Economic expansion, infrastructure requires electrical grid expansion

By the Honorable Ken Blackwell and Rick Manning Mr. President, when you visit southern Ohio on Wednesday to talk about rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, please keep four words in mind:  Grow the Electrical Grid! During the campaign, you promised American workers that you would create more jobs for rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure.  You doubled down on this promise in your […]

Cartoon: Beast of burden

By A.F. Branco Click here for higher resolution image.

After Paris, Trump and Congress must still act to put American economy first

By Natalia Castro and Robert Romano Somebody should tell liberals having a collectivist heart attack over President Donald Trump withdrawing the U.S from the Paris Climate Accord that it was largely non-binding — nowhere does the agreement outline specific, mandatory targets for reducing climate emissions. This makes Trump’s removal from it largely symbolic. But nonetheless, the symbol was a good […]

Trump pulls out of Paris climate accord, puts American power grid first

By Peter Hong He did it!  After being lobbied by foreign leaders, the Pope, and even members of his own family, President Donald Trump took the courageous step of leading America out from the clutches of the horrendously negotiated Paris climate change accords. At his June 1 Rose Garden announcement, the President declared: “I was elected to represent the citizens […]

Coal and nuclear must play an increased role in our energy future, so time to exit Paris Climate Accord

By Rick Manning President Donald Trump needs to remind those who work for his administration who is in charge.  The repeated on and off the record comments that contradict his policies by those who surround him are undermining his ability to not only accomplish his promises but even to credibly set his Administration’s agenda. The latest distraction was offered by […]

Trump should keep promise and withdraw from Paris climate accord

By Natalia Castro President Donald Trump has already taken a stand on several international treaties that prevent the United States from achieving economic success. While he has mainly focused on dismantling unfair trade agreements, constituents are calling upon Trump to fulfill his campaign promise of removing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Treaty. In 2016, President Obama bypassed the Senate […]

Buyer beware on solar panel scams

By Richard McCarty Attorney General Jim Hood of Mississippi warned consumers in his state in late 2015, “While there are some exemplary companies, other solar companies are using misleading sale pitches to entice consumers into paying for overpriced [solar] system agreements or failing to disclose how various subsidies, government programs and rate making practices may affect the future cost of energy […]

Trump can make America manufacture again — with rare Earth elements

By Printus LeBlanc The most important mine nobody knows about closed in August of 2015. Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine in Mountain Pass, Calif., previously owned by Molycorp, was the only rare Earth element mine left in the U.S. If President Trump wants manufacturing jobs to come back to the U.S., he might consider what can be done with rare […]

Buyer beware: Subsidy-driven solar industry a bubble waiting to burst

By Rick Manning Automotive research company Edmunds warned that the elimination of the $7,500 U.S. tax credit for electric vehicles (EV) is, “likely to kill the EV market” according to Bloomberg. Think about this.  Tesla, an electric car company that has yet to make a profit, has the largest market capitalization of any U.S. auto company recently surpassing both Ford and […]

Trump tax cuts a piece of the puzzle needed to get the economy growing, creating jobs again

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump has unveiled his big tax plan, and naturally, it has provoked a much-needed debate about what it will take to grow the economy and start creating new jobs. It is largely axiomatic that the more people who are working, the faster the economy tends to grow, such that the only work to be done […]

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