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Time for Congress to end Obama’s local zoning takeover

By Robert Romano “None of the funds made available by this Act may be used by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to direct a grantee to undertake specific changes to existing zoning laws as part of carrying out the final rule entitled ‘Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing’ … or the notice entitled ‘Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Assessment Tool’…” That […]

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Labor markets thawing in Trump’s America in Pa., Ohio, Mich., Wis., N.C. and Fla.

By Robert Romano In the swing states critical to President Donald Trump’s victory in the Electoral College in 2016, new jobs are being created in the Trump economy after one year, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show. 62,600 jobs were created in Pennsylvania from Nov. 2016 to Oct. 2017. There, the unemployment rate dropped from 5.5 percent to […]

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Disney-Fox Mega-Merger Faces Serious Questions over Anti-Competitive Behavior

By Rick Manning Disney and 21st Century Fox have proposed another massive media merger that may rise or fall on Disney’s anti-competitive lawsuit against a small Utah company that allows parents to filter mature content such as violence, strong language, or sexually inappropriate images and sounds from movies and TV shows. VidAngel has become a hot topic amongst social conservative groups whose […]

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The omnibus spending bill is another chance for Republicans to shine

By Natalia Castro The first challenge of the 2018 Congress will be simply funding the government for another year. So far, Congress has used continuing resolutions to prevent a government shutdown during the Christmas season, now with the holidays gone there is no reason for Republicans to miss their chance to cut spending and fuel economic growth. After historic tax […]

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Is there a taxpayer funded union pension bailout coming?

By Printus LeBlanc Americans hate bailouts. The bank bailouts in the waning days of the Bush administration and the automaker bailouts at the beginning of the Obama administration gave rise to the Tea Party and the Occupy movements. Well, if some lawmakers have their way a bailout to dwarf all previous bailouts is on the way. In the upcoming weeks, […]

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Top Ten successes of President Trump’s first year in office

By ALG Staff President Trump had a daunting task when he came into office. He has also been harassed with a phony Russian Collusion investigation designed to stop the President from accomplishing anything. However, that did not stop the President. Americans for Limited Government has compiled a list of the ten most important accomplishments in President Trump’s first year in […]

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Trump economy set to roar in 2018

By Robert Romano When it comes to the economy, observers are often loath to make predictions. After all, it is not a hard science, where a hypothesis is formulated, and observations are made to prove or disprove the hypothesis. What will U.S. economic growth be in 2018? Who knows? It could be faster than 2017. But maybe it will be […]

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President Trump is dismantling the intrusive regulatory state

By Natalia Castro Little by little, President Trump has made the lives of people across the country less difficult by curtailing the intrusiveness of the federal government. Trump has instituted regulatory reform, unlike anything we have seen in past administrations in order to restore freedoms and economic opportunity to the American people. In his first year in office, Trump has […]

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Tax Cut Bill Passage helps Make America Great Again

By Rick Manning President Trump and the GOP Congress scored a significant victory through the passage of the tax cut/reform legislation, which was signed Friday. The legislation had four major components: lowering corporate tax rates from the highest in the developed world to around the world’s average; encouraging the repatriation of more than $4 trillion in overseas profits made by […]

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Trump DOJ Anti-Trust Actions Media Mega-Mergers, May Protect First Amendment

By Rick Manning The First Amendment to the Constitution protecting the right to engage in speech is fundamental to a free country. The past few years have seen multiple attempts by the Democratic Party and their far-left supporters to create a new definition of this right – the freedom from speech that one doesn’t like. While this trend toward the […]

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