Cartoon: Wage war

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Does the GOP support slave trading overseas?

By Robert Romano Does the party of Abraham Lincoln support human slave trafficking overseas? Believe it or not, we’re about to find out. Last week, the Senate passed trade authority legislation that explicitly bars Malaysia from joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal due to their official U.S. State Department certification as human slave traffickers. According to a report from State, […]

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Blame Ex-Im reauthorization on Ted Cruz

By Robert Romano But for a promised vote on reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank, legislation granting trade promotion authority to President Barack Obama to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership might have failed. Or is it the other way around? Ahead of Senate passage of trade authority on May 22, Senate Democrats were again promising to filibuster the bill — unless some additional […]

Cartoon: Clinton propped

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Will the spending pigs squeal this summer?

By Rick Manning Summer is here, and in Congress that means it is spending season. The time when appropriators’ eyes turn to buying those extra little frills that make being a Member of Congress such fun. The budget has been set, and now it’s time to spend that nifty $3.8 trillion dollars that has been budgeted for 2016. But some […]

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Video: Why are Republicans hell-bent on fast tracking Obama trade authority?

Offshore drilling: The eco-radical fiction ensnaring ‘conservative’ politicians

By Bill Wilson Government-run energy policy in this country has been a debacle. From the “green jobs” scam of Left Coast solar companies like Solyndra to the ravaged heartland of Iowa (where government ethanol mandates have done tremendous environmental damage) — the failed central planning and false promises of Washington, D.C. eco-radicals should be painfully self-evident. But this isn’t another column […]

What will America look like if the environmentalists win?

By Marita Noon In every war, there are winners and losers. Whether the war is ideological or physical, or even if a truce is declared — there are still battles that end in victory or defeat. In the United States, and most of the Western world, there is an ideological war with dire physical consequences. It is the war on […]

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Letters of marque and reprisal granted by IRS

By Nathan Mehrens In the wake of the IRS scandals involving the targeting of Tea Party and other conservative organizations and leaks of their legally-protected information, one would have thought that the agency would become a little more careful in how it handles its review and enforcement activities. That didn’t happen. Last year, the IRS quietly promulgated a new, temporary […]

Cartoon: Looney Tune Strategy

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