Democrats and Republicans agree — Obama can’t be trusted

By Tom Toth It happened—Congressional Democrats have reached unanimous agreement with Republicans that President Obama cannot be trusted to make the most common sense leadership decisions, at least in relationship to foreign policy and American diplomacy. The Ted Cruz-authored bill banning a known Iranian terrorist—and champion of the Iranian hostage crisis—from the United States, and therefore appointment as the American ambassador […]

Ted Cruz’s bill banning Iranian terrorist from diplomatic post meets unanimous support in House and Senate

By Tom Toth Ted Cruz’s bill banning a known Iranian terrorist—and champion of the Iranian hostage crisis—from appointment as the American ambassador from Iran is likely to make it to Barack Obama’s desk after unanimous passage through the House and Senate. Hamid Aboutalebi was a primary participant in the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. The decision to appoint Aboutalebi to a […]

Senator Cornyn against media ‘shield’ bill: Right for all the wrong reasons

By Robert Romano Some of the senators raising objections to Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) so-called media “shield” bill may want to come up with a more coherent argument. Take Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) who is quoted in a Breitbart story saying the bill “was essentially an attempt to deflect… from the Department of Justice and this administration… the criticism they […]

Media shield law is anything but

Click here to tell Congress to STOP the war on the freedom of the press! By Robert Romano The ill-titled “Free Flow of Information Act” — supposedly a bill that will protect journalists’ confidential sources often as it relates to the publication classified information — has enough votes in the Senate to pass, sponsor Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) has proclaimed. […]

Are Senate Republican failures the Tea Party’s fault?

By Don Todd It is an article of faith in Washington among the ruling class that were it not for those unreasonable conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee that Republicans would control the Senate.  Those are the types, so the mantra goes, who win primaries and then lose elections that could otherwise be won.  Were it not for them, […]

How come only 7 Senate Democrats voted no on cop killer defender Adegbile?

By Robert Romano 7 Senate Democrats had the good sense to dodge a political attack ad nightmare when Debo Adegbile was defeated to be the next Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. Obama’s nominee for the Justice Department post is best known for acting as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s litigation director as it defended one of the […]

VIDEO: Watch Sen. Mike Lee destroy Eric Holder’s defense of Obama’s unlawful executive orders

  Lee: “…Is this [constitutional] analysis undertaken each time the president issues an executive order and…was it undertaken when the president, for example, announced on July 2nd , 2013, that he would not be enforcing the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act…?”   Holder: “…Those kinds of activities are done after consultation with the Justice Department and an analysis […]

Senate Republicans need to hold the line against extending unemployment benefits

By Robert Romano The filibuster is back. At least, that is, on legislation. On January 14, Senate Republicans blocked two proposals from Harry Reid that would have extended long-term unemployment benefits. The first was a $17 billion bill that would have extended benefits through November, with the only pay-for being a promised cut in spending—in 2024. It failed by a […]

Ted Cruz: 2013 Person of the Year

By Rick Manning No politician had a greater impact on the past year than freshman U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Cruz came from the Lone Star State not owing the D.C. political establishment anything, after he beat the chosen replacement for Kay Bailey Hutchison in an underfunded, grassroots driven Republican primary election. Using his historic first speech on the Senate […]

Republicans may win Senate, but what’s the agenda?

By Robert Romano With the generic congressional ballot all but even and Democrats trailing big time in key Senate races in red states like Alaska, West Virginia, and Montana, and at significant risk of losing Arkansas, Louisiana, and North Carolina as Obamacare falls apart in the eyes of voters, 2014 is looking to be a good year for the Republican […]

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