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Why no economic growth will kill the U.S.

By Robert Romano First quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is in, and well, the U.S. economy still stinks, growing at a paltry, inflation-adjusted rate of just 0.5 percent annualized. Unsurprisingly, the lack of growth falls well below the already dreary Federal Reserve expectations for 2016, which is projected in December 2.4 percent for the year. Which still stinks. Even as […]

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Would China simply agree to end currency manipulation?

By Robert Romano Lewis Lehrman and John Mueller had a very interesting oped on exporters that use currency devaluation to boost exports, “Monetary reform or trade war,” and how Congress might deal with it in the future — without resorting to tariffs. In it, Lehrman and Mueller call for G-20 economies including China to reach an international monetary accord on […]

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OPEC can’t agree on production cut thanks to Iran nuclear deal

By Robert Romano The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) still cannot come to terms with cutting oil production at its latest meeting Doha, Qatar over the weekend. This, despite months-long low demand for crude oil amid a weakening global economy that has led to a dramatic correction in oil prices — dropping more than 62 percent from its […]

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Brexit surges to 45 percent support in UK, international banks threaten more financial crisis

By Robert Romano Voters in the UK may be ready to leave the European Union (EU), a new poll conducted by ICM from April 8 through April 10 finds, with 45 percent favoring what has been dubbed a “Brexit.” So, naturally, days later the Bank of England has issued a fresh warning that such a move by Britain would threaten […]

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Is China about to devalue the yuan—again?

By Robert Romano In the 2000s, a common complaint against China was its weak peg against the dollar and its accumulation of foreign exchange reserves including dollar-denominated assets, which devalued the yuan against the dollar, cheapening the prices of its exports to the U.S. while increasing the prices of imports to China. So in 2010, Beijing started to let the […]

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$8.7 trillion of economic growth lost to trade deficits since 2000

By Robert Romano “We do not get to add 16 years of deficits and then add that to one year of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is what is being done there. If we close the trade deficit then ceteris paribus … we might be able to add one year’s trade deficit back into GDP. That $500 billion, making current […]

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Art Laffer and Paul Krugman agree, Chinese currency manipulation boosted exports, hurt U.S.

By Robert Romano A piece on currency manipulation by this author, “China and the world’s trade war against the U.S. — and why we’re losing” apparently warranted a response from the popular economics blog, Cafe Hayek, “An Open Letter to Robert Romano,” by George Mason University Economics Professor Donald Boudreaux. It is quite an honor, actually. Professor Boudreaux is world-renowned […]

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China and the world’s trade war against the U.S.—and why we’re losing

By Robert Romano The U.S. has been in a trade war with the rest of the world for years. We just have not been fighting back. Foreign investors and governments currently hold about $6.2 trillion of U.S. treasuries, $872 billion of so-called agency debt (mostly Fannie and Freddie mortgage securities), $3.2 trillion of corporate debt and $6.2 trillion of corporate […]

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Solving the labor participation puzzle

By Robert Romano Since 2000 labor force participation in the U.S. — that is, the percent of people working or looking for work — which has been dropping almost every single year, from an unadjusted average annual 67.07 percent in 2000 to 62.65 percent in 2015. The question over that period is whether the drop in participation is benign owing […]

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Will global trade and automation lead to a world without work?

By Robert Romano A combination of globalization and automation is eroding labor force participation in the U.S., leading to an economy that is growing less, a labor force that is working less and a nation that is weakening internally as communities, families and individuals fail to adapt to the new economic reality. Since 2000, when permanent normal trade relations with […]

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