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Trump should use the 100-year-old debt ceiling — to fix the debt ceiling

By Robert Romano White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has said the White House has not decided its plan for an upcoming vote extending the debt ceiling. “We haven’t settled on a final way to address the debt ceiling any more than the Hill has,” Mulvaney said to reporters on June 15. At issue in the […]

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Fed hikes interest rate to as high as 1.25 percent—cites ‘ongoing strength of the economy’

By Natalia Castro The Federal Reserve just raised interest rates, which is fairly common action to stop the economy from overheating, but this is leaving Americans, particularly young Americans, wondering where the fire is? Considering sluggish economic growth has been pervasive through all elements of the economy since the last recession in 2008 and 2009, the central bank’s slow agenda […]

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The higher education bubble is destroying U.S. labor markets

By Robert Romano In 2014, only 36 percent of jobs available — 54.8 million — required some college, a postsecondary nondegree award, a Bachelor’s degree or more at the entry level according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet at the same time, today, 61 percent of the civilian population aged 25 and over has some college, […]

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Hardly Walt’s Disney

By Printus LeBlanc What is going on with the Disney company? The iconic wholesome American icon known around the world as a family friendly company is currently involved in three lawsuits that do not scream family. Is the way they are handling business the way Walt Disney would have handled business? The Magic Kingdom became the place of nightmares recently. […]

The Senate needs to get back to work on Obamacare

By Natalia Castro The repeal and replace of Obamacare was a pillar of the Republican campaign in 2016, and both President Donald Trump and the House of Representatives have kept this promise alive. With the American Health Care Act (AHCA), House Republicans compromised amongst themselves to deliver healthcare reform to solve the disaster that was Obamacare, but now the Senate […]

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Trump stands tough on Mexico ahead of NAFTA renegotiation

By Robert Romano We are still more than two months away from the much-anticipated renegotiation on NAFTA starting on August 16 by the Trump administration, but the opening round has already occurred, resulting in a June 6 settlement by the U.S. Commerce Department with Mexico over that country’s dumping of government-subsidized sugar on U.S. markets. Under the settlement, according to […]

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Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘universal basic income’ would herald the end of capitalism

By Robert Romano Since 1997 labor participation among working age adults —16 to 64 — peaked and has been steadily dropping, accounting for roughly 9 million Americans who did not enter the labor force but would have had participation remained at the same rate, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall, the number of 16 to […]

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Even if you support free trade, you should oppose Mexico’s NAFTA sugar-dumping

By Robert Romano Click here to support President Trump in enforcing U.S. law and stopping Mexico’s NAFTA sugar dumping! U.S. Commerce Department Secretary Wilbur Ross has given Mexico until June 5 to comply with U.S. trade laws over what the department says is illegal dumping of sugar by Mexico on U.S. markets. As background, Mexico was found to be in […]

Cartoon: Trump trade tough

By A.F. Branco Click here for higher resolution image.

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Trump budget is sober, conservative and balances the budget with $4.5 trillion of real spending cuts over 10 years

By Robert Romano “President Trump’s budget is based on a sober assessment of economic growth and achieves balance not through Washingtonian gimmickry but through $4.5 trillion of real cuts to baseline spending over 10 years.” That was Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning’s reaction to the first full budget proposed by President Donald Trump that, remarkably, considering the document […]

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