07.17.2014 4

Cartoon: “Not a peep”

  • Mark Gooden

    It’s official, He’s a complete Idiot.

  • believe

    And the only people that take of fence to that are in the same class of IDIOCY.
    What is sad the Blacks still think Obama is NOT Black , he is only 1/4th black and that eliminates him being classified as not being black.
    His father was 1/2 ARABIC 1/2 Black so that is what make Barack only 1/4th black.

    Barack’s father sold the blacks into Slavery,do do your home work and you will also find a White man took them out of slavery.
    I am sick of the blacks being keep in the dark about this, but it has served there perpus long enough.

  • jmortensen

    now you can include all the dead, drowned, illegal children that he has enticed over here.. you won’t hear a peep out of them either ..!

  • Death2Unions

    America will soon to be on the quiet list. The Marxist in Chief is fully committed to that outcome.

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