Obama mega-donor tries to manipulate Trump using solar trade case

By Rick Manning Trying to untangle the web of financial interests behind the two foreign solar panel manufacturers that have filed a trade case against hundreds of American-owned solar companies is tricky: one company is controlled by a foreign hedge fund, while the other company’s equity is split between German cronies of Angela Merkel and the Qatari government. The two […]

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Trump’s Tale of Two Trade Cases: Samsung/LG Should Be Slammed, U.S. Solar Jobs Protected

By Rick Manning Every child knows the basic rule that cheaters should never prosper, because if they do, there is no incentive to play by the rules. The same holds true for trade deals. Trade deals have rules associated with them, and Samsung and LG have been found guilty three times since 2011 of violating the rules of the free […]

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Disney-Fox Mega-Merger Faces Serious Questions over Anti-Competitive Behavior

By Rick Manning Disney and 21st Century Fox have proposed another massive media merger that may rise or fall on Disney’s anti-competitive lawsuit against a small Utah company that allows parents to filter mature content such as violence, strong language, or sexually inappropriate images and sounds from movies and TV shows. VidAngel has become a hot topic amongst social conservative groups whose […]

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Tax Cut Bill Passage helps Make America Great Again

By Rick Manning President Trump and the GOP Congress scored a significant victory through the passage of the tax cut/reform legislation, which was signed Friday. The legislation had four major components: lowering corporate tax rates from the highest in the developed world to around the world’s average; encouraging the repatriation of more than $4 trillion in overseas profits made by […]

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Trump DOJ Anti-Trust Actions Media Mega-Mergers, May Protect First Amendment

By Rick Manning The First Amendment to the Constitution protecting the right to engage in speech is fundamental to a free country. The past few years have seen multiple attempts by the Democratic Party and their far-left supporters to create a new definition of this right – the freedom from speech that one doesn’t like. While this trend toward the […]

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India shouldn’t expect a handout from US trade agreements

By Rick Manning The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) trade agreement is set to expire at the end of 2017, and there is a legitimate question of whether India should continue benefiting under this trade agreement designed to provide special assistance to developing countries. The U.S. Trade Representative Office describes this broad, multi-lateral trade agreement as, “… a program designed […]

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FBI Director Wray needs to come clean on Dossiergate

By Rick Manning Stunning.  That’s the only way the exchange between U.S. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) and newly minted FBI Director Christopher Wray in the House Judiciary Committee on December 7, 2017. In a must-see Congressional Q&A, Jordan hammers and hammers Wray on whether disgraced Peter Strzok was involved in dressing up the discredited Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee […]

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Politically weaponized FBI and Justice Dept. is un-American, Mueller should be fired

By Rick Manning Several extremely troubling revelations have become known in recent weeks about the orchestrated attempt to take down President Donald Trump before he ever took office. Lee Smith at the Federalist alleges that Fusion GPS has been paying reporters to publish political attack pieces based on manufactured sources to delegitimize the Trump campaign and then the official transition […]

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By settling lawsuits challenging its existence, CFPB can begin to quietly turn off the lights

By Rick Manning The political stunt that former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray tried to pull recently in a failed attempt to name his successor was the culmination of a five-year reign at a rogue agency marked by incompetence and malfeasance. I and many other CFPB critics believe that newly appointing Acting Director Mick Mulvaney – who […]

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Finally, a big international win for intellectual property rights

By Rick Manning The United States has long stood as the center for innovation across the globe — even as we ceded other important industries like manufacturing. Thanks to a strong patent system, written into the Constitution, we have long encouraged creativity and invention that has made us the envy of the world. Unfortunately, over the last few years, that position has […]

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