Levin: Repeal Obamacare via reconciliation, Speaker Ryan

Gohmert: Iran nuke deal turns treaty clause on its head

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) speaking at the Sept. 9 rally against the Iran nuclear deal in Washington, D.C.  Gohmert was 1 of only 25 members who voted no on H.R. 1191 in the House.

Video: What has the administration kept open during the shutdown?

Video by Frank McCaffrey

What we learned at the Sierra Club protest in Washington D.C.

Check out the things we learned at the Sierra Club protest against the Keystone XL pipeline in Washington D.C. For instance, people should be allowed to have only 1 or maybe 2 children. And the weather is being manipulated for advantages in war. Watch the video to see who is arguing against the creation of 600,000 American jobs.

Federal appeals court rules against Obama recess appointments

ALG counsel Nathan Mehrens weighs in on the Federal court of appeals decision that ruled Obama’s recess appointments in January of 2012 were not constitutional: Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

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Obama’s Blunders: EPA, marijuana and Zeppelin!

By Frank McCaffrey — The EPA has new rules on smoke, some states have other rules on other forms of smoke. Meanwhile, our President has a lot of knowledge about Led Zeppelin. This is blunderful!

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A Look At The EPA’s Abhorrent Use Of Human Testing

By Frank McCaffrey — American Tradition Institute scholar and head of Junkscience.com Steve Milloy gave an exclusive interview to ALG. The topic…the Environmental Protection Agency’s human testing projects.

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Obama’s Blunders: The Housing Market

By Frank McCaffrey — OK, so we’re still waiting for housing to recover from the late 2000s collapse. That’s what got us into the mess, will it ever get us out? What a blunderful mess!

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The Fiscal Cliff Deal

By Frank McCaffrey — Congress has passed a bill that saves us from falling off the fiscal cliff. There is some funny wording in it. Here is our take on the deal.

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ALG Wants To Say A Special Goodbye To Outgoing EPA Head Lisa Jackson

By Frank McCaffrey — Check out our special tribute to someone who worked to damage the American economy during a recession. Yes, we are saying goodbye to Lisa Jackson!

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