Rescuing Main Street from the fiduciary rule

By Peter Hong Just a few weeks ago, April 2017 was ready to deliver a crushing blow to the economic health of Main Street America. The fiduciary rule was to take effect, thereby threatening for extinction hundreds of thousands of small-brokerages and independent insurance agents. Millions of Americans who rely on commission-based brokers to manage their smaller portfolios were in […]

Big labor takes it in the chin as right to work on fast track at state level

By Richard McCarty Last year, Big Labor gambled on Democrats, and they lost big at both the state and federal level. Now they find themselves out in the cold in many places. One of those places is Kentucky. Prior to the 2016 elections, Republicans held the Kentucky governorship and the state Senate, while Democrats held a 53-47 majority in the […]

Trump’s big labor play

By Robert Romano In his first 100 hours in office, President Donald Trump appears to have accomplished more for union households and working Americans than former President Barack Obama did in 8 years. And in the process, he may be shaking up the electoral map in ways that could reshape American politics for decades to come. With Trump’s rapid actions […]

Kentucky passes right-to-work, Missouri, New Hampshire on its heels

By Natalia Castro For the first time in nearly a century, Kentucky’s congress is dominated by the Republican Party, and they have already begun passing policy to empower workers. Kentucky has joined the rest of the South in passing a right-to-work law, allowing workers to opt out of joining labor unions. The legislation acts as the first victory in what […]

Is Labor going after Peter Thiel to get at Trump?

By Nathan Mehrens

Some Labor regulations Trump can cut right away

By Nathan Mehrens

Reining in the anti-business National Labor Relations Board

By Nathan Mehrens

NLRB just nuked your private university safe spaces

By Nathan Mehrens Liberal parents who are dropping off a child at a private university beware; the liberal National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) just nuked your kid’s safe space. The NLRB earlier this week overruled previous precedent and decided that many types of students who perform duties such as teaching assistance as part of their degree programs are employees for […]

De Blasio ‘labor peace’ executive order puts thumb on scale in favor of unions in NYC

By Nathan Mehrens Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York City, recently signed an executive order requiring “labor peace” agreements from retail and food service employers doing business on city development projects. These are projects that are broadly defined and include those receiving financial assistance from the City. The executive order, is, simply put, a local government thumb on the […]

OSHA’s war on the franchise business model

By Nathan Mehrens OSHA, and several federal agencies with jurisdiction over employment law have spent years pushing a greatly expanded theory of employer liability known as a joint employer standard. Newly-released records from the Obama Administration’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) show that they have been right in the middle of this and that they have conducted a large-scale, […]

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