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‘A dangerous expansion of Kelo’

By Robert Romano “If allowed to proceed, the plan would represent a dangerous expansion of Kelo v. New London, (2005), and an extraordinary precedent under which private parties could finance the taking of any tangible or intangible property interest — commercial leases, business franchises, contract distribution rights, corporate stock, etc. — on the ground that the new owner could put […]

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Paul Ryan’s war on poverty

By Robert Romano It is perhaps a rare day when Barack Obama, Patty Murray and Paul Ryan all agree on something, but here we are. The issue? Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), the $57 billion a year program for individuals making less than $14,340. The Ryan document proposes that “If families received the credit with their paychecks, the […]

Time for the government to stop picking winners and losers in the marketplace

The full version of this article was published in the Daily Caller, linked below: By Nathan Mehrens You don’t have to be an economist to know that Main Street retailers are struggling. Drive through any downtown or shopping district and you can see how the landscape has changed from a decade ago. Stores within our communities have faced increasingly tough […]

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Are we due for another recession?

By Robert Romano One item that went largely unnoticed in June’s jobs report was a startling drop in the number of full-time jobs — a whopping 713,000 jobs were lost where the time of work is more than 34 hours a week. In the meantime, the number of part-time jobs jumped by more than 1.1 million. Meaning, the 0.2 percentage […]

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Steel company paying fines rather than comply with Obamacare employer mandate?

By Robert Romano In 2010, when the Labor Department issued its interim final rule on employer-based health insurance, it was estimated that as many as 69 percent of the 149 million employer-covered market — some 102 million people — would not be grandfathered in under Obamacare. That is to say, these individuals would lose their existing coverage. Now, with the […]

What would happen if we treated food like Obamacare?

-By Brad Tidwell In recent debates about Obamacare, there’s been a theme pushed by many opposing the Hobby Lobby decision to not pay for certain kinds of birth control — #NotMyBossBusiness. The idea is businesses should not be able to make health care decisions for their employees. The problem is that this is already happening — and not just with […]

Obamacare’s part time economy

By Rick Manning The first week of July is normally a nice quiet news time, when the people can turn their thoughts toward vacation with family, fireworks, and fun.  Here are a few things that you might’ve missed. The unemployment rate headlines were joyous and Wall Street took off.  The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that June’s unemployment […]

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Economy dives 2.9 percent, Obama policies threaten recovery

By Rick Manning The monthly downward revisions of the nation’s economic growth show that instead of the originally reported .1 percent increase, the economy actually shrank by an annualized 2.9 percent in the first quarter of 2014.  A result that has economic forecasters running back to their crystal balls to figure out what went wrong. To put the 2.9 percent […]

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Federal revenues and spending rise but no balanced budget

By Rick Manning The federal government released the good news that revenue collections have reached an all-time high with total receipts of $1.935 trillion from October 1, 2013 to the end of May. The federal government projects that total federal government revenues for the entire year will reach just slightly more than $3 trillion. Yet, even with this unprecedented flow […]

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Mother Jones shoots and misses at Dave Brat on Fannie, Freddie

By Robert Romano Formerly unknown congressional candidate Dave Brat has been in the headlines ever since he ousted soon-to-be former House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District Republican nomination. Now, Brat faces an even greater challenge in the general election. First up is taking on the left-wing political intelligentsia, which is attempting to eviscerate his election […]

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