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Regulation entering mentally ill receiving federal disability into FBI gun database would NOT have prevented massacre in Parkland, Fla.

By Robert Romano 17 people are dead in Parkland, Fla. because of the heinous actions of one Nikolas Cruz, who opened fire at the high school there. This is a national tragedy, and we all share the burden together. Cruz must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He is responsible for these murders. The victims are not […]

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160 million-plus Americans see more money in pay checks thanks to Trump tax cuts

By Robert Romano Feb. 15 has passed and the IRS is complete with processing the new withholding tables that take into account the new tax cuts enacted by Congress and President Donald Trump. If all has gone according plan, your employer has applied the new rates — full disclosure: my employer has — and about 80 percent of you should […]

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Wonderland: DACA judge grants amnesty to 800,000, says President enforcing the law is ‘arbitrary’

By Robert Romano U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis in New York has ruled against President Donald Trump’s decision to end former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) granting amnesty to 800,000 illegal immigrants, ordering that the program be allowed to continue. Why? “The question before the court is thus not whether Defendants could end the DACA program, […]

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The U.S. is going broke: How the filibuster and the bipartisan consensus to spend more is making us go bankrupt

By Robert Romano Say, you’re a fiscal conservative. You think the federal government is spending too much of your hard-earned tax dollars and that the $20.7 trillion national debt is pushing it. You took a gander at the campaign brochures of each of the major parties in 2016, Democrats and Republicans, and discovered Republicans were actively campaigning on balancing the […]

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Time for President Trump to provide full disclosure of the documents that prove FISA court abuse and spying by Obama in 2016

By Robert Romano The four-page House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence memorandum has been available since Feb. 2, detailing abuse by Obama era Justice Department and intelligence officials to illegally spy on the Trump campaign in 2016. In Oct. 2016, the FBI used the unverified Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Clinton campaign paid for Christopher Steele-Fusion GPS dossier falsely alleging […]

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Time for President Trump to modernize NAFTA or else end it

By Robert Romano More than any other issue, President Donald Trump’s vow to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or else leave it may have been the most important reason he won the Electoral College in 2016 against his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Trump won Ohio by about 450,000 votes. In Pennsylvania, Trump only won by 44,000 votes. In […]

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If the GOP Congress is going to raise the debt ceiling again, it should finally fix it to preserve President Trump’s art of the deal

By Robert Romano Senate leaders have reached a bipartisan agreement on the 2018 budget that provides another six weeks of funding for the federal government. It gets there by ending the remainder of budget sequestration, a remnant of the 2011 debt ceiling deal, increasing defense spending by $160 billion and non-defense spending by $131 billion the next two years. As […]

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Did the Obama Justice Dept. and the Clinton campaign coordinate to place the Isikoff piece to get the FISA warrant on the Trump campaign in 2016?

By Robert Romano Besides the DNC and Clinton campaign-funded Christopher Steele dossier that alleged Trump campaign-Russia collusion that was used as evidence by the Obama era Justice Department to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court warrant against Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, another piece of evidence was a Sept. 2016 Yahoo! News piece by Michael Isikoff that alleged […]

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Heads must roll for Obama’s illegal spying on Trump campaign in 2016 after DOJ knowingly used DNC-funded campaign memo for secret FISA warrants

By Robert Romano Click here to #ReadTheMemo and urge Congress to stop the illegal spying! According to the now-released memorandum from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, in October 2016 former FBI Director James Comey and the Justice Department all but told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Court that the DNC and Clinton campaign-funded Christopher Steele dossier was […]

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How Trump and the GOP Congress can break the midterm jinx in 2018

By Robert Romano Congressional midterms after a President wins the White House can be a brutal affair. The out-party tends to be motivated and has a knack for taking it out on Congress. The incumbent party, usually, is unable to match the opposition’s energy and so losses tend to follow. It’s the midterm jinx. The White House incumbent party tends […]

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