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Bush’s original sin on executive action

By Robert Romano A little more than six years ago, Congress took up legislation that would have bailed out then-troubled automakers GM and Chrysler with $14 billion of taxpayer-funded loans. The bill passed easily in the House, but, as it turned out, ran into a brick wall in the Senate. It would fail to achieve cloture with 60 votes, going […]

The dictator

By William Warren

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The big lie against Cruz and Lee and more

By Rick Manning Anonymous and some not so anonymous Republican Senators attempted to bury their fellow Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for having the audacity to force Senate floor votes on the constitutionality of President Obama’s executive amnesty. Due to outgoing Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s intransigence, the Senate was kept in session on Saturday for the […]

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Oil price led by drop in consumption

  By Robert Romano So far, the story that has been written on the dramatic drop in the price of oil has been that of an increase of supply. This part is true, based on data compiled by the Energy Information Agency. Worldwide production of oil is in fact up year over year as of August, from 89.9 million barrels […]

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Republican leaders must keep word on fighting executive amnesty

By Robert Romano “[T]he House will work to keep the government open while keeping our leverage, so that when we have reinforcements in the Senate, we’re in the strongest position to take additional actions to fight the President’s unilateral actions.” That was House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) on December 4, outlining his conference’s two-part strategy for combating President Barack […]

Cartoon: “CromniBus”

By A.F. Branco

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No fast track authority, roll back EPA regs instead

By Robert Romano “[R]ecent trade deals, like the World Trade Organization trade deal, had no labor or environmental standards.” That was the AFL-CIO, objecting to fast track trade authority for the Obama administration to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements expected to come up in Congress next year. Labor groups object to free trade agreements because other nations […]

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Oil price stimulus is better than Obama stimulus

By Rick Manning The free market miracle that is U.S. domestic energy production keeps going as domestic oil production, particularly that generated by hydraulic fracturing shale, has produced a massive economic stimulus. How much stimulus?  CNN/Money quotes Stephen Stanley, Chief Economist Amherst Pierpont as pinpointing it at $1 billion into consumer wallets for every penny that gas prices drop. The […]

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Congress defunds Internet giveaway, advocates urge executive action

By Robert Romano No sooner had the omnibus bill’s language been dropped, including language defunding the Internet giveaway, than advocates were urging the National Information and Telecommunications Administration (NTIA) to simply ignore the clear prohibition, originally authored by Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wisc.). To the uninitiated, the omnibus bill states in section 540: “None of the funds made available by this […]

How Obama and his environmental base are planning to eradicate the oil and gas industry

By Ron Arnold Why does the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory war against hydraulic fracturing look like the Natural Resources Defense Council’s 2007 agenda for eliminating domestic oil and natural gas development? Because it is. The NRDC’s unjustifiable access to such anti-fracking regulatory power—and the diversion of $8.4 million in taxpayer dollars to its coffers—is highlighted in an October report from […]

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