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As North Korea threatens Guam again, now what?

By Robert Romano Stability is an illusion. So is power. What deters a nuclear first strike against the U.S. is the perceived response. More generally, nuclear powers don’t go after one another because the likely consequence is nuclear annihilation on all sides. Once one or two nukes go off, the likelihood that more go off rises exponentially, so nobody does […]

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Trump moves on Healthcare when Congress refuses

By Natalia Castro Congress could not manage to repeal and replace Obamacare and install a healthcare plan that actually serves the American people, so President Trump set the wheels in motion to do it himself. With Trump’s most recent executive order, the consumer will have greater control over their health plan and the Labor Department (DOL) will be able to […]

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The House doesn’t need to pass deficit-neutral tax cuts

By Robert Romano Right now, Predictit.org markets are forecasting only a 19 percent chance that Congress will pass any tax cuts in 2017, either for individuals or corporations. There is an 81 percent chance Congress won’t. And everyone knows why. The Senate, in its current form with its current leaders and current composition, is not a true Republican majority. It […]

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Trump economic effect in full force with 905k new jobs in September

By Rick Manning 905,000 more people were employed in one month. 341,000 fewer people were unemployed in one month. 575,000 more people joined the labor force in one month. These almost impossible results were reported by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics for the month of September.  That’s right, last month the Labor Department’s household survey showed […]

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Can Congress help turn around the damage done to the military by the Obama administration?

By Printus LeBlanc Yes, the 115th Congressional session has been a disaster for the Republican majority. Obamacare repeal was a failure, tax reform has is not done, and anything meaningful came from executive orders. No organization has taken Congress to task for its shortcomings more than Americans for Limited Government, but when Congress does something right, half of Congress at […]

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Could Republican senator sabotage of Trump agenda galvanize pro-Trump electorate in 2018?

By Robert Romano Susan Collins. John McCain. Lisa Murkowski. And others. The most visible obstacles to enacting the Trump agenda in Congress are individual Republican senators who have been blocking critical items from passing the Senate. So far, it has ensnared Republican attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare. But now it appears to be gumming up the works on tax […]

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The Blue Slip is only one battle in the Senate

By Natalia Castro Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has just doomed one of the President’s opposition’s most significant tools for obstructing the Trump agenda: the blue slip policy. While this scratches the surface of ending the egregious actions in the Senate against President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees, McConnell still has another battle on his hands. The blue slip policy […]

The Trump administration is getting the EPA under control by ending Obama’s war on coal

By Natalia Castro The Trump Administration is taking the first steps in officially removing the Clean Power Plan, a key point of federal overreach which the Obama Administration pushed onto states and the American people. Considering the price tag is growing and continues to harm American industries, this step is critical for reining in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As […]

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If you want to get Iran to the negotiating table, declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization

By Printus LeBlanc As Oct. 15 approaches President Donald Trump must decide whether to decertify the Iran deal or not. Pundits on both sides of the aisle are weighing in with their “expert” opinions. Some want to keep the deal as they see it necessary for “stability” in the Middle East, while others view the deal as a pathway for […]

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True immigration reform at hand with 70-point Trump plan ending chain migration, securing border

By Natalia Castro Conservatives flew into frustration when President Donald Trump went to Democrat leadership to discuss the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), when Democrats rushed to the microphones to declare a deal had been done without preconditions. Trump has once again reminded groups they cannot be quick to judge. The official plan was just released, and while those […]

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