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The real state of the union

Barack Obama delivering the State of the Union

Photo Credit: White House

By Rick Manning

On Tuesday, President Obama will deliver the State of the Union message and Congresswoman Cathy McMorris-Rodgers of the state of Washington will provide the Republican response.  All of official D.C. will be buzzing about which interest groups got their pet issues mentioned and which were omitted as the competing political parties jockey for position heading into the next, seemingly interminable election cycle.

As Obama enters the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives, he will be greeted by the normal crew of Members seeking to bask in his faded glory.  It is an absolute sure bet that Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee will be positioned to smilingly pounce on Obama as he comes up the aisle, delaying him as she seeks her annual time in the reflected spotlight.

The speech will be predictable fare.  Obama will claim that the economy is taking off pointing to lower unemployment numbers as proof.   He will declare that in spite of the gains, more needs to be done and that he plans on using his magic pen that simultaneously creates law while erasing the Constitution to move his agenda.   He will unintentionally emphasize his lawlessness by pointing out a number of illegal aliens who have been invited by Members of Congress to attend.  No one will rush to deport these law breakers as they will be nothing but useful props to Obama and on the floor of the Capitol laws are made to be broken if they can prod the House to act on this conflated issue.

Observers will watch the face of Speaker John Boehner in an attempt to read the tea leaves of what he will do on this issue that could revive Obama’s legacy.

Once Obama is done talking about income inequality and how he wants to fix it by having government take more from those who are fortunate enough to have a job to give it to those who don’t, it will be the Republicans turn.

House Republican Conference Chair McMorris-Rodgers will present a softer side of the Republican Party which has traditionally played the role of father to the Democrats nurturing mother in national politics.

You can expect her to express compassion for those who are struggling five years into the Obama economy to find work, and for those students who are buried in debt and cannot find a professional job in their field of study.  She is likely to talk about the progress that has been made in cutting the national debt in half over the past three years, and promise a pathway to a balanced budget.  And she will gently lay the blame for increased income inequality during Obama’s term on Obama himself.  Pointing out that he has been more interested in strangling America’s private sector in a sea of red tape than to allow them to grow their businesses, hire more employees and eliminate the government dependency cycle that is driving the inequality.

It is unlikely that Obama will say much about health care beyond providing an assurance that after a rocky start, the program is working.  McMorris-Rodgers will likely call for the law’s repeal, the standard stalemate as the system fails just as the Democrats planned all along.  But, as with everything else, nothing will come of the rhetoric as Republicans have decided that they won’t risk a government shutdown giving Obama the winning hand in any confrontation on must pass legislation.

Too little time will be spent talking about the brave men and women of our armed forces who prove every day that America does produce exceptional patriots even though they are hard to find in D.C..

And that is the State of the Union, an America with two political parties in a death grip fighting for power, while the people outside the Beltway look on in disgust knowing that neither represents change from the status quo.

It hardly seems worth watching.

Rick Manning (@rmanning957) is vice president of public policy and communications for americans for limited government

  • Flux Blocker

    I won’t be watching. Unless I need to induce vomiting for some reason.

  • bahndon

    the only way to improve income inequality is to lower TAXES, and remove EXCESSIVE REGULATIONs, anything else will only enslave more people into the government handout system.

  • carpe diem 36

    i will not be watching unless Obama declares that he is resigning.

  • carpe diem 36

    unfortunately for the country this is exactly what obama will not say. he is turning this country, or as he stated he Fundamentally Transforming the country into a banana republic. the more he is doing the worse it will get until we get rid of him.

  • jmortensen

    If he was reporting the truth about the state of the union .. he’d be wearing sack cloth, and cover himself in ashes

  • jmortensen

    That is the purpose of legalizing MJ .. it dumbs down the population and turns them into obamazombies ..so between the indoctrination going on in our schools and the stoners, the government is trying to turn everyone it can
    into useful idiots ..
    Don’t fall for it folks, 2014 may be our last chance to turn this Nation around .. “Ask and ye shall receive” .. GODS GRACE is what we need .. time to get down on our knees and ask GODS forgiveness , for our wicked life styles, and policies allowing the murder of millions of babies .. He has a lot to forgive folks .. leaders in this Country have forgotten who is really in charge ..It is GOD the Creator ..

  • bahndon

    right on brother. most stoners are un-productive couch potatoes.

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