Cartoon: Trump trade tough

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Trump budget is sober, conservative and balances the budget with $4.5 trillion of real spending cuts over 10 years

By Robert Romano “President Trump’s budget is based on a sober assessment of economic growth and achieves balance not through Washingtonian gimmickry but through $4.5 trillion of real cuts to baseline spending over 10 years.” That was Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning’s reaction to the first full budget proposed by President Donald Trump that, remarkably, considering the document […]

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Trump’s budget really could make America great again. Will Congress allow him to do it?

By Rick Manning Most presidents’ budgets are “dead on arrival” in Congress.  It happened to Obama and Bush, and there are those who hope it happens to President Donald Trump. That would be a huge mistake. President Trump is submitting a budget that balances in ten years, making many of the tough choices to get the nation’s finances back on […]

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We must enforce NAFTA and get tough on Mexican sugar dumping

By Rick Manning Click here to urge President Trump to stop Mexican cheating on NAFTA and enforce the law. President Trump disrupted conventional Republican politics with his recognition that the so-called free trade deals of the 1990s and 2000s were a disaster for American workers in many ways. The disruption and surprise to pundits came when they discovered that GOP […]

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Trump budget forces Congressional GOP to choose sides

By Rick Manning President Donald Trump’s first full budget will be presented to the nation on May 23, and if the so-called preliminary or “skinny” budget is any sign, it will provide ample proof of why he is the swamp’s worst enemy. Preliminary indications are that the budget will continue to recommend the elimination of welfare for the wealthy programs […]

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The IRS answers tax law questions inaccurately 15 percent of the time. How is the agency supposed to automatically do our taxes?

By Richard McCarty A new bill, the so-called “Tax Simplification Act,” by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) would allow the IRS to automatically do taxes on behalf of taxpayers. Does she take the American people for fools? For years, we’ve heard warnings that the tax advice the IRS provided to callers was unreliable, and time after time those warnings have been […]

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School choice is the only real choice for states

By Natalia Castro Democrats love school choice, that is, as long as only their students get to choose. Luckily, President Donald Trump is leveling the playing field for students in his backyard, with hopes that legislators around the country will do the same. Trump and Congress acted early this month to increase funding for the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program — […]

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Clock-watchers: Federal employees get raises about every other year on the job

By Robert Romano “Employees who occupy permanent positions earn [within-grade increases] upon meeting the following three requirements established by law: The employee’s performance must be at an acceptable level of competence. To meet this requirement, an employee’s most recent performance rating of record must be at least Level 3 (‘Fully Successful’ or equivalent). The employee must have completed the required […]

The real 1 percent: The federal workforce

By Robert Romano The non-defense, non-postal service part of the federal government comprises about 2 million employees — about 1.37 percent of the total U.S. workforce. Since 2004, federal government average hourly earnings have increased from $28.57 to $39.19 in 2016, while private sector average hourly earnings have only increased from $20.91 to $25.67, according to data compiled by the […]

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House Financial Services votes to rein in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Dodd-Frank

By Peter Hong There is an all too common pattern in Washington, D.C.  Congress does nothing.  A crisis arises.  Panicked, Congress overreacts.  It creates bad laws.  These bad laws preclude or delay any recovery that would have resulted from a market readjustment.  Congress does nothing — until the next crisis. This pattern flared up with a vengeance, following the subprime […]

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