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Why haven’t lower interest rates spurred home-buying?

By Robert Romano One of the mysteries surrounding the post-financial crisis economy is why lower interest rates — led primarily by the Federal Reserve setting its benchmark rate to near-zero levels in 2008 —  did not do more to spur home-buying, and overall credit expansion. When the Fed originally slashed interest rates to its historically low levels when the program […]

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The economy has not grown above 3 percent for 10 years

By Robert Romano It’s official. The U.S. economy has not grown above 3 percent since 2005, making it a full 10 years since that level of growth has been seen. And it has not grown above 4 percent since 2000, marking a 15-year era of much slower growth. For context, from 1947 to 2004, the economy averaged 3.45 percent growth […]

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Government admits the economy stinks — now what?

By Rick Manning The U.S. economy has just suffered through the worse ten-year period in terms of economic growth since the Great Depression. This lost decade of despair and hopelessness has led to more than 6 million more Americans aged 16-64 dropping out of the workforce than would normally be expected. With the near-disastrous Gross Domestic Product for the fourth […]

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Fed: ‘Economic growth slowed late last year’

By Robert Romano “[E]conomic growth slowed late last year.” That was the Federal Reserve in its most recent statement, published Jan. 27 at 2PM. At that point in the day, markets had been relatively unchanged. After that, the great sell-off of 2016 continued, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 shedding another 1 percent. We suppose fundamentals do actually matter […]

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The yuan heard around the world

By Robert Romano China’s 10-year experiment with a strong yuan is over. After years of world markets complaining about China’s devaluation policy of a low, fixed exchange rate against the dollar, the People’s Bank of China finally allowed the yuan to begin appreciating in 2005. Fast forward ten years, with emerging markets now collapsing, China’s real estate bubble popped, commodities […]

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Will the next president inherit Obama’s recession?

By Robert Romano Consider this. If Mitt Romney had beaten Barack Obama for the presidency in 2012, he more than likely would have been running for reelection into the jaws of the current major market correction in commodities and equities, and what may wind up being the beginning of an overall crash and recession to follow. Mostly because, by all […]

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Bottom falls out on oil, commodities, stocks

By Robert Romano West Texas intermediate oil is crashing through its $30 a barrel support level in search of a new bottom, amid the ongoing correction in China, weak demand globally and no signs of production slowing down. While that is generally good news for consumers of products like gasoline, the worst may be yet to come for oil producers, […]

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Is the U.S. already in another recession?

  By Robert Romano “I believe we’re already entering a recession in the U.S.” That was investor and market analyst Marc Faber’s prognosis of the U.S. economy on Dec. 29 headed into 2016, speaking on Bloomberg Television. Since then, oil has dropped to about $34 a barrel, a level not seen since 2004. The Shanghai Composite took a major dive […]

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GOP Congress sneaks extra $56.7 billion to IMF into omnibus

By Robert Romano Tucked into the omnibus spending bill for the remainder of fiscal year 2016 was a $56.7 billion increase in the U.S. quota subscription to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This will double the current U.S. quota to $115.2 billion at today’s exchange rate. The legislation also puts a 2022 sunset on the now-$95.8 billion New Arrangements to […]

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So, where are the higher interest rates?

By Robert Romano After 7 years of historically low near-zero percent interest rates, the Federal Reserve finally hiked its benchmark interest rate to the new range of 0.25 percent to 0.50 percent on Dec. 16. Long have economists and other market observers warned that this move by the Fed would lead to higher interest rates for borrowers, homeowners, and others. […]

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