McCarthy’s victory a testimony to his hard work not ideology

By Rick Manning House Leadership races are difficult to pin down.  Nothing makes this point more clearly than the elevation of Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to Eric Cantor’s vacated House Majority Leader slot. Those who want to make this internal election into an establishment versus tea party battle have a hard time explaining away Rep. Tom Graves’ nomination of McCarthy […]

Race for House Majority Leader Narrows to Two

At the end of the week, the House Republican conference will select a new Majority Leader to replace the ousted Eric Cantor. To date, two Representatives have thrown their hats into the ring, vouching for the second highest position in the House. The first was Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California. Well-liked and considered a popular member of the current […]

Congressional calendar winding down on STELA

By Rick Manning The clock is rapidly expiring on the 113th Congress. While in the rest of the world, the beginning of June signals a nearing to the midpoint of the year, in Congress during an even-numbered election year, when the calendar flips to June, it signals a mere 10 workweeks until the end of the federal government’s fiscal year. […]

Primaries show Tea Party winning the ideological fight in the GOP

By Tom Toth Four years after the remarkable advent of the “Tea Party,” many are wondering whether the Conservative grassroots’ response to the Obama administration’s domestic policies still has the political punch it demonstrated with 2010’s landslide midterm elections victories for the then-rejuvenated Republican party. That evidence is now rolling out in the heart of the Republican’s electoral infrastructure—and news […]

House moves against Obama’s Internet Giveaway

A version of this article was published on   By Rick Manning and Robert Romano For years conservative activists have prodded the House of Representatives to use their unique Constitutional power of the purse to rein in Obama Administration excesses.  This week, the U.S. House of Representatives is doing just that through a series of amendments that will be […]

Rep. Frank Wolf’s efforts on Benghazi investigation finally pay off

By Tom Toth House Speaker John Boehner announced today that the House of Representatives will appoint a House Select Committee to investigate the September 11, 2012 attacks on the American consulate in Benghazi, which resulted in the tragic deaths of four American citizens. The House Select Committee comes in the wake of new e-mails indicating a White House cover-up of […]

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Did this ad get John Boehner’s primary opponent fired from his job?

Reports out of Ohio indicate that John Boehner’s Republican primary opponent J.D. Winteregg was fired from his faculty position at Cedarville College over a innuendo-laden ad bashing Boehner as a career politician with “electyle dysfunction.” Parodying Cialis commercials and advertising Winteregg as am alternative to the long-tenured House Speaker John Boehner, the ad to date has over 300,000 views on YouTube and has […]

Cartoon: “Boehner sheds no tears”

By A.F. Branco Get high resolution version here. Boehner’s Disdain for Tea Party Spells Trouble

Are House Republicans voting to give away the Internet?

By Robert Romano “Until the Comptroller General of the United States submits the report required by [this statute], the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information may not relinquish or agree to any proposal relating to the relinquishment of the responsibility of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration [NTIA]… over Internet domain name system functions, including responsibility with respect […]

Democrats and Republicans agree — Obama can’t be trusted

By Tom Toth It happened—Congressional Democrats have reached unanimous agreement with Republicans that President Obama cannot be trusted to make the most common sense leadership decisions, at least in relationship to foreign policy and American diplomacy. The Ted Cruz-authored bill banning a known Iranian terrorist—and champion of the Iranian hostage crisis—from the United States, and therefore appointment as the American ambassador […]

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