Buyer beware: Subsidy-driven solar industry a bubble waiting to burst

By Rick Manning Automotive research company Edmunds warned that the elimination of the $7,500 U.S. tax credit for electric vehicles (EV) is, “likely to kill the EV market” according to Bloomberg. Think about this.  Tesla, an electric car company that has yet to make a profit, has the largest market capitalization of any U.S. auto company recently surpassing both Ford and […]

Trump tax cuts a piece of the puzzle needed to get the economy growing, creating jobs again

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump has unveiled his big tax plan, and naturally, it has provoked a much-needed debate about what it will take to grow the economy and start creating new jobs. It is largely axiomatic that the more people who are working, the faster the economy tends to grow, such that the only work to be done […]

ALG Foundation releases ‘Shedding Light on Solar Electricity’

By ALG Staff Americans for Limited Government Foundation released a report today entitled “Shedding Light on Solar Electricity.” The report covers a number of problems that the solar industry has been causing its customers. It also makes a number of recommendations to state legislators about how to protect consumers and improve transparency in the solar industry. Americans for Limited Government […]

The greed of green: PACE’s predatory lending on solar

By Peter Hong Remember the raging predatory lending scandals that led to the mortgage crisis of the late 2000s? You couldn’t avoid reports of unscrupulous lenders and brokers exploiting the subprime market and offering adjustable rate mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. As the housing bubble burst, the financial industry and the economy nearly went with it. Facing an […]

House votes to end unauthorized rogue EPA, agency propaganda to support harmful regs

By Natalia Castro In fiscal years 2014 and 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tricked the American people into rallying behind a regulation, The Waters of the United States, that took away jobs and harmed businesses. After engaging in “covert propaganda and self-aggrandizement”, the non-partisan Government Accountability Office reported that the EPA violated critical anti-lobbying law — enacted in annual […]

North Dakota should send $33 million bill for pipeline protesters to Tides, Rockefeller foundations

By Natalia Castro The left is destroying their own causes; as they frame themselves as selfless environmentalists, following their funding shows these radicals’ true aims. Now, as North Dakota deals with the $33 million of costs associated with law enforcement and also damage that the Dakota Access Pipeline protestors have left behind, the corporations funding these ventures should be held […]

Cartoon: Trash talk

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher level resolution version.

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters cost North Dakota taxpayers $33 million

By Richard McCarty Last summer, hordes of professional leftists, ne’er-do-wells, thugs, and drug users descended upon North Dakota intent upon “helping” the tribes opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is being developed by Energy Transfer Partners. The self-important radicals dubbed themselves “water protectors.”  In their view, the $3.8 billion pipeline had to be stopped because of their fervent belief in […]

The war on coal is over with Pruitt in at EPA, sets stage for 2018 Senate elections

By Natalia Castro Scott Pruitt is on the road to a successful nomination. Thursday the Senate pushed Pruitt one step closer to his position as Administrator to the Environmental Protection Agency, putting Pruitt in the right place to end the disastrous war on coal that has costs the jobs of millions of Americans. His support proves to struggling voters that […]

Rogue government employees need to go

By Natalia Castro If most of us defied our bosses on social media we would be fired, yet apparently when it is the federal government being mocked by self-proclaimed rogue employees, it is an apparent act of patriotism. Liberal media are touting the prevalence of @RogueNASA and @AltEPA, Twitter pages aimed at delegitimizing the Trump administration; but these accounts are […]

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