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Jerry Boykin asks you to Vote!

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Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin encourages Americans to vote

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Video – Allen West encourages Americans to vote

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Rep. Henry Waxman: Batboy!

Must-see VIDEO: Democrat Rep. John Dingell destroys the Supreme Court decision allowing the EPA to declare CO2 a “greenhouse gas”

Michigan Democrat Representative John Dingell, the longest serving member of the House of Representatives in history and a liberal icon destroys the Supreme Court decision that allowed the EPA to declare carbon dioxide a “greenhouse gas” to be regulated.  This is a must see.   Rep. Dingell is right and the EPA is far overstepping their Constitutional limitations. Click here […]

Special: Political establishment the loser in shutdown deal, Heartland interview with Rick Manning

On the radio podcast program Heartland Daily, Rick Manning (Vice President for Public Policy and Communications with Americans for Limited Government and regular NetRight Daily contributor) discussed his recent commentary on the result of the government shutdown and how the Washington political establishment came out of the shutdown exposed and with a damaged image. Click here to for audio of the full interview.

Video: What has the administration kept open during the shutdown?

Video by Frank McCaffrey

Victims of Government

From Sen. Ron Johnson’s website: The root cause of our economic and fiscal problems is the size, the scope, and the cost of government – all the rules, all the regulations, and all the government intrusion into our lives. Over-regulation consumes massive amounts of the people’s money, too often lacks common sense, has no heart, costs jobs and economic growth. […]

Good News: You will survive the sequester!

Great news, even with the sequester, the federal government will spend more money next year than they did this year. So there is no reason to panic that the government is going to fall into the abyss.

What we learned at the Sierra Club protest in Washington D.C.

Check out the things we learned at the Sierra Club protest against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington D.C. For instance, people should be allowed to have only 1 or maybe 2 children. And the weather is being manipulated for advantages in war. Watch the video to see who is arguing against the creation of 600,000 American jobs.

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