Is Congress planning to charge you mortgage insurance even if you put 20 percent down?

By Robert Romano Senate Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee have agreed in principle on a plan to unwind the nearly $5 trillion Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) and to, they say, “create a mortgage insurance fund for the system to protect taxpayers against future bailouts.” Under the proposal, S. 1217, supported by the Obama administration, lending institutions will […]

Now is the time to tackle sugar subsidies, pass Zero to Zero plan

By Rick Manning The 2014 Farm Bill has finally been put to bed.  One of the most contentious pieces of legislation that faces Congress every five years, the headline from this latest round in the fight against agriculture subsidies is more of the same. Millions of dollars were spent in lobbying and public relations, and at the end of the […]

Farm Subsidy solutions continue to bedevil Congress

By Rick Manning Federal government farm subsidies have long been a bane to free marketeers, and the anticipated passage of a new five year farm bill by the U.S. Congress will likely include another round of government price supports for commodities. Congress’ balancing act is between the correct, but competing, desires to let the market set prices which benefits consumers, […]

Is this any way to treat the job creators?

By Marita Noon It’s no wonder that, as the New York Times (NYT) headline declared: “Growth in jobs slows sharply to 3-year low.” Addressing the Labor Department’s disappointing December Jobs Report, CNN Money’s headline states: “2013 ends with weakest job growth in years.” USA Today called it a “Big miss” and CNBC’s Jim Cramer sees the 74,000 gain in payrolls […]

Maybe the rent is too damn high

By Robert Romano Which is a bigger problem for the poor: Low incomes or the high cost of living? According to New York Times columnist and economist Paul Krugman, it’s low income. In a January 19 piece, “The undeserving rich,” Krugman writes, “for the past three decades and more the main obstacle facing the poor has been the lack of […]

America’s freedom continues to slip

By Rick Manning Our nation continues to lose its economic freedom. That is the result of the just-released Heritage Foundation 2014 Index of Economic Freedom.   Since President Obama took office, the United States of America has slipped six spots in the Index with this year’s drop out of the world’s top ten freest economies serving as a cold slap in […]

Obama’s income inequality problem

By Robert Romano (Correction: A previous version of this article cited an Obama speech on Jan. 7 being on CEO pay. It was actually on the proposed unemployment benefits extension.) So long as there is money, there will be an economy composed of relatively free individuals making individual decisions about how to spend their money. As a result of this […]

Why do nanny-staters hate e-cigarettes?

By Rick Manning A version of this article appeared at I thought it was a joke. Stories started circulating over the past few months about various left-wing local and state legislators urging a ban on e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes? Why would anyone want to ban these tar-free nicotine fixes that give real cigarette smokers an effective way to limit ingesting carcinogens? […]

Destroying entry level jobs and teen opportunity

By Rick Manning Fast food restaurants will get the joy of having labor unions stage protests demanding an increase in their worker’s wages and more than doubling the overall federal minimum wage this week. Everyone wants to make more money, so what could go wrong? Perhaps it would be wise to ask Food and Commercial Worker Union members in the […]

Fed’s $1 trillion a year subsidy to banks to continue under Yellen’s watch

By Robert Romano With the filibuster against most presidential nominees now eliminated — well, sort of, Senate Democrats did not actually amend the rules, they just voted to pretend they don’t exist — the confirmation of Janet Yellen to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve is all but certain. Which is too bad. Of all nominees, blocking cloture […]

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