Lift wages with growth, not government

By Robert Romano A picture is worth a thousand words. “Walmart: Now hiring, $17 per hour.” No, that is not Photoshopped. It is an actual help wanted sign from Williston, N.D. The story is the shale oil boom taking place there that has resulted in an explosion of demand for labor, a surge in property values, and a bevy of […]

Getting rid of sugar subsidies:  A look to the future after decades of failure

By Rick Manning Urge Congress to end sugar subsidies the right way! Federal government sugar support or subsidies have been part of our national policy since the First Congress of the United States in 1789 legislated a foreign sugar tariff to help fund the fledgling government. Sugar subsidies, supports or tariffs have existed virtually non-stop throughout our nation’s history since […]

The unsinkable Export Import Bank

By Robert Romano On June 22, Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace asked newly minted House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) if he “would allow the Ex-Im Bank to expire in September?” “Yes, because it’s something the private sector can be able to do,” McCarthy said at the time. Ahead of the June 18 House leadership elections necessitated by the […]

Time for the government to stop picking winners and losers in the marketplace

The full version of this article was published in the Daily Caller, linked below: By Nathan Mehrens You don’t have to be an economist to know that Main Street retailers are struggling. Drive through any downtown or shopping district and you can see how the landscape has changed from a decade ago. Stores within our communities have faced increasingly tough […]

New report highlights need for Zero to Zero sugar policy

By Rick Manning Trade policy discussions often end up in debates between perceived winners and losers with big businesses anxious to enter new markets pushing for “free trade” and protectionists arguing to restrict foreign made products into the country. Agricultural trade policy is dramatically murkier with debates about foreign government subsidies and the impact those giveaways have on the domestic […]

Shrinking trade deficit not necessarily good sign

By Robert Romano The U.S. trade deficit shrank slightly in March by $1.5 billion to $40.4 billion amid slight gains in exports for the month. Missing in the monthly and quarterly streams of data, however, is an understanding of overall trends. Here, the trade deficit has been unquestionably been shrinking like clockwork since 2011 — by about $82 billion. That’s […]

Mike Lee’s war against the ‘black hole’ of corporatism

By Robert Romano “Like a black hole, cronyism bends the economy toward the state, inexorably shifting wealth and opportunity from the public to policymakers. The more power government amasses, the more privileges are bestowed on the government’s friends, the more businesses invest in influence instead of innovation, the more advantages accrue to the biggest special interests with the most to […]

Will House Republicans move the Ex-Im Bank reauthorization in 2014?

By Robert Romano What do we even need an Export-Import Bank for anyway? In 2013, the U.S. economy exported $2.271 trillion of goods and services, a $60.8 billion or 2.7 percent growth from 2012. In 2012, exports totaled $2.21 trillion, a $97.76 billion or 4.6 percent growth from 2011. Yet, almost none of the increases were because of the Ex-Im […]

Is Congress planning to charge you mortgage insurance even if you put 20 percent down?

By Robert Romano Senate Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee have agreed in principle on a plan to unwind the nearly $5 trillion Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) and to, they say, “create a mortgage insurance fund for the system to protect taxpayers against future bailouts.” Under the proposal, S. 1217, supported by the Obama administration, lending institutions will […]

Now is the time to tackle sugar subsidies, pass Zero to Zero plan

By Rick Manning The 2014 Farm Bill has finally been put to bed.  One of the most contentious pieces of legislation that faces Congress every five years, the headline from this latest round in the fight against agriculture subsidies is more of the same. Millions of dollars were spent in lobbying and public relations, and at the end of the […]

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