Cartoon: “The Mad Lib”

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  • Frances 22.05.2014 9:29 AM

    Yeah, right….

  • POP DOP 22.05.2014 10:04 AM

    “O” is a “Dithering Dork”!

  • sreynolds 22.05.2014 11:06 AM

    Hmm, exact same response we got about fast n furious 5 years ago, and yet, not a inch closer to arresting he and holder….. also same as with IRS, Benghazi, NSA, fort hood, voter fraud,,,….etc. the list of lies and deceipt grows bigger by the month

  • Buzg 22.05.2014 12:08 PM

    Well, we’re getting some fundamental transformation of our once strong country.

  • al003 22.05.2014 2:14 PM

    Obama is not suffering from Leadership[ Failure, in order to suffer from failure, first you must have some leadership…..of which Obama has ZERO! O is an Organizer of the untalented and you can see it in all that he does….

  • aRareSaneOne 22.05.2014 10:55 PM

    Everyone seems to have forgotten fast and furious – and Ft Hood. This man NEVER should have been president, worst of all time, NERO comes to mind!

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