12.19.2013 4

What’s actually melting

  • Gnowark

    Gee, and I was almost ready to believe Al Gore invented the internet, also. But are ‘THEY’ ready to call it quits when so much of their Agenda 21 requires us to believe it? I expect more Cap ‘n Trade from our fearless leader, just because he can..

  • cakolp2

    and we are still paying for all this green crap

  • Jack Parker

    Man-caused global warming: Lies, fraud, deceit, deception, disinformation, distortion, fabrications, falsehoods, fiction, misrepresentation, myth, perjury, calumny, falsification, mendacity, obloquy, prevarication, and not only that, it’s untrue.

  • James in Texas

    You left out several dozen, But, others than that you “done Good”!!!

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