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Barack Obama’s agenda may be finished in 2014

Barack ObamaBy Tom Toth

If the president thought this last year was bad, he may want to take some time on his Hawaiian Christmas vacation to sit down and consider that his best days in office are most likely behind him. The months between now and November 2014 may be the last before his presidency–at least legislatively–is effectively over.

The sixth year of office is historically a difficult one for any two-term presidency—specifically the second mid-term election. Often, the national popularity of the executive is waning, his party has exhausted its political capital defending his policies, the opposing party is fresh off a painful defeat and ready to fight for a conclusive win, and the president’s political coalition is simply not as engaged nor politically supportive as it was during the presidential campaign. These factors add up to big losses for the president’s party and a national swing toward the opposition. Additionally, only three mid-term elections since 1870 have resulted in Congressional gains for a two-term president’s party.

In 2014, you can take each of those cases and multiply them. For further analysis, consider Obama’s first mid-term election.

In 2009, Barack Obama used the Democrats’ filibuster-proof supermajority to force the unpopular “Affordable Care Act” (more popularly called “Obamacare”) on the American public. The response from the electorate was the advent of perhaps the largest organic political grassroots movement in the modern history of the nation. The so-called “Tea Party” was a large, effective collection of Americans who were simply fed up with the left’s grip on Washington and willing to mobilize against the government’s historic overreach into the healthcare market. This movement attained historic notoriety (and the undying ire of the left) as the primary force behind the 2010 landslide midterm victory for Republicans which shifted the House of Representatives from a large Democrat majority to a Republican majority and eviscerated the Democrat’s Senate supermajority in a night. All of this predicated on Obamacare as an idea and a bill.

Four years later, Obamacare was finally implemented with dismal results. Millions continue to lose healthcare coverage and access to their primary physicians, despite a multitude of speeches from Obama promising otherwise. Healthcare premium increases are rampant and severe, in many cases rising several hundred percent or more. The website was entirely out of service for months before the enrollment deadline passed and is, to date, still not optimally functional. This law, not supported by most Americans from the start, has put the nation’s entire healthcare system in disarray and American families at risk.

On top of these and other mounting scandals from the White House, the backbone to Obama’s coalition—the millennial young vote— is becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the President they twice voted for as they find themselves continuously thrown under the buss by his policies: Being legally forced to overpay for health insurance they don’t want. Mounting student loan debt they can’t repay because entry-level jobs with upward mobility are largely non-existent in this economic environment. And figuring out that the “Big Brother” NSA is recording everything they do on the web and their phones.

A recent Harvard University poll found that only 41 percent of young Americans now support the President, down from 52 percent at the time of the 2012 election. This pulls the rug out from under democrats who were elected on the coattails of Barack Obama’s popularity.

Senate democrats up for election this year were last elected with the wave of support—and historic left-leaning voter turnout—for President Obama. They now find themselves accountable for the actions of a President they supported and at great political risk because of it, especially in vulnerable right-leaning states like West Virginia, Montana, North Carolina, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Arkansas. Indeed, if Republicans keep their seats and win only a third of the Democrat senate seats up for election in the upcoming year, Republicans gain the majority in both houses, officially rendering Obama a conclusive “lame duck.”

Barack Obama finds himself with few supporters and fewer allies in Washington with a political party at the cusp of a great defeat. Owner of Politifact’s “Lie of the Year” and Politico’s most-exposed liar, Obama has little credibility with which to offer support to his party. The question is, though, who even wants it?

With history no longer in his favor, his keynote legislation hurting families as its launch sputters, and the once-thought most dedicated body of support dissolving by the day, 2014 very well may effectively mark the end of the Obama agenda.

Tom Toth is the social media director and a contributing editor for Americans for Limited Government.

  • paulyz

    This would be the true definition of a “Happy New Year”! ! !

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    This is how druggy street prostitutes govern. It is not about leadership. It is about fun and extravagant living. It is all about me, and to hell with everybody else. Just keep paying for my extravagant vacations and golf outings. I am having a ball pretending to be president. I am the only one in the world who knows the real meaning of being nigg*r rich means.

  • Dale DuBois

    The Democrats will lose in 2014 but when Obama realizes this there will be wholesale voter fraud also in 2014 with Obama doing nothing about it. It will just like elections of 2012 which Obama was elected by voter fraud and lots of lies.

  • Carol

    I hope and pray and have my eyes, fingers and legs crossed. Please oh please end this outrage, the lies, the threats,fraud and cover ups and bring America back to the people!

  • hankster6

    Obama was brain washed to believe that his Obamacare would be the cover for his communist agenda. The problem is that the mentally ill people who wrote the bill had no clue about what they were doing. Fantascy land at it’s best. Yes, it will fall of it’s own weight. One can not take a democratic nation and make them be a communist nation, without a fight. That is why he has as much ammunition as possible bought and stored and why he put most ammunition makers out of business. He is under the illusion that training local police to force on the people his communist agenda or they die. Tanks on every street corner, no food, no water, unless you obey his thugs. H.Clinton, if she gets into our white house, will continue the agenda. I suspect that Obama will declare martial law before the election. He will not take a change of loosing power. If H. Clinton looks like a winner, he just might let her take power. He is one spoiled brat and loves being the messiah!!

  • regulus30

    had America NOT BEEN SO IGNORANT;; his influence should have been kissed goodbye in Nov, 2008…

  • LeRoy

    no mater if Obumacare is good or bad–and it is bad– this is America and we are free to make our choice and if you are forced to do something- that is dictatorship and I hope the Americans stand up and be counted

  • Eva St. Clair, NJ

    Do not sign up for Obamacare – that will be a good stick in his eye.

  • RichardM73

    End of Obama’s agenda? What? You have heard of voter fraud, right?!

  • Hotnike

    All voters, living or dead, that voted for Obama should be considered traitors. My grandfather, voted republican all his life. And after he died he voted democratic.

  • RichardM73

    It’s not up to Obama if H. Clinton looks like a winner, he just might let her take power. Obama is nothing more than a puppet being controlled from behind the scenes. Here’s the general principal that you’ll be hard pressed to research: Everytime there’s a general election, the powers that be always manage to have ‘their man’ in the limelight. It matters not which one you vote for, either one will do. If you think you live in a free country, then they are more than willing to let you believe that lie. If you know the truth, then you’re considered a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and on the fringe. This is what communists do and they’re damn good at it. Of course their job is a heck-of-alot easier when they also have control of the main stream media. Welcome to Obama’s Amerika 101.

  • del

    Let us rid ourselves of the entire progressive crap which is spearheaded by dopeocrats and some rinos. It hasnt worked, never has and never will. We need to rid ourselves of doofus in the white house, repeal everything he has put in as executive order, repeal his health crap disaster, repeal most of what the horrid 111th congress headed by the other doofus pelosi headed and take our country back to sanity!

  • del

    Next spearheaded by the old crook soros the other horror story old dog billary will come in with the usual dopeocrat voter fraud

  • RichardM73

    No, we’re not free to make our choice. Look what the Repubs gave us last time around — Mitt Romney, who initiated Romney Care in Massachusetts. Wow, that was a real choice now wasn’t it. Did you all catch how many times Romney laid down for Obama, instead of sticking the knife in at the appropriate times and turning it? Not to be found, folks. Sorry, we’ve been led down that perceived rosey path before. The puppet masters win time and time again. Do we ever learn? Apparently not! Just keep believing the lies and acting like sheeple. Yeah, 2016 and I can’t wait to see who the Repubs will put up for their party. Another sell-out just like Romney!

  • noelle20102

    It better be AND SO SHOULD this pos!
    WE MUST END THIS TYRANNICAL GOVTS CONTROL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also we MUST get rid of boehner cantor mccain hatch susan collins paul ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ssilv48

    It could be a lot sooner than that, all some congressman needs to do is a congressional investigation on who mr oboma is and it’s game over, the problem is finding someone with some balls and as of this second, we don’t have a congressman with any balls

  • Alleged Comment

    Hollywood should make a new movie titled THE END OF THE .PLANET OF THE APES, starring Barry Staylolo and MEchele.

    Should be a good two hour political thriller.

  • jpcec

    That sounds great but it comes 6 years too late! The damage is done. Does anyone think a Republican led majority in both houses of Congress will repeal Obamacare? If so I have a nice bridge for sale.

  • Dan Wiziarde

    If the 2014 elections are allowed and there is not a reversal of power in the Senate and an even larger majority elected to the House it will be apparent that there is massive voter fraud at work. If the 2014 elections are not allowed it will mark the beginning of a very bloody revolution as there are many Americans who will not willing live under a police state and martial law. If this regime can be peacefully removed from power we must hold hearings and hold those responsible for crimes against our constitution. We must send a message that we will not tolerate treason from our elected officials, democrat or republican.

  • Henry

    Marxism. It couldn’t happen to a better country. But it has. When the blood begins flowing in the streets, America’s “Ignorant Class” will wake up to reality, albeit too late.

  • Henry

    The DeathCare program is simply a stop gap measure in order to get to Single Payer. Remember, the regime wants at least 25 million deaths to occur. They couldn’t do it the way Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela. Once America is established as a Marxist State, it will be all over except for the crying, oh, and the blood flowing in the streets.

  • daveveselenak

    Yada, yada, yada, he is a “Dick-taker-N-Thief” so all of the fore mentioned means zilch! The march to a Third World Totalitarian Oligarchy will not be stopped unless there is a revolution, I’ll lay 50 to 1 on that happening. The sheeple had better get their heads out of their arses. Polls and numbers mean nothing to dictators!

  • 1S-1K

    Well, i sure hope so !!!

  • Tom Putty

    Carol was CLEARLY not a Clinton intern …

  • joecarrsr

    2014 is the deciding factor to up it or ind it in my opinion.

  • believe

    I had a vision of Barack and Michelle being DRUGED OUT OF THE FRONT DOOR OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

  • believe

    Read the book his Half brother wrote about him, He wrote Barack has been a LIAR all his life. and that is how he got where he is ,because he can do it so convencely.
    Michelle you can take that to the bank you put the money that WAS STOLEN.

  • believe

    And that my friends is a heads up for us.
    we start kicking things in high gear NOW to change there plans. We know that to be the case they will have the surprise know were ahead of them

  • Alleged Comment

    REMOVE the sodomite negro!

    No wonder he decided to take a long vacation. It will be his last one and the sodomite couldn’t resist taking one more potshot at ripping and ridiculing and abusing the American taxpayer.

    He is negro afterall. This is what a radical is, and this is what a negro do.

  • Henry

    Hey you Di*khead Marxist punk boy nig*er, go fuc* off

  • believe

    This is NOT a Big surprise, He should have never gotten by the means he took to even be running.
    I hard a girl make the MOST IGNORANT statement 0n TV. People are upset because he is the first Black President and that is why people don’t like him,
    NO DEAR, PEOPLE DONT LIKE HIM not because he is half and half , It is because he is the biggest LIAR that has ever set in the ova office; and by the way sweetie he is in by FRAUDULENT action.
    Color is not the issue, BUT THE LACK OF INTEGERIY SURE IS He and his staff lack it in a BIG WAY. So she was showing she had NO concept of why this man is Hated so Much and we W#ANT HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE and take all his MARXIST buddies with him.
    Sweetie do your home work,.intelligent is really not one of your strong suite.

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