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Cartoon: Believe in Climate Change

  • dixiecrystals

    I believe that God is in control. If He wants us hot, we are hot. If He wants us cold, we are cold. It is total arrogance to think that signing a bill and putting our lives under the throws of high energy bills and high burdens for industry and productivity to appease the vanity of our leader
    It is funny that the global warming proponents after a unusually cold winter, have converted to the climate change and they try to make it is the same argument they are having against the right conservative view. I think that climate change has been occurring since the day the Lord first created our planet. We are to be good stewards of the earth, but we need to be smart about and know that we are not in control of it all.

  • Kingal

    you’re a bunch of jerks

  • George Blumel

    When I lived up north growing up every cold night when I said my prayers I prayed for global warming. It never came. So, I moved to Florida.

  • Nonya Bizness

    I really do wish these Chicken Littles would make up their minds one way or the other. Back in the 70s, it was global cooling and we were all going to starve to death because the growing season would be drastically shortened by the excessively colder temperatures. Now it’s global warming and we’re all going to burn like we’re in Hell. Whenever you ask for proof, the Chicken Littles use data that goes back less than 200 years. When you look at the REAL data in ice cores and ocean sediment cores, that’s where you see that the earth’s climate has gone through MASSIVE temperature swings … when no human beings were on this planet. What do the Chicken Littles blame THOSE drastic temperature swings on….dinosaur farts????

  • Greg

    CO2 is plant food (“greenhouse” gas), which we cannot live without. This is all smoke and mirrors.

  • RonKeffer

    yes and remember the energy shortage, the fuel shortage, the coffee shortage, the sugar shortage and some how some where in there was the cooling shortage. It is funny how we as sheep continue to follow the other sheep. One day one is going to jump off a cliff and hell we will all follow.

    Quit following the rest of the SHEEP and do your home work and get rid of corruption in our government.

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