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Congress needs to spend more time away from D.C.

By Rick Manning There are two more weeks until the Congress returns from its traditional August home-work period. While many scoff at the notion of elected officials and some of their staff spending extended time in their district or state, I disagree. If I had my way, members of Congress would spend more time back home, and they would be […]

Cartoon: Par for the course

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The dependency state grows to 175 million

By Robert Romano Don’t think the government is ubiquitous? Consider the following data published by the U.S. Census Bureau. In 2012, 109.6 million Americans were on some form of means-tested welfare, including Medicaid, food stamps and public housing. Another 43.7 million were on Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and other government programs. Add to that another 21.9 million government employees working […]

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Obama golfs while the world burns

By Rick Manning President Obama has officially become the laughingstock of the world, happily ensconced in the wonderland of Martha’s Vineyard on one of his many vacations, while a junior varsity terrorist group runs amok lopping off heads of everyone in their path, the borders remain a sieve, Gaza remains a battleground, and the Russians toy with taking the Ukraine […]

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Was defund Obamacare really a ‘suicide mission’?

By Robert Romano “It was a suicide mission.” That was House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), commenting in a new book on the ill-fated 2013 effort to defund Obamacare by the House of Representatives that led to a partial government shutdown for a couple of weeks. But was it really a suicide mission? Or was it simply the […]


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State tax revenue nose dive provides ominous economic warning

By Rick Manning Seemingly contradictory economic headlines jumped out over the past couple of weeks. In one, federal revenues are reaching all-time highs with the Department of the Treasury projecting another 5 percent gain in revenues after posting a whopping 13 percent increase in 2013 due at least in part to tax increases.  This is great news for budget hawks […]

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Is the bell tolling for Common Core?

By Rick Manning School bells across America are ringing again with trusting parents putting their precious cargo on yellow buses for another year of learning. In local school board meetings and state capitols around the nation however, a debate is occurring that would shock most parents.  It is a fundamental debate over what information students should be taught and how […]

Cartoon: ISIS Amateurs

By A.F. Branco

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Rick Perry and the left’s politics of destruction

By Rick Manning Does anyone think it is any coincidence that two Republican Governors who are all considered presidential contenders for 2016 are being subjected to what can be at best described as spurious prosecutions led by Democratic prosecutors? Governor Rick Perry of Texas is the latest to fall victim to political prosecution as he was indicted for threatening to […]

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