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Obama’s favorite golf courses open during shutdown

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Chipping out from the Capitol Hill bunker, President Barack Obama often enjoys getting away from the bustle of Washington politics to enjoy a round a golf–more precisely 146 rounds since he entered office.

His favorite courses are on military bases at Andrews Air Force Base and Fort Belvoir. So when the government shutdown hit Washington–closing grocery stores on military bases including Andrews and Fort Belvoir, barricading  national memorials, and threatening football games for the service academies–one could assume that the president’s pastime of choice taking place on federal property is on ice until he and the rest of the folks on the Hill get business squared away.

But you’d be wrong. All “non-essential” personnel have been sent home on the bases while the government’s shut down–and the Chief Executive Golfer’s greens of choice remain open for play.

In fact, since Obama’s much-maligned sequester hit Washington, the president has teed off for 30 rounds of golf.  That’s 540 holes, or 120 hours of golf, not including nineteenth hole time.

Last Sunday the government shutdown was only hours away and the Democrat-controlled Senate was taking the day off rather than negotiating a deal to prevent the first shutdown in 17 years. Did the president fill the negotiating void left by the Democrats? No–choosing rather to take a personal day and hit the greens for a day off in the waning hours before the shutdown.

Obama taking a golf day serves as no surprise, but his Sunday vacation goes further to demonstrate where the president’s priorities lie when the going gets rough in Washington.

While no word has been forthcoming on the weekend’s scorecard, but when it comes to working for the American people he has already hooked his ball way out of bounds, and right now he resembles a lost ball in tall weeds.

Tom Toth is the Social Media Director for Americans for Limited Government

  • TheBitterClinger1

    That is who the ManChild is–an utterly self-important, self-absorbed narcissist. When he told all the world he wanted to ‘fundamentally change America” he meant it-believe him. All power, privilege and prestige WILL belong exclusively to the technocrats in charge (such as the ManChild) and those functionaries and ‘artist’ serving the State. The rest of us are here to grovel, labor and obey. The ManChild is not the first–history is full of these tyrants and wannabes. The democratic process is but a MEANS to power for them.

    Hunker down

  • Hotnike

    Obama is a hypocrite! We should all know that by now but he is also a blatant ass!

  • BWaugh

    100 hours since the shutdown, maybe?

  • daveveselenak

    You are so correct TBC1! He is a petty, vindictive, evil little lilliputian that deseves to be impeached for treason, the Muslim-Marxist jihadist! The murder of that unarmed, mentally disturbed women is appauling. This is the atmosphere that this fuhrer is breeding, by design. Check this out: if this scenario had taken place in the middle east war zone – a car speeding through a roadblock and a soldier fires on the car, he would be and there have been soldiers that were court martialed for the exact same thing that these “civilian army”, hair triggered, incompetent A-holes were praised for being so brave! How’s that one, AMERIKA? The soldier must wait until he is fired upon, in a war zone for crying out loud where the enemy is everywhere and out to kill you. This is, along with the closing down of the World War II memorials along with Benghazi and the horatious tratment of our brave and maimed veterans by the Veterans Administration points out the utter contempt and hatred this devil, Obaa-baa-ma has for the military! They are a threat to his DICTATORSHIP and that is why all these generals that are loyal to the country and constitution are being thrown out on trumped up charges! – really, the latest being one supposedly using fake gambling chips at a casino! What a crock! This reprobate, new Hitler is surrounding himself with sycophants that are loyal only to him. The IRS criminal conduct by his sycophants is another example. There does not have to be any paper-work involved as it is implied behavior that eminates from the “Outhouse!” WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  • Poppo

    Just like a spoiled child. If I can’t get my way, I’ll take my golf ball and leave!

  • dave

    romney ran a campaign featuring repeal obama care and lost voters spoke end of discussion so for the republican party to throw a tantrum and with no leg to stand on they hold the debt ceiling hostage as a last desperate attempt to defund obamacare how is that democracy how is it not a crime. you cant give in to a child throwing a fit or it just gets worse i praise obama for having the balls to stand up to this crime the republican party is committing.

  • toddschul

    Have you ever seen Obama golf? Not pretty…

  • toddschul

    How many American troops have died in Afghanistan (the “good war” according to Obama) since he took office and began playing his 146 rounds of golf? Ah, the Left only cares about that when Bush was in office….

  • Tom Toth

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: 1000-hour time projection was typo. Corrected.
    Thanks for reading!

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