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The “Selfie President”

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    I have been reading a lot about discerning the spirits. It said to be aware of people who are popular and think they have a special gift of truth, and beacon showing you the pathway to God. The majority of people are anti Christ’s. I only have one teacher and that is the Holy Spirit. He identifies with me when he makes it clear the message is from God. To get this gift you have to completely surrender to Jesus and ask him into your heart. Then he give us the Holy Spirit. The protector. Satan is the prince of the earth, so you need to guard yourself constantly against his attacks and lies. We have the liar in chief leading our country. Greater is he who is in me, than he who is in the world. If you are a real Christian obeying God’s word, The world won’t listen to you. Our nation needs to place God and his word in our schools, government and churches again. Thou shall NO OTHER Gods before me.

  • Gnowark

    I think that’s what allah said, and obie too. I just feel we’ll all be going down with the Lord’s vengeance on allah and obie.

  • Hotnike

    A FAKE sign language interpreter for a FAKE POTUS. Par for the course.

  • Don39

    THIS NATION WILL NEVER OVERCOME THE STINK AND FAILURE OF THE NARCISSISTIC FRAUD TYRANT, nor of the fawning sycophantic propaganda machine called the main stream media ! EVIL ABETTING EVIL! HELL AWAITS THEM ALL!

  • no Name

    allah,actually was a pagan god in Mecca,of which the supreme pagan mohammad, found. Yes,it was a stone figurine. The entire title of the pagan god meant “god of all gods”. This mohammad , “MADE UP, or Plagarized ” everything he said and took credit for. He neither could read or write, so who knows what was really said by him, and that which is in that “other book”. So, if you which to give credit, give credit were it is really due. Thank you.

  • 1S-1K


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