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Defund IMF loans to bail out Europe

By Robert Romano “The United States has never lost a dollar of our contribution to the IMF.” That was the U.S. Treasury bragging as recently as March 2014 that no U.S. taxpayer funds had ever been lost on loans made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which the U.S. backs. So much for that. With Greece’s default on a $1.7 […]

Cartoon: Feed Me

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution version.

The link between climate and poverty

  By Marita Noon The climate alarmists are practically giddy over Pope Francis’ recently released “climate encyclical” — remember, these are, generally, the very same people who dis the church and its position on abortion, the origin of life on earth, and the definition of marriage. Even Al Gore, who admits he was “raised in the Southern Baptist tradition,” has […]

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Does Greek default mark end of Politeuro?

By Robert Romano Greece has now defaulted on a €1.5 billion payment due to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), becoming the first developed country to ever default to that institution. But whether Greece will remain in the Eurozone is an open question that may be decided July 5 when the people there vote via referendum on whether to continue the […]

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Just let the Ex-Im Bank expire and die

By Robert Romano Today, the charter of the Export-Import Bank of the United States expires. It has been called the unnecessary bank, namely, because it only accounts for $27.5 billion of the nation’s $2.344 trillion of annual exports — just 1.17 percent of the total. While some companies do utilize it, such as Boeing and Caterpillar, almost all — more […]

Cartoon: The pendulum has swung

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution version.

Will 2015 be the year of renewable fuel standard reform?

By Marita Noon The fact that the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee is attacking the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) management — er, mismanagement — of the federal renewable fuel standard (RFS) is indicative of the growing frustration over both the agency and the RFS itself. At the June 18 hearing, EPA’s Acting Assistant Administrator, Janet McCabe was grilled […]

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Obama’s utopian vision to redraw every neighborhood in America 

By Bill Wilson The far left’s effort to remake America according to its politically correct fantasies continues unabated — even as the U.S. economy groans under the weight of previous failed efforts (and even as supporters of the latest social experiments bemoan prior failures in central planning). Once again everything is ostensibly geared toward addressing alleged discrimination so as to […]

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Cruz: Stop the Internet surrender

By Sen. Ted Cruz Click here to help Ted Cruz stop the Internet surrender! I think [the Dotcom Act] is a good faith effort to begin to provide congressional oversight over this exceptionally important topic, which is namely the administration’s announced intention to hand over control of the Internet to a multinational, multiparty group. Everyone on this committee I think […]

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Another Clinton cultural legacy

By Don Todd There, apparently, has been a dramatic cultural shift in the way convicted criminals view themselves. True, the evidence is anecdotal, but it signals a shift in culture that deserves investigation. In 1974, I managed a Republican campaign for Attorney General of Idaho. During the campaign a riot took place at the Idaho State Penitentiary. My candidate pledged […]

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