never had a filibuster-proof majority in that house of Congress. And barring a miracle performance in 2014, they likely never will.

They’d have to knock Democrats out of seats in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia, and West Virginia. Meanwhile not lose a single seat of their own, excepting New Jersey that Republicans have briefly picked up via appointment but are not very likely to keep in a special election later this year.

Meaning, if Republicans are waiting to reach 60 votes in the Senate to defund or repeal the health care law, the outcome is all but set in stone.

Obamacare will neither be defunded nor repealed.

And Cantor knows it.

Meanwhile, fuller implementation of the law is set to begin in 2014 when the individual mandate and the expansion of Medicaid kicks in. Kaiser Family Foundation estimates as many as 23 million could be added to the Medicaid rolls. Another 50 million or so will be subsidized via the insurance exchanges, according to an Americans for Limited Government analysis.

Once the benefits kick in, the political will on the right to roll them back will be even less than it is today. It will become permanent. All told, up to 193 million Americans will qualify for taxpayer funded health insurance, whether through Medicaid, the exchanges, or Medicare — a super majority of the entire population dependent on the government for all issues regarding life and death. Over the coming decades, this will cost taxpayers tens of trillions of dollars and eventually break the bank.

So, the law must be dismantled before it is too late.

The only alternative for the GOP is to attach a legislative rider defunding the entire law in an upcoming vote on the continuing resolution — such as HR 2682 by Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) and then simply refuse to cave-in to the threats and intimidation of the Obama storm troopers.    Oh, there will be screams of “You are shutting down the government” to be sure.  But just keep passing budgets that fund all essential items except Obamacare.  Day in and day out, pass budgets and make Obama and this cronies scream.  It will not take long for the American people to see who is hurting them in order to get what he wants.

You can hear the weak-sisters of the GOP establishment cringe at the thought!  “The media will kill us,” they will say.  To which the reply has to be “So what?”  They will attack and denigrate conservatives and Republicans (the two are not the same by the way) anyway.  And increasingly nobody except the mindless zombies of the cultural left pay them any heed anyway.

The  House leadership is nowhere to be found supporting this stance, perhaps the only one that can stop the law before it’s implemented.  “No one is advocating a government shutdown,” Majority Leader Cantor said in his National Review interview.

So fearful of the myths of 1995 is Cantor and his ilk that he ignores one of the great lessons of history, a lesson made so pointedly in“Night” by Elie Wiesel. The GOP needs to remember “It is the Cringing Dog that gets kicked”.  My apologies to PETA but not to the weak and facilitating “leadership” of the House.

Bill Wilson is a member of the board of directors of Americans for Limited Government.

  • MM59

    This analysis makes absolutely no sense.

    Where in the Affordable Care Act does it give the administration the right to delay ANY provision of the law? From what I read, the answer is “nowhere”.

    So are you saying that when the administration fails to enact the law as written, Congress has no legal remedies?

    Or is this just suggesting what we all feel – that while we were sleeping someone changed our form of govt from a “constitutional republic” to a “monarchy/dictatorship” where the executive branch now has unlimited powers. Tell me what does a “subject” due now. Kneel and bow before the king? Just bow before the king? Or is there a ring I need to kiss when I approach the king?

  • pduffy

    “Because we don’t have 60 votes in the senate, we MUST give the democrat party everything they ever dreamed of”. That’s really what this man really means. They use this same argument for failing to impeach Mr. Obama for his crimes, the ‘all powerful and mighty senate’ has a democrat majority and would fail to convict – so they do nothing, as usual. They have all the power they need to shut down this government and force Obama-care into oblivion, but they refuse to use this power because they too are corrupt.

  • jm78

    “they refuse to use this power because they too are corrupt.”

    Amen. And they’re too spineless. It’s sad what’s become of the GOP…

  • JeromefromLayton

    If the all-mighty Senate can block things, so can the House. Never mind the House-Senate Conference Committee. If it funds Obama-care, just don’t pass it. Period, end of story. All that will take is 218 people with the “stones” to say NO! Sooner or later, the rest will get the message and pass a budget without ACA and the ability of the IRS to run a chunk of it.

  • RubyBlu

    I do agree with Cantor – none of the Democrats will vote to defund obamacare and worse, the RINOS will not vote to defund it. Now that the ‘special people’ have been exempted, the government politicians, IRS, etc. WHY do they need to vote against it – they’ve got their azzes covered for life because at this point, ‘what difference does it make’….for the peons (us). WE must get very serious and proactive to assure OUR victory in defunding it! Tick, tock…

  • Baruch

    Sickening that the author quotes Elie Wiesel here.

  • Smirks

    How brave, sabotage all legislation until you get what you want. Great stuff. So, we are going to use this to force the NSA to give up PRISM and XKeyscore, right? No? How about forcing an end to indefinite detention of American citizens? No? Well, at least end the costly wars, right? No?

    It is pretty damning to see the extent some people are willing to go to fight health care reform, but not to fight actual, unarguable government abuses.

  • jwatersphd

    Defund/repeal it before people get to like it? That sounds like a populist movement (not). Cassandras said Medicare would break the bank and social security would be a socialist welfare state that would do that, too. Both are now immensely popular and few are, or feel oppressed by them and neither really threatens the budget. Obamacare would be better if it were like Medicare, but you want to turn that into an insurance company feeding trough, too, with insurance vouchers. You really like a nation with a lot of sick people? Hey, let’s extend that idea: Let’s de-fund and repeal public education, too. We’ve known for a long time that education for all is good for the country. Why not health? Fine with a system where people are routinely bankrupted by health care costs that, for most people, are inevitable? What’s the great value in that approach? A lot of inevitable needless suffering. Most other countries have solved this pretty efficiently. It’s only here where “liberty” means the right to be sick or pay through the nose. Bill, if you are so convinced this is a bad idea, why don’t you come up with something better? How about just Medicare for all? Cut out the insurance companies – then it would be affordable like Medicare is. We don’t need health insurance, we need health care.

  • WhiteFalcon

    Don’t apologise to PETA. They are nothing but a commieonazicrat pushing group that has nothing to do with the welfare of animals. They just use animals to get into the news. They are trash.

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