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Congress may be able to rescind Obama regs dating back to 2009 under Congressional Review Act

By Natalia Castro Congress has taken the lead in using the Congressional Review Act to remove some of the midnight regulations that the Obama Administration has burdened the American people with. Now as they push this legislation to the President, it is important the two branches work together to ensure that these regulations and many more can never be reinstated. […]

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Senate rules biggest obstacle to Trump agenda on health care, taxes

By Robert Romano The Republican strategy on tax and health care reform was built on a house of cards that has now collapsed. The problem was not Republican moderates or the conservative House Freedom Caucus per se — there did not appear to be the votes in the Senate either for the Obamacare makeover proposed by House Speaker Paul Ryan. […]

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Why Congress still needs to defund economy-killing regulations to bolster Trump

By Robert Romano One of central planks President Donald Trump ran on in 2016 was get rid of economically harmful, job-killing regulations. The process appears straightforward enough. Whatever can be done by executive action can be undone by executive action. If regulations were initiated via the regulatory process under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), surely that works in reverse, right? […]

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If we’re repealing Obamacare, Congress might as well bring back private student loans, too

By Natalia Castro As high school seniors make their decision of which college to go to next fall, Congress has been working on its Obamacare decision; but what the American people might be missing, is that these two issues are extremely closely related. As student loan interest payments fund the Obamacare subsidies, students are being forced further into debt while […]

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The coming state pension collapse

By Natalia Castro Across the country, states are experiencing a pension crisis that could leave them defaulting on millions of dollars in retirement benefits. Fiscal irresponsibility enabled by the federal government has allowed pensions to go underfunded by anywhere from $1.5 trillion to $5 trillion dollars, now individual states are experiencing the strain of making unrealistic promises in defined benefit […]

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Crony capitalism, ice cream and booze

By Peter Hong Remember the cool kids in school: the jock or cheerleader — with rich parents to boot? They had everything handed to them: awards, popularity, status. They hung out together at all the right parties and in all the right cliques, strengthening their bonds to the exclusion of others. Even authority figures, like the principal, protected the cool […]

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IRS outsources tax investigations to contractors, findings wind up in newspapers

By Natalia Castro Government officials take an oath of office to protect the securities of the American people, contractors do not. Yet for some of our most sensitive tax records and information, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has employed third party contractors to pursue investigations; the IRS has manipulated the law and politicized our agencies as a result. Our critical […]

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Shortage of health care workers could endanger Baby Boomers who will need long-term care

By Robert Romano In 2012, 4.4 million seniors were enrolled in the Medicaid program, primarily for long-term nursing home or home and community care, according to the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission. Almost twice that number were on some form of long-term care — 8.3 million according to the Center for Disease Control — about comprising almost 20 […]

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Will we be adults or children? The ugly truth about America’s spending

By Rick Manning

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Trump has the upper hand on the debt ceiling, if Congress backs him

By Robert Romano The debt ceiling is back. On March 15, Congress’ suspension of the debt ceiling ended, just as the national debt appears poised to top $20 trillion for the first time in U.S. history. What that means is the federal government cannot borrow any more money under the law — for now. President Donald Trump now must go […]

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