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The Trump gambit against GOP on Harvey, Irma funding now, debt ceiling, CR later sets up stark political choice for American people

By Bill Wilson The establishment GOP and their domesticated “conservative” pets are in a rage over President Trump’s move to secure relief funding for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas (and now Irma) by brokering a deal with the Democrats. The President gets the funding now, no fight, no Christmas Tree piling on more ridiculous spending. He also buys […]

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Hiding the truth, distorting Andrew Jackson’s image

By Bill Wilson Anyone looking for a prime example of why the American people increasingly detest the mainstream media need look no further than the Washington Post’s “reporting” on President Donald Trump’s visit to Nashville on March 15. While many in the insular world of the GOP establishment may not think symbolism matters, the Post sure does.  Their effort to […]

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Thank you, Jill Stein

By Bill Wilson

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When you hear them scream, Mr. Trump, you know you’ve hit the mark

By Bill Wilson The level of vitriol and sheer hysteria coming from the various outlets of the establishment press is the best indicator possible that Donald Trump’s message of American sovereignty and the restoration of constitutional government are getting through to the American people. The apologists and paid-mouthpieces of the self-appointed elite are in a near frenzy in a desperate […]

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Ignore the ankle-biters

By Bill Wilson The globalist establishment is running scared, very scared. How can you tell? It is apparent by the way they are going after Donald Trump. There is no engagement on issues but rather a merciless assault of death by a thousand cuts. Not only does it reveal their level of fear of a Trump victory it also shows […]

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Cultural Revolution finds its way to Univ. of Missouri

By Bill Wilson There are numerous lessons to be learned from the confrontational protests by black football players to boycott future games at the University of Missouri this week that have culminated in resignation of the school’s president and chancellor.  And, while it is unlikely at best the legacy media will report, let alone even see, what truly happened, it […]

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The Iran vote, Congress’ power outage and Donald Trump

By Bill Wilson Establishment pundits have been desperately trying to explain how Donald Trump has been able to build commanding support that seems to be unfazed by relentless attacks. They confidently tell each other that this is just a summer fling, that the voters will “come home” after they’ve had their fun. Perhaps. But for those truly interested in why Trump has […]

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Obama’s utopian vision to redraw every neighborhood in America 

By Bill Wilson The far left’s effort to remake America according to its politically correct fantasies continues unabated — even as the U.S. economy groans under the weight of previous failed efforts (and even as supporters of the latest social experiments bemoan prior failures in central planning). Once again everything is ostensibly geared toward addressing alleged discrimination so as to […]

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Why is the Washington Post attacking entrepreneurship?

By Bill Wilson Any lingering hopes that Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post would lead to a more rational and true journalistic approach from the “national paper of record” have been dashed to pieces over the last several months. But nowhere has there been a better example of the raw, leftist propaganda being peddled as “news” than the Economy […]

Offshore drilling: The eco-radical fiction ensnaring ‘conservative’ politicians

By Bill Wilson Government-run energy policy in this country has been a debacle. From the “green jobs” scam of Left Coast solar companies like Solyndra to the ravaged heartland of Iowa (where government ethanol mandates have done tremendous environmental damage) — the failed central planning and false promises of Washington, D.C. eco-radicals should be painfully self-evident. But this isn’t another column […]

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