Talking turkey on Obamacare

  • Doris C

    We were at a friends and when the subject came up it was agreed by all at table that it sucks and then we talked about important stuff in our lives.

  • Steve E Haworth

    There’s the problem, right there…” and then we talked about important stuff in our lives”. Too many Americans have too many things that they think are more important in their lives than the direction this country is headed. We do not have enough people seeing the forest because they are to focused on “their” trees. If we do not have enough people focusing on the big picture problems, then we will all wake up one morning to discover that the personal important things are no longer important because they have been over shadowed by oppressive government and loss of most of our freedom and liberty.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Perhaps it’s time to begin re-writing our National Anthem for truth’s sake: “Land of the Regulated and home of the compliant” – or get off our collective arses and show our “public servants” just who they’re supposed to be serving.

  • MikeO

    If it had been brought up at our table, someone would have been finding out what the new medical coding was for extraction of a turkey leg from the rectum.

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  • Tony Sanchez

    That’s so funny I snorted my drink out my nose!

  • linscottsdale

    LOL! Awesome.

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  • Republic RISING

    Happy Thankstaking….as your rights are taken away every day by CRIMINALS of Both Parties.

  • Republic RISING

    Slavery Dumocracy in violation of Article IV Section 4 and almost all, except possibly Ted Cruz, are in Criminal Perjury of their Oath to their NUMBER ONE Duty – Uphold and defend The Constitution most especially Article IV Section 4

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