Dakota Access Pipeline protesters cost North Dakota taxpayers $33 million

By Richard McCarty Last summer, hordes of professional leftists, ne’er-do-wells, thugs, and drug users descended upon North Dakota intent upon “helping” the tribes opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is being developed by Energy Transfer Partners. The self-important radicals dubbed themselves “water protectors.”  In their view, the $3.8 billion pipeline had to be stopped because of their fervent belief in […]

The war on coal is over with Pruitt in at EPA, sets stage for 2018 Senate elections

By Natalia Castro Scott Pruitt is on the road to a successful nomination. Thursday the Senate pushed Pruitt one step closer to his position as Administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency, putting Pruitt in the right place to end the disastrous war on coal that has costs the jobs of millions of Americans. His support proves to struggling voters that […]

Rogue government employees need to go

By Natalia Castro If most of us defied our bosses on social media we would be fired, yet apparently when it is the federal government being mocked by self-proclaimed rogue employees, it is an apparent act of patriotism. Liberal media are touting the prevalence of @RogueNASA and @AltEPA, Twitter pages aimed at delegitimizing the Trump administration; but these accounts are […]

Congress strikes back against Obama midnight regs

By Natalia Castro Congressional Republicans have made use of a 20-year old tool for success to employ this year to combat the regulatory state the Obama Administration created; the Congressional Review Act (CRA) of 1996. In its history, the CRA ha only successfully overturned one executive branch regulation, but the Republican-led congress has already used it to overturn two of […]

News flash! Career bureaucrats don’t get to engage in advocacy against president

By Rick Manning Apparently, many of the career bureaucrats in the federal government did not get the message — there was an election and their party lost. This is a paragraph from The Hill: “The Trump administration also instituted a media blackout for employees of the Environmental Protection Agency and the departments of Commerce, Health and Human Services, and the Interior, sparking […]

Rescinding EPA electricity rules key to making America competitive again

By Natalia Castro The EPA has helped to strangle U.S. economic growth for the last eight years with its 2009 carbon endangerment finding and subsequent rules against new and existing coal power plants, dubbed the Clean Power Plan. But regulatory policy has not just represented significant government overreach, it has also undermined U.S. competitiveness globally. Now, with the inauguration of […]

Kill wind and solar tax credits as part of tax reform

By Natalia Castro President elect Donald Trump wants Americans to have a tax code they can understand and that benefits them, unlike the current code. Trump won the election as a business man for the common man, and the first thing he can do to retain that image is to begin to put an end corporate cronyism that runs rampant […]

Rick Perry will give back energy to the American people

By Natalia Castro During the second presidential debate, now President-elect Donald Trump discussed making the nation’s energy sector a priority. Trump laid out a plan to empower energy companies, return energy workers to their job, and explore new, efficient energy sources. With his latest decision to select former Texas Governor Rick Perry as head of the Department of Energy Trump […]

Cartoon: Old Man Winter

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution version.

Scott Pruitt will bring EPA regulatory war on coal to heel under the Trump administration

By Natalia Castro Americans for Limited Government announced just a week after the election that job one of the Trump administration must be to dismantle the EPA regulations which are crippling our economy; less than a month after he became President-elect, and Donald Trump has already begun this mission. With the latest appointment of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as […]

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