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Guns, Planned Parenthood, Iran, and Trump’s hair

By Rick Manning The end of August continues to defy history as politics continues to dominate the news at a time when most in the arena normally are recharging their batteries in preparation for a very tough post-Labor Day session of Congress. In the aftermath of the live on-air murder of two journalists, we are hearing the predictable cries for […]

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The rise of the non-politician

By Robert Romano Donald Trump. Ben Carson. Carly Fiorina. What do these three Republican presidential contenders have in common? None of them has ever held elective office before. One of them is a real estate mogul. The other a world-renowned neurosurgeon. And the other a former Fortune 20 corporate executive. What do they also have in common? They comprise three […]

Cartoon: Unsung heavyweight

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There’s something about Trump

By Rick Manning There is something about Trump. He has the “it” factor. While travelling through Ireland with a tour group earlier this summer, the first question I received from a blue-collar Canadian couple was about Donald Trump. The man, a leader in his local building trades union, stated on multiple occasions, “Maybe it’s time for a man of business […]

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Is the Fed out of bullets?

By Robert Romano “I expect the normalization of monetary policy — that is, interest rates — to begin sometime this year. I expect normalization to proceed gradually, the implication being an environment of rather low rates for quite some time.” That was Dennis P. Lockhart, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, speaking on Monday, August 24, in Berkeley, […]

Oil’s down, gasoline isn’t. What’s up?

By Marita Noon A little more than a year ago, oil prices were above $100 a barrel. The national average for gasoline was in the $3.50 range. In late spring, oil was $60ish, and the national average for gas was around $2.70. The price of a barrel of oil has plunged to $40 and below — yet, prices at the […]

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Wait, the economic news isn’t all bad

By Rick Manning What the heck is going on in the economy? The stock market plummets, rebounds and drops again by the time this publishes. Gasoline prices are flat even as the price of oil drops precipitously below the $40 a barrel level, down a full $55 a barrel since one year ago. The drop in oil prices looks to […]

Cartoon: Over the Line

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution version.

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The Iran vote, Congress’ power outage and Donald Trump

By Bill Wilson Establishment pundits have been desperately trying to explain how Donald Trump has been able to build commanding support that seems to be unfazed by relentless attacks. They confidently tell each other that this is just a summer fling, that the voters will “come home” after they’ve had their fun. Perhaps. But for those truly interested in why Trump has […]

The Agency that contaminated the Animas River is about to start regulating water that may be in your backyard

By Marita Noon Unless a federal judge issues a preliminary injunction, the definition of the “Waters of the U.S.” will change on August 28 — giving the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate the water in your backyard (even the water that might be in your backyard due to a heavy rain). Even, according to West Virginia Attorney General […]

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