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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd Funny to watch the left work themselves into a lather over the very idea that taxpayers will get to keep more of the money they earned.  Armageddon Pelosi shouts.  Chuck Schumer has a fit and falls in it. One hopes that all the Trump haters got their money out of the stock market the day after the […]

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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd One good thing about the NFL show of Anti-Americanism is that the players and the owners are telling us who they are. Now that the NFL owners have doubled down by extending buffoonish commissioner Rodger Goodell’s contract, we got the message loud and clear and we will not forget. When John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a […]

We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd Those of us who believe in free markets are somewhat flummoxed by the fact that the state owned British Broadcasting Corporation continues to put out morally based superior programing while investor based Hollywood continues to pump cultural sewage into our living rooms and town squares. We should start calling Dreamers what they are: Nightmares. The Senate recently […]

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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd In case you have not heard it is raining in Texas. It is fascinating to watch the twenty-four-hour news channels try to figure out how many different ways they can say that.  It is also interesting to watch them second guess every decision made by the authorities on the ground. Keep in mind these media types have […]

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We pause to remark

By Don Todd With all of their unsourced and blind sourced articles the only difference between the National Enquirer and the Washington Post and the New York Times is that the National Enquirer does not have a left-wing agenda. Why do we call single terrorists lone wolfs? Why not the more accurate labels of lone pig or lone rat? No […]

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We pause to remark

By Don Todd When is the last time you heard somebody say in a policy discussion, “I have not made my mind up about that and before I do I want to find out what Hollywood celebrities think?” Why would anyone care about the political opinions of someone who memorizes and repeats words others have written and makes faces for […]

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Times change but Democrats don’t

By Don Todd Rush Limbaugh recently commented that because of Donald Trump’s election Democrats have not been this mad since Republicans freed the slaves. This is unquestionably true. What Rush did not mention is that Democrats are behaving in much the same way as they did in 1860. For instance Democrats were quick to point out in 1860 as they […]

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Obama’s commutation of Oscar Lopez Rivera was despicable

By Don Todd In the 1970s and 1980s, a Puerto Rican communist organization conducted a campaign of terror in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. The organization was the FALN, which is the Spanish acronym for the Armed Forces of National Liberation. The FALN was trained by Cuban intelligence, and the organization’s goal was to sever the ties between the […]

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A conspiracy so vast

By Don Todd Republicans have won the White House, the Congress, have the most Governorships and the most State Legislatures. In what area of the political playing field do Democrats have more of? The answer is easy and it is conspiracy theories. They are awash in them. Weeks ago the theory was that America voting mechanisms had been hacked and […]

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Unsolicited advice to my Never Trump friends

By Don Todd Recently, I have had the experience of discussing the Presidential election with numerous friends who have placed themselves in the Never Trump camp.  Some of them I have mentored over the years.  All of them are activist Republicans and most of them professionally successful. A common theme among them is fear of Trump.  Their arguments are not […]

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