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Megyn Kelly targeted by left

Megyn Kelly

Photo Credit: AP/Fox/Alex Kroke

By Rick Manning

Ever wonder why some seemingly meaningless things end up being a big deal in the media while other important ones never get mentioned?

Whether it be the Obama selfie at the Mandela memorial—which revealed the juvenile child residing behind the stern teleprompter lecturer—or Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s statement that Santa Claus is white.

The Obama situation is obviously too good to pass up given the funny set of pictures, made all the better by Michelle’s obvious anger at his behavior.  In a world where memes and pictures drive messaging on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, Obama’s reaching for the Danish was guaranteed to go viral once it hit the web.

The Megyn Kelly faux controversy over her declaration that Santa is white is something else altogether. Quoting directly from an article by Ben Shapiro on the blog TruthRevolt.com covering the declaration of victory over Fox News by George Soros-funded Media Matters, Shapiro writes about Kelly,

“Media Matters admits that it has been having difficulty targeting Kelly, with new Vice President Angelo Carusone explaining, ‘We deal with reality. She’s not as vitriolic. On the other hand, she is in some ways more pernicious because her credibility has not been completely and totally eroded … so she has the potential to legitimize and validate smears and lies in ways that some of the more disreputable figures on Fox can no longer do, which just presents a new challenge.'”

That is why every left wing publication from Politico to Mother Jones has jumped on the faux Santa is White controversy with the collective intent to sully Ms. Kelly’s reputation and paint her in some way as a racist based upon that remark.

Let’s be clear, while St. Nicholas was a Greek living in Asia Minor in the 4th Century, the guy in the red suit actually originated in Europe and the United States over the past few centuries.  While anyone can choose to depict this character as any race they choose, the character has traditionally been white, and to attack someone for noting this historical fact is just looking for a reason to hate.

However, when you are attempting to diminish a smart, tough, attractive interviewer who challenges guests of all philosophical stripes, in the “ends justify the means” world of the left, creating a controversy and using it to claim racism is perfectly justifiable.

Unfortunately, those who have never even watched Ms. Kelly will assume this false characterization is true, just as those same people believed Tina Fey’s fictional, satirical turn as Sarah Palin was a realistic portrayal even down to thinking the infamous, “I can see Russia from my house” line was actually uttered by Palin.

Right now, Kelly rightfully scares the left far more than a temporarily marginalized Palin with her capacity to build an independent audience of female viewers for FoxNews that reaches well beyond those who tune in to see O’Reilly or Hannity.  And for posing this threat, the left must thoroughly destroy Megyn Kelly—no issue can be too trivial in this pursuit.  So expect to read a lot more about Ms. Kelly in the future, as the misogynists and conjurers of liberal spin will try their best to demonize her using all the powers of fictional depiction at their disposal.

Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is vice president of public policy and communications for Americans for Limited Government.

  • Margaret Manzi

    Using Santa as a weapon. Tacky.

  • James Walker

    This is a classic non story seized upon by the leftist attack dogs in the Soros kennels. Any minor bit they can seize upon to smear their enemies [read anyone who is not a fanatical worshipper in the temple of their little tin god] Santa Claus is a legend,which originated among Europeans.Now what ethnicity might they have believed he was? In the present day multicultists rewrite said legend,like they do with everything that doesn’t fit the cultural Marxist agenda. So like the zombies they are, shambling about in search of living flesh to rend and devour have gotten a whiff of Kelly and off they go. Serves her right for not being numbered among the progressive mob.

  • Florida Jim

    After all these years of liberal lies and confusion it is great to see a grand awakening to their foul tactics.
    They tried to harm O’Reilly and he fought them off successfully and Megyn will also she is smart enough to withstand their tactics. She is a threat because she deals in facts and that is the enemy of Obama, Hilary and Podesta. While Obama moves fom distraction to distraction he and Podesta are setting up district afte district to steal another election with mail-in ballots, college student election fraud and voter I.D. scams all part of the Progressive steal -the- election tricks.

  • pduffy

    Fox News is not a threat in any way to liberalism. When liberals are in power, their ratings soar, and the same is true of Rush Limbaugh. If the left were destroyed, he would have no reason to rant on the airwaves, and would lose his business. With this kind of profit machine, do they really want to destroy the left? They need the opposition so that they will have something to attack on the airwaves and draw viewers. If they were really a threat to this regime, they would have pulled out all the stops and reported on the real truth that Mr. Obama (Barry Soetoro), is an illegal alien that has usurped the White House. All the evidence exists, but they stay silent because they are in a symbiotic relationship with the left. Argumentative reporting is good for ratings and good for business.

  • JuneUSA

    Megan uses common sense and the left can’t have anyone heard who does that. Someone might actually realize they too have a brain and begin to use it. Bye, bye lefties if that happens. Sheeples who follow the herd are such pitiful creatures.

  • readmylips

    She’s too smart for the left leaners. They can’t deal with her intelligence.

  • regulus30

    LEFT WING PUKES only know one thing suppress opposition to their communist plot;; I say FUC666K-EM; WE WILL “NOT BE” SILENCED YOU SCUM BAGS. it will be done either with “BALLOTS OR BULLETS”.

  • bobjohnson28211

    Targeted? Taken to task for being wrong, maybe, but targeted? Please.

  • Gee a “faux controversy”? You mean like the supposed “war on Christmas” by liberals? 😉

  • regulus30

    RECALL THE LEFT-WINGERS hate list of conservative women;; Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Megan Kelly, Star Parker, Miss America 2009, these conservative women are intelligent. in touch and beautiful, unlike the hillary clinton, barbara boxer, nancy piglosi and sheila jackson lee drones.

  • tucker1


  • tucker1


  • regulus30

    she is not wrong “IN MY WORLD SANTA / JESUS ” ARE WHITE ;;DEAL WITH IT.

  • regulus30

    BECAUSE YOU ARE FORTUNATE ENOUGH TO LIVE IN AMERICA; you can make them any color you like;; get it ?

  • kingofbytes

    Curious, do you say Merry Christmas to everyone or just Happy Holidays?

  • Charie

    Supposed? Do you seriously believe that organized atheists are perhaps Conservatives or even Republican? Golly, Mr. McPherson, methinks you’re not thinking.

  • Charie

    Tucker, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but why must you yell? Can’t you just use exclamation points?

  • hankster6

    Kelly is expected to be targeted. She views are conservative and that makes her a target for the left. Her views are more in line with what the majority of Americans want! The left must force their views down our throats. Of course the liberals are against her or anyone else who disagrees with their views. There are a minority of Americans who are liberal. They are screaming at the top of their lungs trying to get Americans to listen. The louder they scream the more we cut them off. If their views were in tune with what the American people want, they would not have to scream, call people nasty names, make false accusations, etc. They are mentally ill and can not think rationally! Spoiled brats do the same thing. They throw temper tantrums, scream and holler, call names, etc., when they don’t get their way. Children, generally, are not mentally ill. That is the way they are taught by their parent, by not disciplining them. The kids take control of the household and the parents are scared of them. The kids take advantage of the situation. The American people are hollering at the congress people to take action against the evil that is in control of Washington, but the evil has the upper had, right now. Too many democrats/mentally ill dorks. Int he next election, hopefully, the conservatives will take power and things will get back to normal, accept for the evil that remains in our white house.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    As she is a conservative-even worse a conservative women-even worse a good looking, well spoken conservative women and WE need to watch her show and support her as we can. Those millions of cartoon characters who get their news from the LameStream and the so called ‘comedians’ of buzzaroland are going to think what “their betters” tell them to think and there is not much we can do about it.

    Ben Shapiro, Media Matters, George Soros, the Lamestream and all the left has their agenda–we have ours. The can see their end game in sight and are moving for our total subjugation–so we resist. Harry Reid is willing to bet all, Obama, Pelosi and tens of thousands of their flunkies in government, academia, media and “non governmental organizations” are willing to bet all–they think they have won–so we resist. And we support Megan Kelly, Judge Jeanine Pirro and all the other “haters” the weeping weenies of the left fear and loath (and that DOES include the NO WAY marginalized Governor Palin).

  • omega2

    Megyn Kelly is right, all adds relating to Christmas and Santa Clause are being shown as being a WHITE PERSON! After all these years of OUR TRADITIONS of Christmas and Santa are now being challenged by the MARXIST CRYBABIES to DESTROY THE JOY OF THE WORLD FOR THE WEE FOLKS IS SICKENING! COLOR SANTA ANY COLOR YOU WANT BUT SHUT THE HELL UP OVER NOTHING!

  • TheBitterClinger1

    “supposed “war on Christmas””? And you lie about other things too I suppose?

  • WhiteFalcon

    She being targeted by the left is a feather in her hat, so to speak, because it says flat out that she is getting to them and they can’t stand the heat because everything she is saying is true and she can proove it.. GO MEGYN KELLY!

  • Faye

    I think Megan can take care of herself, if not the rest of the Fox crew will stand up for her. The left jumps on every stupid thing they can get hold of to whine about. The Fox staff are intelligent people and they know stupid when they encounter it. Anyone who tells the truth is attacked by the left. The right may not always be correct about things but they at least do try to be. The left is laden with falsehoods, misrepresentations and flat out lies. The news media is no different, all but Fox and I keep a check on them too.

  • I say “Merry Christmas” to most, though generally not to my Jewish friends. I also am a deacon in my church, but still have a Christmas tree (like much of the holiday, a holdover from paganism). Thanks for asking.

  • And methinks that you — like Fox News — enjoy overreacting to the theatrics of a few (who don’t tend to be all that “organized,” despite what the hysterical Fox talking heads would have you believe). And it’s a shame that folks compare those theatrics to war.

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Yes “targeted”. But lying for “the common good-the Collective” isn’t really lying is it Comrade Citizen bobjohnson28211? If Jesus looked more like the Shepardic Jew or the Ethiopian Jews, others, I do not know. But the issue is nonsense and she is TARGETED for being a conservative women. Santa is White–I saw him in the mall Thursday.

    Happy Penguin Day Comrade Citizen bobjohnson28211; come the Revolution I am sure you will look just swell in your new uniform – IF you win.

  • 1S-1K

    Go get em’ Megyn !

  • And that’s exactly the kind of irrelevant insult that I’ve come to expect here. Thanks for not disappointing me, BitterWinger.

  • McFerguson

    Ben Shapiro should not be included with that group of depends-wearing libs. He’s solidly conservative, every bit as solid as you and I are. I think you mistook Shapiro’s column as a hit piece. It wasn’t…

  • Sam Scot

    “her [Megyn’s] capacity to build an independent audience of female viewers for FoxNews”

    Female viewers? Could have sworn they were aiming at a different demographic with her.

  • regulus30


  • regulus30

    PULL OUT all the stops;; what do you think of the “FAIRNESS DOCTRINE”, constantly being resurrected by dick durbin, al franken, maxine waters and sheila jackson lee;;? think that is a joke?

  • TheBitterClinger1

    Thank you–little slow on the draw this am I is–

  • Myrtle Linder

    Keep up the fight for truth, Megyn! There are a lot of us out here on your side, against the deceit and evil that have taken charge of the nation with the illegals leading it or is it “driving it?” This makes you an American hero!

  • The idea that the Fairness Doctrine will return is a joke. Or just another conservative conspiracy theory, which is simply another form of joke. But since you like ’em, I’ll give you some more: http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/catholics-and-conservatives-campaign-against-mythical-threats/

  • del

    It is refreshing to hear the almost ever truthful Megyn as compared to the soros stooges on msnbc, cnn, et al….They are simply propaganda idiots for the doofus in the white house…..

  • regulus30

    Megan kicks the rambling left wing effusive talking heads’ ass666es and they can’t take it. their rein of meaningless gibberish is OVER.

  • Myrtle Linder

    Rush Limbaugh is doing a job, successfully, in fighting corruption. If we could get rid of “Obama and company” there will still be plenty corruption to fight. There will never be a shortage of that, until JESUS CHRIST comes to remove HIS people so that He can cleanse the world.

  • regulus30

    so you try and mask the sinister left wing agenda ;; be my guest, you are only fooling yourself.I am engaged and aware of all the subversive antics of obammie and his comrades;;you can only wish the general public would listen to you;; the jig is up, IRS, NSA, HHS, [YOUR LEADERS ARE PARANOID DESPOTS]. we have outed you.

  • Myrtle Linder

    Santa and JESUS are not the same, not even close. Santa is a lovable fairy tale, JESUS CHRIST is the most real thing in or ever has been, in the world.

  • tucker1

    You obviously haven’t listened to FOX enough to know that they deal seriously with liberalism & have contributed the facts about Obamacare more than any other network! The O’Reilly Factor is the #1 cable news network because people are learning more every day that facts are there when they aren’t anywhere else on network TV!!!Hannity takes on liberalism on almost every one of his shows. It has just been announced that liberals have targeted Megyn Kelly because she is exposing what they are: empty headed nincompoops!!She, being a former prosecutor, will handle them so revealingly that they will regret having taken her on!!!!Learn to listen & listen enough to not say something so ridiculous as “FOX News is not a threat to liberalism”!!Simply not true!!!!

  • Of course Kelly also said in the same piece that Jesus was white. Of course in many U.S. churches, he’s more of a real blonde than Kelly is.

  • tucker1

    Sometimes “yelling” is the only way to get some people’s attention & at other times I resist hitting the shift key to save time. Really now, English is English!

  • “with ‘BALLOTS OR BULLETS’,” he says on the anniversary of the Newtown massacre. Nice job. http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/the-cowards-among-us-killers-legislators-and-the-nra/

  • Hilarious. Thank you — I haven’t laughed so hard for days.
    The idea that Obama is a liberal is always funny enough, but the faux fear (at least I hope it’s fake) of some conservatives is a real crackup. Thanks again. And Merry Christmas. 😉

  • JC

    Megyn is a breath of fresh air… Finally we can listen to truth based content with a forthright presentation

  • Oh, yeah — she’s there for how she models “intelligence.” 🙂 http://www.gq.com/news-politics/politics/201012/megan-kelly-fox-news-photos#slide=1

  • regulus30

    WHO SAID THEY WERE; ARE YOU SMARTER THAN THIRD GRADER? pay attention a don’t try and manipulate the context., I watch Megan i am sure you do not.

  • regulus30

    hilarious reach;; nice try but no relevance ;; but it is what we should expect from you.

  • “And for posing this threat…”

    Threats have nothing to do with Megyn’s “poses.” And while she may not know whether Santa Claus or Jesus can be black, we all now know her underwear are: http://www.gq.com/news-politics/politics/201012/megan-kelly-fox-news-photos#slide=1
    That’s a serious journalist, fer sure.

  • jwatersphd

    Well, of course, God is White, so why wouldn’t Jesus be? Or at least his beard is white. It’s beyond me why anyone would question the existence of Santa Claus, or the others. They all perform miracles . . . that cannot be denied. But I learned about the Tooth Fairy when I went to college. I mean, that there really wasn’t one.

  • regulus30

    fools believing or ignoring your pathetic drivel of social engineering and exercising your left wing superiority [mental disorder] complex is what got us here today;; it is never bad to challenge authority at any level. you are the problem and I am not afraid to say it. political correctness and apathy by the masses has allowed the sick sociopaths of the progressive movement to infiltrate all branches of our society except in my world; I see you for the frauds [faux pas] you are.

  • regulus30

    I would rather be labeled [as libtards do] as a paranoid extremest ; than be a head in the sand low info voter being made fools of by the likes of you.

  • DAY8293A

    I don’t think it is yelling. My eyesight is not real good, so I can actually read the larger letters easier. You computer geeks get too bent out of shape over capital letters,, “oh you’re yelling at me” BS. Get a life. Use all the caps you want tucker!

  • McFerguson

    Ok, BitterClinger, the Bamster’s shenanigans have us all in a tizzy these days…

  • regulus30

    he can be whatever you want ;;this is America and Megan has her first amendment rights.

  • jwatersphd

    Now you’re talking! And no one can take that away from her!!! She’s also free to spell her name Megyn, and you’re free to spell it however you want. All this is possible; it’s a free country.

  • jwatersphd

    You can say that again!

  • jwatersphd

    Never forget Christine “I am not a witch” O’Donnell.

  • regulus30

    cute ;how is this Megyn;;happy now toto? for some reason it is a spell check and Megan is not ;; go figure.

  • regulus30

    let’s just let this expand; what do you say?

  • jwatersphd

    very happy, and not in kansas anymore.

  • “it is never bad to challenge authority”
    I agree. I even put my name behind it when I do.
    “I am not afraid to say it.”
    Me neither — even with my name behind it.
    You may want to look up the definition of “faux pas,” though. 😉

  • You don’t need to be made a fool of by the likes of me. You’re doing a great job all by yourself.

  • And Sharron Angle, perhaps the only Republican in America who could have managed to lose to Harry Reid in his last election.

  • regulus30

    as I recall it is a public gaffe ;ie obamamie

  • regulus30

    see; you continue to miss the target;; you are a laffer. maybe you should try something else for recreation, like knitting.

  • jwatersphd

    mos’ def
    tumescence is best

  • jwatersphd

    well, at least the only one nominated . . . How could I forget: It’s been a day redolent of 2nd amendment solutions. Actually i didn’t forget. I thought of mentioning her but I don’t know if she’s beautiful, and if she, therefore, appealed to the feminine demographic. Nor could she field-dress a moose, as far as I know.

  • regulus30

    you wish;; keep taking the bait spongebob

  • regulus30

    do you have mirror handy or just your dark fantasy?

  • regulus30

    being the type person you might be ; I bet she did push you to tumescence; hee hee;;

  • regulus30

    it sure takes you a long time to be ignorant again.

  • Thanks. In your case it seems to be instantaneous. 🙂
    Of course some of us have lives, and so don’t spend all of our time here.

  • Thanks. And for you it seems to be instantaneous.

  • Oh, I get it — you’re a “knit wit.”

  • jwatersphd

    Dark matter in an expanding universe. Mirrors do not work out there.

  • And it turns out that Megyn was “just kidding” about Santa Claus, and doesn’t know about Jesus. http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=843604

  • regulus30

    you just keep acting out your lineage; I guess you can not help it. but just think; if the world did not have fools like you there would be no laughter;; heheeh

  • They may be white in your world, and I’m sure your unicorns are, too. But it turns out that Megyn was “just kidding” about Santa and clueless about Jesus: http://tv.msn.com/tv/article.aspx?news=843604

  • regulus30

    jamiee boy ;; do not get so riled up ; it is just they way you project yourself; do not take it personal.

  • regulus30

    I get it, your fantasy is believing MEGYN is the “dark hole, right”?

  • Reggie, I can’t imagine taking anything personally that comes from an anonymous commenter on a right-wing blog.
    First of all, I don’t think you’re smart enough to insult me even if you knew me.
    Second, if I were going to be offended by the quality of insults offered here, I wouldn’t bother to comment.
    But thanks for your concern.

  • regulus30

    and what are they in your world “chocolate drops”;;or pink elephants, or black swans; she out smarted your ignorant liberal media did she not; genius?

  • regulus30

    ignorance is bless;; Einstein; I doubt if I am stupid enough to get down to your level to be honest.

  • I think you mean, “Ignorance is bliss.” 😉 I don’t know what you mean by the random semicolons, though.

  • notalib

    Already Megyn is driving the loony left nuts! I love it. They fear Sarah, falling into speaking jibberish when she writes or speaks. Now they seem to be falling the same pattern with Megyn. Nothing is too trivial for the loons to attack.

  • knowledgeisgood

    I would not worry much about Kelly, she can take care of herself. America already know that if your not on the side of Obama your against him, therefore anyone with common sense know’s that the Left will attack anyone who comes against their god, Obama, they will protect him to the max, so no one will believe anything the Left will throw at Kelly, not just that, but she is smart enough to fight off anything the Left throw at her. Go get the B*stard, he deseves every bad thing anyone can do to him, from telling the truth, to giving him a chance see his maker.

  • regulus30

    no I mean bless; your too stupid to be intelligent; just let the world zoom by.

  • regulus30

    but what IS REWARDING is to see you in your liberal coma reduce yourself to using racial slurs;; good “BOY”.;; HEE HEE

  • I can’t imagine you’d know a racial slur if one was used against you.

  • I think you mean, “You’re too stupid…” 😉 Of course, if you meant for your previous statement to make no sense, perhaps that’s what you were going for here, too.
    Regardless, I don’t have the time to keep helping you out here, Reggie. Perhaps you could have a 10-year-old proofread for you.

  • regulus30

    EIGHT GRADE logic;; fold your tent ; I have been insulted by bigger dumbass666es than you;; it is all you got , you ass666 has been handed to you on a plate bye fool.

  • Sheryl

    Have atter you Liberal SOB. Megan has more admirers than the Liberal crap you support. Go Megyn Go!

  • jwatersphd

    To be perfectly frank, I’d never heard about her until today. She’s nice looking but I have a lot better things to fantasize about. And I more than keep up with right wing thought on this site and doubt she has anything to add.

  • regulus30

    sure and PIGS FLY.

  • regulus30

    YOU REALLY SHOULD WATCH;; WHEN YOUR LIBERAL BLOBS COME ON AND start their idiotic babbling she cuts their stupid posteriors to shreds;; you might learn how bad off you clowns really are;; we are winning this war.

  • jwatersphd

    Winning this war? That’s a weird approach to take in an argument. I don’t know how you would tell, for one thing. Second, what I mainly see is spin. If you think you’re gaining adherents, you regard it as a sign you are right – but if you’re not, it’s because “the People” are really “sheeple.” I suppose everyone tends to do that, but it still shows that winning or losing, at least defined that way, has nothing to do with right or wrong. I happen to think you’re playing a losing hand, but that’s not why I think you’re wrong.

  • regulus30

    I really did not finish reading your bull shi666t ; but if you can intellectually get your small mind around the concept of losing public support and opinion then you could see my enthusiasm for knowing the American public has turned on you ; your fascist policies and your ignorant leader.

  • Tim

    Megyn, Stand your ground you are correct according to the US Government i.e. The current U.S. Census definition includes white “a person having origins in any of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.”[ The U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation
    describes white people as “having origins in any of the original peoples
    of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa through racial categories used in the UCR
    Program adopted from the Statistical Policy Handbook (1978) and
    published by the Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards,
    U.S. Department of Commerce.”[ The “white” category in the UCR includes non-black Hispanics.

  • Eric

    McPherson, Looks like you are a fully indoctrinated MSNBC emulator. People like you have lead this country to the point of ruin. Good old Woodrow Wilson gave us the FED and the income tax and for the last 100 years we he had ever growing government, something I think you like. And what have we gotten? A huge, intrusive and corrupt government; less freedom and 17 trillion in debt. No thanks. I was born free and I have not, and will not, sign up for the continuing Marxist agenda. This country was not founded on big government stealing from the people for its agenda. Our Founders knew men and government. They knew what would happen if the federal government grew and became something that only wanted to perpetuate itself. They also didn’t want political parties. And, they were right. We have lost our way, our independent ways, our responsibility. This type if government that your party is trying to impose never ends well. There is no way that we can tax and spend ourselves to bankruptcy, steal the individual choices of our citizens by government mandate and survive as a nation. Say what you want about Megan Sarah, or any other conservative woman, they have it right. They know that government is the problem. And people that vote for big government are the problem. That makes you the problem.

  • jwatersphd

    On the contrary. Your confidence is reassuring.Good to hear. Bye, now & sweet dreams.

  • bob570

    Megan’s doing so well at getting the truth out, she’s not only going to have the Marxist Media, after her, she’ll have the Johns after her as well. John McCain, and John Boehner that is.

  • Eric, like most of the folks here who can’t bother to learn to spell the names of their supposed heroes (or can’t read it above), you don’t know what you’re talking about. I dislike cable “news” from either side, and didn’t vote for either major party’s presidential candidate. I also don’t exaggerate the power of either Fox or MSNBC, neither of which gets nearly as many viewers as “Duck Dynasty.”
    By the way, unless you’re willing to forgo Social Security, Medicare, farm subsidies, etc., you’re the same kind of socialist you like to accuse others of being. And of course one of the biggest parts of our government is the bloated military that we use all over the world — I assume you’re willing to dramatically cut that, as well?

    And finally, you folks cherry-pick “Founders” and their beliefs as much as you cherry-pick Bible quotes. Which ones are you referring to? They disagreed on a lot. For example, Thomas Paine (whom Glenn Beck likes to pretend he knows something about — yet another area where Beck is clueless) favored very high inheritance taxes (like many of the founders, he didn’t believe in inherited power, which could come through passing on either wealth or title), public education, and welfare for the needy. How’s that strike you for “Common Sense”? (And yes, I know the reference is probably wasted on most here, who haven’t read a book since they were In high school.) Paine also had little use for organized religion.

  • The Quadfather

    Well, the dude is white. What’s so controversial about saying it? No more than saying that Dr Ben Carson is black. Santa has always been portrayed as white.

  • mikesbuffalo

    Megyn we support you now and in the future , these attacks are uncalled for .

  • 1tymtrvlr

    That’s what ticks off the knuckle dragging leftwing women in politics. They are ugly, sexually disoriented, have to have a propaganda media to twist the drug mushed brains of freeloading parasites. Even dressed in old flour sack Sarah, Michelle B. and M Kelly would look beautiful.

  • Nihilist

    i defecate on your sick baby jesus. the pie in the sky when you die guy, is a lie.

  • Larry

    It is time to start removing these liberal bastions of cesspool journalism with extreme prejudice

  • Myke

    Heres a simple truth. The first one to cry race, is usually, the racist. Doesn’t matter the political persuasion, its a reflection of ones belief system.

  • meg

    Then go to another sight

  • meg

    Who are you to judge anyone? She meant no harm and you know it

  • meg

    Who cares? She said what she said and it does not make her a racist! The other lady brought race into it as well and yet no one is jumping on her. This is not about santa. This is about megyn kelly and fox news

  • Your logic matches your spelling.

  • Just out of curiosity, Larry, how do you suggest removing them?

  • I wasn’t saying Megyn was a racist — just that she was clueless. Or dishonest.

  • Putting Megyn in the evening mix was brilliant move by Fox where they dominate the market over the liberal liars network of CNN and MSNBC which are both total jokes for anyone with half a brain. The truth always comes out eventually, but the liar liberals will do everything possible to insure the truth remains slow to come to the masses of asses who voted in this fraud to begin with. Give em hell Megyn, I for one love your show.

  • Sgt Maj

    Media Matters doesn’t matter at all.
    George Soros is who matters because he funds all the leftist kook groups.
    Target Soros for his legal violations – – there are plenty in the tax code area – – and cut off the head of the Marxist money machine.

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