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President Donald Trump really meant it

By Rick Manning “He really meant it.”  That’s what I thought as President Donald Trump began wrapping up his Inaugural Address.  My God, he really meant it. For me the journey began in April of 2015, when Senator Ted Cruz joined then House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Paul Ryan in signing a joint opinion piece in the Wall Street […]

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Mars by 2025 should be America’s ‘great again’ goal

By Rick Manning Gene Cernan is dead. The last man to walk on the moon is not walking on earth anymore, and his death should be a sober reminder of how far the U.S. space program has fallen. In 1957, the space race formally began when the Soviet Union beat the United States by launching a 23-inch diameter ball, the […]

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The states are where the game is at

By Rick Manning Republicans will control both statehouses in 32 out of 50 states when state legislatures meet in 2017, and this does not include Nebraska which is unicameral and state candidates run as non-partisan. Of these 33 states, 25 have a Republican Governor, and in North Carolina the Governor can be overridden with a 60 percent majority, a margin […]

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Proud Trump voter, crybaby losers of the left notwithstanding

By Rick Manning I proudly voted for Trump and am tired of the losers in the election trying to discredit me and my vote. Here is the deal.  Our nation has not had more than 4 percent economic growth since China got permanent normal trade relations and joined the World Trade Organization in 2000.  According to the U.S. Commerce Department’s […]

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Trump picks tough, honest leaders in Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo

By Rick Manning

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Article One: A unifying agenda for a divided nation

By Rick Manning In the wake of a bitter 2016 presidential battle and its acrimonious aftermath a critical question now confronts us: How do we govern a federal government many believe has become ungovernable? And more importantly, how do we manage a financial situation most agree has become unmanageable? By now our ship of state’s unsustainable course has openly manifested […]

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Time for the House to assert its Constitutional authority

By Rick Manning People should pay attention to this Tuesday’s meeting of the newly elected incoming House Republicans, as there will likely be two relatively obscure but extremely important items discussed. The first will be a proposal by Representative James Renacci of Illinois to move back the internal leadership elections until after the lame duck Congress, allowing new members some […]

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Obama needs to halt all regulatory rulemaking

By Rick Manning Midnight regulations, eight years ago it was all the rage in the media to demand that the Bush administration stop work on even the most benign regulatory changes so a new administration could make those decisions. In response, the Bush White House stopped most regulations that would be deemed controversial putting them through a rigorous review at […]

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Trump and America win: A letter to America

By Rick Manning Dear America: Thank you, thank you, thank you. You just saved the nation. All of those unconstitutional pen and phone executive orders to do what Congress rejected — ripped up. The regulations that are intended to destroy the coal industry and drive up the cost of manufacturing forcing jobs overseas — rescinded. All the bad, bad trade […]

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Want to know why Trump wins? Ask Bill Clinton

  By Rick Manning Bill Clinton understands the white middle class voter who elected him president over George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992 like few remaining in the Democrat Party. Wikileaks revealed that Bill Clinton expressed thoughts that sound as if they come straight from a Donald Trump rally to a group of donors in 2015 when he said the […]

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