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Why is socialism on the rise again?

By Natalia Castro The United States has maintained a familiar enemy for nearly all modern history; not a country, but an ideology: communism. Communist ideology has left a mark of disaster and devastation on every nation it has touched, but today’s Americans do not realize this and economic turmoil is growing the political ideology’s roots in our own country. The […]

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Why aren’t states preparing for another recession?

By Natalia Castro The U.S. economy is due for another recession, and every state needs to be asking themselves one simple question, are they ready? Economists have already answered, absolutely not. Following the 2008 recession, state economies suffered revenue losses and have yet to recover fully; many remain ill-prepared for a future economic collapse. During recessions states often enter critical […]

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Bigger tax cut needed for Trump to get the economy moving again

By Robert Romano If the tax plan put on the table by House Republicans is the final version of the tax bill, in the first four years, the tax cut will average $182.2 billion a year, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation. That works out to 0.87 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) if you use the $21.76 […]

Cartoon: Isn’t socialism wonderful?

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image.

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A $1 trillion deficit in 2018? Not far off.

By Robert Romano In Fiscal Year 2017, the budget deficit swelled to $666 billion and it could be getting even bigger when you consider the current number of bills being considered by Congress. Getting to a $1 trillion deficit for Fiscal Year 2018 might not be too far-fetched. For example, there’s a year-end omnibus budget coming up in December. If […]

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Average annual GDP growth is not what you think it is

By Robert Romano One of the greatest disappointments with the U.S. economy since the turn of the century has been its consistent underperformance, not growing above an inflation-adjusted average annual rate of 4 percent since 2000, and not above 3 percent since 2005. What has come in its stead the past 10 years is the slowest economic growth rate in […]

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FCC should modernize media rules and allow cross-ownership

By Rick Manning The digital revolution has transformed the way Americans receive their news and information, and the Federal Communications Commission rightly recognizes this by proposing to open the doors for cross-ownership of broadcast stations and print newspapers in the same market. TechFreedom President Berin Szóka recently wrote, “Only by getting out of the way can the FCC give traditional […]

Fox Business: Rick Manning appears w/Stuart Varney urging firing of Obama’s zombie regulators

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Video: Obama’s zombie regulators

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Why is Mel Watt still heading the Federal Housing Finance Agency when he has no idea how to reform the housing market? President Trump can remove him ‘for cause.’

By Robert Romano Among the zombie regulators held over from the Obama administration, including Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director Richard Cordray and now outgoing Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen, another holdover still in place is Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) Director Mel Watt. Watt was appointed by former President Barack Obama, took office in Jan. 2014, and is presently […]

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