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Momentum builds for Article I supplemental

By Robert Romano On Feb. 3 on Capitol Hill, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) spearheaded a new effort in conjunction with Hillsdale College and several lawmakers dubbed the Article I Project. The well-intentioned, well-timed project by Lee, who for long has urged the restoration of the constitutional separation of powers, comes in an era when $2.6 trillion out of the $3.9 […]

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Donald Trump responds to Obamacare challenge

By Brian Tilton Americans for Limited Government’s Rick Manning recently asked the question in a Breitbart column, what is Donald Trump’s plan to replace Obamacare?  Upon reading that question, I realized that Trump and very few others have detailed a plan to replace Obamacare.  Fortunately, I live in New Hampshire.  And when someone in New Hampshire has a question, they […]

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Why haven’t lower interest rates spurred home-buying?

By Robert Romano One of the mysteries surrounding the post-financial crisis economy is why lower interest rates — led primarily by the Federal Reserve setting its benchmark rate to near-zero levels in 2008 —  did not do more to spur home-buying, and overall credit expansion. When the Fed originally slashed interest rates to its historically low levels when the program […]

Electric cars: Another failed Obama Campaign promise, and that’s a good thing

  By Marita Noon While campaigning in August 2008, President Obama called for 1 million plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (EV) on the road by 2015. According to HybridCars.com, the campaign circulated an “8-page fact sheet” that contained this promise: “Half of all cars purchased by the federal government will be plug-in hybrids or all-electric by 2012.” Once in office, […]

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Trump needs to come clean on replacing Obamacare

By Rick Manning

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Dear Congress: Juries know better than politicians

By Dustin Howard Out of sheer self-interest, you would think Congress should realize it is bad politics to endanger their constituents by releasing convicts into their districts. Sadly, you would be wrong. The thinking of the left that America is incarcerating far too many people unjustly is gaining traction among Republicans. The thinking goes something like this: The United States […]

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Not so silent majority real winner in Iowa

By Robert Romano The votes are in and the clear winner of the Iowa caucus on the Republican side was Sen. Ted Cruz with 28 percent of the vote, trailed closely by Donald Trump at a disappointing 24 percent and a better than expected Sen. Marco Rubio at 23 percent. Ben Carson and Sen. Rand Paul rounded out the second […]

Cartoon: Comrades at war

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image. 

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Sen. John Cornyn: Mass criminal release shows ‘empathy’

By Rick Manning “It doesn’t hurt to show that you actually care. This is a statement that is not just symbolic, but actually shows that you care about people. It doesn’t hurt to show some empathy.” That was Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) in the New York Times, endorsing legislation that will result in the early release of thousands of federal […]

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The economy has not grown above 3 percent for 10 years

By Robert Romano It’s official. The U.S. economy has not grown above 3 percent since 2005, making it a full 10 years since that level of growth has been seen. And it has not grown above 4 percent since 2000, marking a 15-year era of much slower growth. For context, from 1947 to 2004, the economy averaged 3.45 percent growth […]

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