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Republicans need to use their Article I powers

By Natalia Castro To avert constant Democratic threats of a government shutdown, President Trump and Congress have been forced to pass short-term spending bills. The next deadline to pass funding is now March 23, and Congressional Republicans must use the time before them to outline key areas to save money, achieve policy objectives and reduce the deficit to ensure fiscal […]

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Is a Government Agency’s Bad Science a Gift to Trial Lawyers?

By Rick Manning In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships. When she left her husband, King Menelaus of Sparta for her lover Prince Paris of Troy, the Trojan War broke out that is mythologized by Homer, Virgil and others. Of course, Troy fell after the Greeks rolled a hollowed-out wooden horse into their […]

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160 million-plus Americans see more money in pay checks thanks to Trump tax cuts

By Robert Romano Feb. 15 has passed and the IRS is complete with processing the new withholding tables that take into account the new tax cuts enacted by Congress and President Donald Trump. If all has gone according plan, your employer has applied the new rates — full disclosure: my employer has — and about 80 percent of you should […]

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Pell Grant reform could mean good paying jobs for middle America

By Natalia Castro President Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan won’t just be looking to refurbish the nation’s bridges and roads but is also aiming at reforming our nation’s educational institutions. To combat some of the most significant problems within our labor force and education system, President Trump has included a provision in his infrastructure plan that could increase access to non-college […]

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The U.S. is going broke: How the filibuster and the bipartisan consensus to spend more is making us go bankrupt

By Robert Romano Say, you’re a fiscal conservative. You think the federal government is spending too much of your hard-earned tax dollars and that the $20.7 trillion national debt is pushing it. You took a gander at the campaign brochures of each of the major parties in 2016, Democrats and Republicans, and discovered Republicans were actively campaigning on balancing the […]

Cartoon: Rocket Budget

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image.

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A stock market correction is no time to panic

By Natalia Castro The stock market has caught national attention the past couple weeks for its extraordinary volatility, but for many economists, this volatility is not surprising at all, it is part of a correcting period. The stock market seeks over time to correct itself following a period of excessive growth. The constant question for investors is whether this correction […]

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If the GOP Congress is going to raise the debt ceiling again, it should finally fix it to preserve President Trump’s art of the deal

By Robert Romano Senate leaders have reached a bipartisan agreement on the 2018 budget that provides another six weeks of funding for the federal government. It gets there by ending the remainder of budget sequestration, a remnant of the 2011 debt ceiling deal, increasing defense spending by $160 billion and non-defense spending by $131 billion the next two years. As […]

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To end sugar subsidies, conservatives can’t launch a frontal attack

By Rick Manning As predictable as the changing seasons in Vermont, when the farm bill needs reauthorization, the same old tired mantra to end sugar subsidies and all will be well begins to be heard. Yet, after about 80 years of trying, sugar subsidies still exist.  It hasn’t mattered whether Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama was in the White House. It hasn’t mattered […]

Cartoon: Crumbs

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