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Is Obama planning on granting refugee status to millions of illegal immigrants?

By Robert Romano The nation was taken by surprise on July 28 by an Associated Press (AP) report stating that the Obama administration was planning to arbitrarily implement executive action that could suspend most deportations, grant legal status to millions presently here illegally, and excuse visa overstays. According to the AP, “White House officials are making plans to act before […]

Cartoon: “Not a Lame Duck”

By William Warren

Testimony on EPA’s proposed rules for existing power plants — Atlanta, Georgia

By Marita Noon Today, I have come to address the EPA’s proposed rule regarding carbon emissions from existing power plants. I speak on behalf of myself and my personal views. I also represent the Washington DC based group: Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and its 60,000 supporters. Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow has been working on issues of environment and […]

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The IRS attacked pro-Israel groups

By Rick Manning According to the Wall Street Journal, the Internal Revenue Service used its power to attack pro-Israel groups.  While the WSJ article is subscriber only, here is the gist of it. Not only did the IRS target politically conservative groups, they also sought to deny tax exempt authorizations to groups who, quoting the Wall Street Journal, “whose missions […]

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‘A dangerous expansion of Kelo’

By Robert Romano “If allowed to proceed, the plan would represent a dangerous expansion of Kelo v. New London, (2005), and an extraordinary precedent under which private parties could finance the taking of any tangible or intangible property interest — commercial leases, business franchises, contract distribution rights, corporate stock, etc. — on the ground that the new owner could put […]

2007: A great year for growing bad legislation like the ethanol mandate

By Marita Noon President Obama, and his administration, has enacted so many foolish and cost-increasing energy policies, it is easy to think that they are his purview alone. But in 2007, Republicans were just as guilty. Seeds were planted and a garden of bad legislation took root in a totally different energy environment. At the time, the growth seemed like […]

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Obama’s lawlessness will cost Democrats a landslide defeat in November

By Tom Toth Republicans have been gifted the opportunity to set themselves up for a landslide victory in the 2014 midterms, thanks exclusively to another one of Obama’s lawless pen and phone executive actions. Will the Republicans take their chance to go for the jugular and sweep the Democrats in the November elections? As this is being written, phone lines […]

Cartoon: Border Crisis

By A.F. Branco

America’s bright energy future

By Rick Manning Domestic energy production on private or state lands has surged over the past seven years, and this is great news for America. Per barrel oil production has increased 400 percent to an estimated 400 barrels per day in the past six years in what are known as the big three oil fields: Bakken (North Dakota), Permian Basin […]

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Inside the uncivil service

By Don Todd Americans are rightfully coming to the conclusion that their federal government is incompetent, wrongheaded and unproductive.   The total collapse of numerous federal agencies and programs has led them to this inescapable conclusion.  From the Obamacare roll out, to revelations about the Veterans Administration hospital system, to the exposure of massive corruption at the Internal Revenue Service (a.k.a. […]

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