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More to Trump surge in Pennsylvania than just Cruz-Kasich misstep

By Robert Romano The polls were all wrong in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware. The Real Clear Politics average of polls in Pennsylvania leading up to Tuesday’s Republican primary for president had Donald Trump up 48 percent to 27 percent. Instead, he won 58 percent to 22 percent. In Maryland, the average of the in the primary had […]

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Gun taxes, thought policing and the triumph of the ‘Force-Left’

By Dustin Howard The totalitarian temptation is proving too much for the left across America. Daniel Flynn, in his book A Conservative History of the American Left, contrasted the “Freedom Left”, the benign old-fashioned liberals, versus the “Force Left”, the descendants of Marx that malignantly oppose fundamental rights in pursuit of their radical aims. The Force Left has successfully seized […]

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Nebraska takes lead in eliminating civil asset forfeiture, Feds reinstate it

By Robert Romano Can you imagine winning $50,000 at a casino and driving away, happy about your winnings, only to be pulled over and having the large sum of cash seized all the while not being charged with any crime? That’s what happened to Tan Nguyen in Nevada in a case of civil asset forfeiture that was ultimately contested and […]

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Driverless cars not ready for prime time

By Rick Manning The national push is on for the legalization of self-driving cars under the guise of safety and convenience.  Apparently, these so-called google cars have a better mapping system than I’m provided through my Android hand held device. Otherwise, no one would be dumb enough to propose a hands free vehicle. Just today, I hit slightly worse than […]

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I think ICANN

By Robert Romano Do Internet domain names and their administration constitute property? That is a key question whose answer may determine the future of the Internet itself in the next few months, when a Department of Commerce contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) comes to an end on Sept. 30. That contract makes ICANN the […]

Cartoon: Leading behind

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image

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Congress should settle Puerto Rico debt restructuring to avert taxpayer bailout of creditors

By Robert Romano Will the House-proposed Puerto Rico legislation, H.R. 4900, restructure the territory’s $72 billion of debt, or will it lead to a bailout of creditors? Under the bill, the financial oversight board certainly has the authority to restructure Puerto Rico’s debts — in which creditors would take a haircut — but in its current form it is not […]

Earth Day’s anti-fossil fuel focus could plunge millions into green energy poverty

  By Marita Noon Friday, April 22, marked the 47th Earth Day. You may think it is all about planting trees and cleaning up neighborhoods. But this year’s anniversary was closer to its radical roots than, perhaps, any other since its founding in 1970. Considered the birth of the environmental movement, the first Earth Day took place during the height […]

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Would China simply agree to end currency manipulation?

By Robert Romano Lewis Lehrman and John Mueller had a very interesting oped on exporters that use currency devaluation to boost exports, “Monetary reform or trade war,” and how Congress might deal with it in the future — without resorting to tariffs. In it, Lehrman and Mueller call for G-20 economies including China to reach an international monetary accord on […]

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Obama politicizes the Library of Congress

By Dustin Howard President Barack Obama’s nomination of Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden, is a metaphor for what is wrong with the Obama Administration. Not because Dr. Hayden is a bad person or bad at her current job, but because to this administration, radical ideology is more important than substance. This is supposed to be an apolitical position for […]

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