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Ted Cruz stood for what’s right and won

Ted CruzBy Rick Manning

Common wisdom amongst those who live in the Beltway is that the fight to end Obamacare was not worth it, and those who stood up to the bullying of Obama and his cronies were political losers.

Senator Ted Cruz went home to Texas last weekend and made two separate stops to talk to the people at hastily arranged events.

Far from the images America saw in 2010 when Obamacare supporters desperately cancelled or limited attendance at events, Cruz stepped into the lion’s den of real public opinion in his home state of Texas and the result was not just standing ovations, but cheers that exceed a concert crowd demanding an encore from their favorite artist who has left his greatest hit unsung.

You can see the thirteen minute ovation yourself here.  It is worth it to confirm what many of us know in our hearts – when you stand up and fight for what is right the people appreciate it.

Critics would argue that these cheers came from tea party types and don’t reflect the people at large.  However, it is better for a leader to be loved by those who are informed, than to be barely tolerated by those who aren’t.  Informing the currently uninformed electorate is much easier when you are standing on principle.  In this case it is all the easier as the implementation of Obamacare has been a stunning disaster that the people are learning is going to hit them in the wallet with massive premium increases while costing many of them to lose their existing health care coverage.  That is exactly the position Cruz,  Senator Mike Lee and those who stood with them find themselves.

When asked about the government shut down, they can look squarely in the camera and say they did it because the Obamacare law is going to hurt people, and it was their duty to try to stop this big government boondoggle that is guaranteed to fail.

This is now no longer rhetoric as even the mainstream media is acknowledging that Obamacare was not ready for prime time.  But only those who were willing to fight to stop it can honestly tell the people that they have been doing everything in their power to end the disastrous federal government power grab.

John McCain cannot say it.  Lindsay Graham cannot claim it.  Lamar Alexander can only stammer, look away and try to change the subject when asked where he was in the fight led by Ted.

In politics, if you are lucky, you get a few big moments when it is more about the country than about yourself.  Cruz and Lee along with Rep. Tom Graves, Louie Gohmert and so many others in both the Senate and the House risked their political careers in trying to stop Obamacare, and they can now look the people in the eye and honestly tell them where they were at this critical juncture in our nation’s history.

They passed the crucible moment with flying colors, while so many others’ courage fell short hiding behind the skirts of the “I didn’t agree with the strategy” excuse.

At a time when Congress is viewed as being lower than snail slime, Ted Cruz can return home to Texas to ovations, can Lindsay Graham say the same?  Somehow I think there is a lesson there.

Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is the vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government

  • Alan Lay

    Of course he got a standing ovation. He was in his voting district. Ted is exactly WHY Congress is viewed as lower than snail slime. He is as far right as Pelosi is left. He panders to the ultra-religious who seem to not understand that government should have nothing to do with religion and certainly shouldn’t use religion as a basis for their laws. The hard line Republicans like him and Eric Cantor, were acting like children who didn’t get their way in trying to stop Obamacare. The law had been voted on, passed, and approved by the Supreme Court. LET IT GO! Do I think it’s a train wreck (at best)? Yes, yes, yes but it’s done. Maybe the hard line Righties should work at making it better or coming up with a plan of their own (here’s a hint, they don’t have one that’s any more viable than the ACA). It’s the hard liners from both parties that are ruining this country and if you can’t see that, then YOU are the uneducated sheeple that are following along, ignorantly unaware of what’s going on outside of your own, sheltered world.

  • pduffy

    There are numerous countries around the world that have had socialist/communists style governments that would suit you just fine. Why are you still here? You are still free to leave, (at least for now). America was one of the last places on earth that didn’t have such an oppressive system, you should leave with your ilk Barry Soetoro and go back to Africa where he came from, and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t want socialized medicine, or anything else ‘socialized’ or ‘redistributed’.

  • al schreiber

    using your logic slavery should have been tolerated, civil rights would have never happen and the black man would still be 3/5 vote. probation would still be tne LAW OF THE LAND. you discription of yourself at the end however is correct. enjoy the kool aid

  • Myrtle Linder

    I d on believe that Ted is 100% on the side of what I believe but I do know he is fighting the largest evil that Obama has hatched, yet. AND HE IS WINNING. I believe only the anti-Americans cannot see this. I believe that he is on GOD’S side, fight the evils that GOD hates. and you cannot beat that.

    Matthew 12:30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad

  • Ted

    His voting district is the state of Texas! Even a liberal should understand this. But why is it that the pinhead liberals always attack someone’s religion when they disagree with their politics. I believe this is due to pure ignorance. If you cannot come up with a sensible argument, just go after their religion.

  • robertdavidhummel

    RDavid Hummel
    shared National Liberty
    Federation’s photo.about an hour ago ·

    Good Day,to all Congressman, Senators, The Executive Branch, Servicemembers.and “OATHKEEPERS”…”We”, have provided Blank Check in
    Service to our Country…since June 16 1775… YES’, Some gave ALL, but ALL Gave some…In our endeavor to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and more especially The Freedoms etched in Our Great Nation’s, “UNDER GOD”, Foundation.

    Here comes the time…”of those that are presently elected”… to lead and guide our countries well being…within the Three (3), branches of our government, (PARTICULARILY the POTUS),… all of whom are incessantly, accumulatively, and disastrously….wreaking havoc…in their efforts to Destroy the…”Truth, Justice, and Our American Way”.

    Our Founding Fathers…did effectively… prescribe powerful and worthwhile
    …Checks and Balances…within our governmental authorities …that are
    significantly….being Wantonly, Willfully, and Defiantly, USURPED , by the
    POTUS, …while the Democratic Senate is purposefully aligning with the POTUS,
    and the Republican House of Representatives are FAILING to effectively UNIFY and apply appropriate restraint and control of the nations Purse values,… And the
    Supreme Court and the USAG, are limp or laxidaisily, …defining the Rule of
    Law…which in effect…gives credence for the POTUS and the Democratic
    Party…to Purposefully, Fraudulent, deceitfully, and destructively…ERODE the
    FOUNDATION and FREEDOMS of Our Great Country.

    With, “ALL of The Above”, precisely providing the Din and Angst…To “We The people”…makes the call …WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT OUR PRESENT CALAMITY ?

    Based on the FACTS of the present Governmental FAILURES ‘To Serve The People within the Confines of the Constitution and the Rule of Law”,…Our only SOLUTION is a REVOLUTION…”We The People, Patriots …and OATHKEEPERS, NEED…PEACEABLY Apply the “WEAPON of OUR
    VOICE”, and NECESSARILY,…Our Physical Presence… WHILE THE GOVERNMENTAL OFFICES are IN SESSION,…To IMPOSE… “CITIZENS ARREST” of all Persons and Parties ASSOCIATED with the FAILED LEADERSHIP and Fraudulent Enactment of Destructive Legislation, that impact the Well-Being of Our Great Country.

    Yea’ …I am only ONE , I’m Old, and assuredly not very well financially
    capable, BUT I am willing to again RISK MY LIFE and LIMB, and my Limited Fixed Income resources….to Join the Power of of all Responsible, and Accountable “Patriot, and Freedom Organizations”….. NOT FOR MY COMFORT….But for the CONTINUANCE of Truth, Justice, The American Way, to Preserve, Protect, and Defend, the FREEDOMS of Our Great Nation….Be provided to My Children and Grandchildren.

  • Alan Lay

    First of all, I’m not a liberal. Second of all, some people “attack” a politician’s religion because some politicians make that the center of their politics. I understand why they do it, but they and you should then be able to understand why they get criticized for doing so. Religion has no place in government unless you want to allow all religions but I’m guessing that isn’t the case. If it doesn’t come from the Holy Bible, it isn’t a religion fit to follow is what I’d bet most of the Republican politicians would say. Funny thing is, that’s a work of fiction that has been translated, edited, and re-written many times. Sometimes just to fit the current kings idea of what it should say (King James).

  • Myrtle Linder

    Where does the idea come from that GOD is to be completely eliminated from the government? Now, if GOD created it why can HE have nothing to do with it? He will be involved with it all, the good will be blessed and the evil will be cursed and destroyed.

    Every political person is accountable to GOD, and is responsible for all they say and do, where ever the may be, all of your works, even your words are written in HIS BOOK OF LIFE. We would all be very wise to take all of this into our minds because these facts will not change. The best thing about it all we are given the right to repent and get right with HIM.

  • Rose Li

    And then there is this…S.744…▶ Ted Cruz Exposes the Amnesty Bill… $5000 Penalty for Hiring Citizens Over Legalized Aliens – YouTube

  • Myrtle Linder

    Only the ignorant of the CREATORS works will think that HE has no rights concerning the government. Every good act and every good decision of every person, old enough to be accountable will be entered into the “book of life for that person.” The WORD says nothing about the government being excluded to GOD. You make decisions there, that will be judged, GOD sees it all, decisions according to HIS WORD and decisions against HIS WORD. it would be best for every politician to know this and keep it in mind.

    Daniel 12:1 speaking of the last or the end days:

    And at that time shall Michael standup, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, everyone that shall be found written in the book.

    Revelation 17: 8 The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the “book of life” from the foundation of the world when they behold the beast that was and is not not, and yet is.

    Other “Book of Life” verses: Ex. 32:32; Philemon 4:3; Rev. 3:5; 13:8, 20:12,15, 21:27

  • Ted

    You REALLY don’t think you’re a liberal? Considering your last remark, my guess would be a liberal atheist.

  • Eric

    Alan Lay, glad you agree it is a train wreck. Now, for the part you forgot. It is the job of Congress to not fund those things they deem harmful. That is exactly why the House has the power of the purse. Passed? Yes it did. So what? It is a bad law and harmful to the country. The House has the duty to actually consider not funding it. But, with our current crop of spineless
    reps, who consider Congress a career and not a public service, that has proven harder and harder to accomplish. As far as alternate plans, they have been offered, over and over again. Let companies insure across state lines, use free market principles. Is it hard? Sure. Life isn’t easy. But, the heavy hand of government is the worst “solution”. Big government never ends well.
    Follow the Constitution, use your individual liberty to provide for yourself and your individual charity to help others. I agree that both parties are ruining this country. But, we were warned. Our Founders didn’t want parties, or a central bank, or a big government, They knew it would only lead to decreased freedom and corruption. They were right. While I view the democrats as basically the Marxist party now, RINOs aren’t a great deal different. Do I agree with the Tea Party, Libertarians and Constitutional Party? Yes. At least they understand how our Constitutional Republic should work and are willing to take the now painful steps to get things corrected. It is great to point at the problems, but we must now all be willing to take the steps, and the pain, necessary to solve them. There really is no other way.

  • jwatersphd

    Exactly. Manning’s argument above reminds me of Viet Nam – we had to destroy the village in order to save it. Except they didn’t save anything, here; it was just pure destruction.. The problems with the ACA will get worked out over the years. Manning’s an expert at spin . . . first it was that the right wing bullies were “listening to ‘The People’,” that there is a huge majority out there that agrees with them and are belied by the media, etc. Now, it’s better to be listened to by your small cadre who are “informed” (which seems to mean, “think like you”) than to be “barely tolerated” by those who aren’t. And supposedly it will be easier to “inform” people when you are standing on “principle.” As if no one who disagrees with them could possibly be principled. They can stand on principle right into the margins of history in politics. You can’t win with a fringe ideologically pure argument . . . it’s a big country and to carry the day you have to be inclusive. It’s not hard to see how to improve the ACA: Get the for-profit insurance companies out of it. But that was a Republican idea in the first place, just like turning Medicare into a voucher.

  • jwatersphd

    So now your criterion for being a true right winger is that they be religious? This was exactly what the Constitution framers wanted to avoid – bringing religion into governance. No wonder the right wing is in disarray … small government but one that forces one religion on the people. What else? Oh, can’t be gay and right wing… can’t care about the environment and be right wing… can’t believe in evolution and science and be right wing. What does being “a liberal” have to do with the validity of someone’s argument, anyway? If a liberal believes in God, does that make religion wrong?

  • Bathhouse Commie Ovomit

    Senator Cruz is all class and integrity..Thanks Texas for sending a real man wth a backbone to the U.S. Senate.I’m praying for this man and his family

  • brozojl

    and you are sooooo smart – you think that the ACA is going to save you!! You are the dumb one…

  • info warrior

    right-winged whackadoo Rick Santorum says Ted Cruz is doing ‘more harm than good’ to his party.-lol!

  • rswd7973

    thank god for ted cruz,rand paul as other heros who stand up for the huge silent majority and do not kneel down too the demo-communist press as the washington dc elite!!!

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