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Why would the FBI replacement building be put in a sanctuary state like Maryland?

By Richard McCarty and Printus LeBlanc One of the many important decisions that the Trump Administration has yet to make, is where to relocate the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) headquarters. The current headquarters, which is outdated and crumbling, is in the District of Columbia (D.C.). Several years ago, the Obama Administration began the process of planning the move. Consideration […]

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Senate GOP should reject any deal on Gorsuch to preserve judicial filibuster

By Natalia Castro Democrats’ biggest loss in 2016 wasn’t the presidency, but the ability to put forward a Supreme Court nominee. As Republicans rejoice over the originalist judicial philosophy of President Donald Trump’s pick Neil Gorsuch, Democrats have already made it clear they will be employing every avenue to block the nomination; but they may be forgetting one important detail […]

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Mattis: Congress should get involved with authorizing force against Islamic State in Syria

By Printus LeBlanc On March 22, 2017, the Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee held a hearing on the Defense Budget and Readiness to address readiness issues currently facing the military right now, including sequestration. However, Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) asked an interesting question that the rest of Congress needs to hear. The Senator asked Secretary of Defense James Mattis “Are you […]

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If we’re repealing Obamacare, Congress might as well bring back private student loans, too

By Natalia Castro As high school seniors make their decision of which college to go to next fall, Congress has been working on its Obamacare decision; but what the American people might be missing, is that these two issues are extremely closely related. As student loan interest payments fund the Obamacare subsidies, students are being forced further into debt while […]

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Lessons from the Gorsuch hearings

By Peter Hong What have we learned from the four days of confirmation hearings for the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court? About Judge Gorsuch – not much more than we already knew from his career, record, and writings.  He is a preeminently qualified jurist, receiving the vaunted “well qualified” rating, the highest offered by the […]

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House should revise Ryan plan to repeal Obamacare, kill 30 percent ‘continuous coverage’ penalty

By Robert Romano “What I tell people at home is I think we can get 85 percent of this, for sure, repealed in reconciliation.” That was then-U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), prior to his tenure as Speaker of the House of Representatives, on the Mark Levin Show national radio program on July 11, 2012, outlining House Republicans’ plan to repeal […]

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The coming state pension collapse

By Natalia Castro Across the country, states are experiencing a pension crisis that could leave them defaulting on millions of dollars in retirement benefits. Fiscal irresponsibility enabled by the federal government has allowed pensions to go underfunded by anywhere from $1.5 trillion to $5 trillion dollars, now individual states are experiencing the strain of making unrealistic promises in defined benefit […]

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Mark Meadows stands up for freedom and against Ryancare

By Rick Manning

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Crony capitalism, ice cream and booze

By Peter Hong Remember the cool kids in school: the jock or cheerleader — with rich parents to boot? They had everything handed to them: awards, popularity, status. They hung out together at all the right parties and in all the right cliques, strengthening their bonds to the exclusion of others. Even authority figures, like the principal, protected the cool […]

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IRS outsources tax investigations to contractors, findings wind up in newspapers

By Natalia Castro Government officials take an oath of office to protect the securities of the American people, contractors do not. Yet for some of our most sensitive tax records and information, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has employed third party contractors to pursue investigations; the IRS has manipulated the law and politicized our agencies as a result. Our critical […]

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