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Obama blames America for being cynical, gives speech to fix it


By Brad Tidwell

Just before July 4th, President Barack Obama told a Minneapolis crowd “cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice”. In other words, it’s America’s fault for being cynical.

Obama is upset that American confidence in government is at its lowest level during his presidency, so he… gives a speech. Rather than acknowledging the source of their cynicism, he blamed the American public for being cynical.

The content of Obama’s speech is eerily similar to a speech former President Jimmy Carter once gave, commonly called the “malaise” speech, which is commonly used to signify the downfall in Carter’s presidency, where he infamously said:

“It is a crisis of confidence. It is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will. We can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation… Our people are losing that faith, not only in government itself but in the ability as citizens to serve as the ultimate rulers and shapers of our democracy.”

The reason many credit this speech for the downfall of Carter was not because of its immediate reaction — the speech itself rallied Carter’s poll numbers. But it was Carter’s failure to act decisively afterwards that pointed to the real crisis of competence, notes Prospect.org’s Kevin Mattson.

“Carter could give a great speech, but there were two things he couldn’t manage: to govern well enough to make his language buoy him or to find a way to yoke the energy crisis with concrete civic re-engagement initiatives,” Mattson wrote.

The reason people are cynical now are the same reasons people were cynical under Carter. Rather than taking responsibility for issues during his administration, or reaching across the aisle to achieve some measure of bipartisanship, all Obama has is more empty words.

Americans are cynical because Obama swept into office on the back of a million promises he knew he could never keep.

Obama promised transparency and then proceeded to obfuscate. The “most transparent administration” proceeded to block even friendly press from taking their own pictures.

He promised the economy would get better, then settled for “it could be worse”. He excoriated the previous administration for unacceptable unemployment, and then presided over the lowest workforce participation since 1978.

He promised to reverse the trend of bringing “more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all”, and then proceeded to unilaterally issue executive orders that have earned him unprecedented unanimous rebukes from the Supreme Court. He said avoiding congress was unconstitutional, which turned into “we can’t wait” for the constitutional role of Congress.

There is no excuse. Hope and change has turned into cynicism and stagnancy, and it’s directly the fault of this administration. Like with Jimmy Carter, the problem with America was not a “Crisis of Confidence”, it’s a crisis of competence.

If he wants to change the culture of cynicism he’s created, Obama should start first by changing his actions, not blaming America for being skeptical.

Brad Tidwell is the web editor of Americans for Limited Government. 

  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    Obama is a cynical loser. Asking him to do something positive is pointless.

  • DES

    That coming from the most cynical Prez in the history of the USA. It’s all for him. He never heard Kennedy’s inaugural speech or he laughed his ass off if he did hear it.

  • laxmom1

    If Americans have become cynical it’s because of the actions of the squatter in the White house.

  • FloridaFits

    Dontcha just luv it when he talks about *ruling*.

    Rule this.

  • azcowboy

    It’s just liberal self righteousness. It’s impossible for self righteous people to see their own mistakes or believe it is because of their actions. How could it be…they are 100% convinced they are right…and the rest of us poor slobs just need to accept that and then it will all be ok. Accordingly they constantly blame their failures on everything else. It really is a mental sickness and they feed off of each other to support their sickness. Pass a health care bill which only causes US to pay more, but it makes them feel good. They can go out to eat at their elaborate restaurants and pat each other on the back…for giving us poor slobs health care…even though it is a massive disaster…it makes them feel good. And then they are totally befuddled why we are not liking it…what ungrateful morons we are for not “accepting” their way…when they worked so hard to give it to us. It really is a mental disease…inability to see their own misguided ways or to have the ability to comprehend how capitalism really DOES work.

  • del

    Is there anyone doofus hasnt blamed for every failure he has had????????????What an ahole!

  • lovinlife

    Not sure what country you guys are living in. Things have never been better and Obama is one of the all time great presidents. Stock market setting records, unemployment down, housing market is up, health insurance for everyone, and we are out of 2 wars we never should have gotten into. Pretty sure Obama will be the next addition to Mt Rushmore

  • No question, everything he touches turns to crap !

  • Doris C

    What strikes at our nations heart and soul is a president who is ever accusing never apologizing for his own wrongs. If just once he would be forthcoming in truth and take the blame for his wrong policies and fix them there would be no problem.
    If he inherited a huge deficit he should have cutback the first year instead of spending ALL his time on the abysmal obamacare……

  • Also,

    There will be PROTEST all over the nation this weekend
    Fri and Sat July 18/19 to stop the illegal invasion and Obamas insanity ! All
    the locations and times are at this link http://www.downtoearththinking.com/citizens-take-… there are protest in nearly every state and many cities so all can participate ! Get out there and let your voice be heard, finally !

  • omega2


  • lovinlife

    Not sure what country you guys are living in. Things have never been better and Obama is one of the all time great presidents. Stock market setting records, unemployment down, housing market is up, health insurance for everyone, and we are out of 2 wars we never should have gotten into. Pretty sure Obama will be the next addition to Mt Rushmore

  • jwatersphd

    what illegal invasion?

  • jwatersphd

    Yes, we should all commend the Tea Party for positive thinking and their generally supportive approach . . . generous to a fault. A model for us all… Look at Sarah Palin – she has never blamed anyone else. Well, she is strong on victimhood, but that’s different, right?

  • Bob.Gantry

    Stock market is setting records? Yeah, Obama sure is taking good care of his Wall St. buddies, for sure. But the buying power of the dollar has dropped by 20%, so those of us in the working class are getting hosed. Housing market is up? Tell that to my banker who won’t let me re-fi because I’m upside-down. Health insurance? I USED to have health insurance until the price went up so high that I could no longer afford it… Unemployment? Oh, lower unemployment insurance claims, yes. But what about those whose unemployment has been exhausted and they are still unemployed? I think you should review more facts before praising Obama.

  • Brabado

    It is impressive how “unadulterated, run of the mill incompetence, lack of experience and leadership” are now masqueraded as “cynical or cynicism “….
    Will have to go back to my Merriam-Webster Dictionary!
    Semper Fidelis

  • lovinlife

    Be careful badmouthing Wall St or they might take away your Republican card. And the dollar’s buying power has dropped 20%… since 1984. Income flat-lined under Reagan. Stayed flat during Bush 1 and 2. if you are blaming Obama for that you are high. And your insurance didn’t go up because of Obamacare. its called a death spiral combined with greedy HMOs. And the unemployment is a vestigial remnant from when Bush Jr pancaked the economy. Seriously, Obama – Great president? Or The Greatest President?

  • neo rambo

    there is no hope in the bho and holder America except that we flush their crap from dc

  • neo rambo

    you are a moron that has been drinking too much libtard kool-aid. i hope you have all your money in the market so you can cry those big tears when the market falls. your homie already is going down as the worst president and when the islamic turds come for you i hope you convert to their cult and worship the pediphile. as for the health insurance it is junk and will go down as the worst bill ever passed. unemployment is not down the fake number is down but 92 million folks that can work can’t find a job while folks like you are waiting by your mailbox for the obama check. as for the 2 wars, the ragheads will be fighting here soon since they threw the fake president and his girly forces out of the middle east.

  • neo rambo

    the little brown folks from south of the boarder

  • daveveselenak

    This psychotic demon had better be impeached like yesterday as he is about a hair’s way from completing the job that he was “implanted” for by the NWO-ists – TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA!

  • Bob.Gantry

    I don’t carry a republican card. Sounded clever, but your wrong. And the buying power of the dollar for ordinary folks has dropped 20% in the way of energy costs, food, and so forth. Greedy HMO’s? Are you serious? You knew they were greedy, and yet you approve of giving them the power to run their protection racket by force (rule of so-called “Law”). Your gay hero Barack knew it too. But they are his rich buddies, and he’s going to take care of them by forcing people to pay their filthy rich, greedy butts their protection money. You better wake up, and realize that Barack is just another George.

  • FloridaJim

    When you have a President that lies constantly and his employees lie without investigations that breeds cynicism. American students have been brainwashed for 65 years praising Progressive lies and denigrating Conservative truths.

    To Understand this Go see the movie “America ” Imagine A world Without Her” by Dinesh D’Souza-
    The movie America is a wonderful movie! Everyone should see it quickly
    before Obama and the friends of Hillary pull it.

    D’Souza’s movie tells exactly what has taken place in America because
    of the 60’s radicals and their Marxist agenda led by Saul Alinsky,
    Ayers, Hillary et al.

    The distortion of history or outright lies taught in schools since the
    60’s have put America down but D’Souza explains point by point with
    examples and videos righting those wrongs

    Distortion and outright lies told in schools everywhere explaining about
    slavery, Mexico, Native Americans, South, American goodness far
    overshadows the terrible things we may have done and with America there
    would be no example on which to build.

    It is quite an uplifting story at a time of chaos under the 60’s
    radicals and their offspring.
    Schools have told lies to students just as Ayers promised when he took over Chicago education with his friends,

  • Moron!

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