Cartoon: Obama’s fowl pardon

By A.F. Branco

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The far left’s emboldened totalitarian impulses

By Bill Wilson The modus operandi of America’s far left isn’t subtle: It’s all about “taking.”  Money, property, privacy, speech, guns — you name it.  Everywhere we look, the foundational underpinnings of our once-free, once-prosperous society are being encroached upon by government’s emboldened totalitarian impulses. Which brings us to the No. 1 thing they are taking from us: Control — […]

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No lame-duck fast-track trade authority for Obama

Senator Jeff Sessions fights for the American worker against Executive Amnesty

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The Limp Duck Congress?

. By Rick Manning Remember the good ole days of late October, 2014? Those were the days when House Republicans were rallying the troops in opposition to Executive Amnesty promising if only they were elected they could save the Constitution from a Barack Obama intent on ripping it to shreds. Now, less than three weeks after their historic election, the […]

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Obama’s “Free Bird” Session

By Tom Toth President Obama’s lame duck free bird session officially begins when Republicans take control of both Congressional chambers in December, and he isn’t wasting any time to force his no-consequences agenda on the American public who voted against it barely two weeks ago. Barack Obama is finally ready to whip his “pen and phone” from their respective holsters […]

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‘Fundamentally transforming America’ one neighborhood at a time

By Robert Romano Let’s just be blunt. If Congressional Republicans do not defund the imminent rulemaking, “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the upcoming continuing resolution, they are utterly insane. The rule, now delayed into December, is nothing short of a national, government-directed gerrymandering regime to redraw the zoning of every single […]

Cartoon: The Emperor Strikes Back

By William Warren

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Paul Krugman: Demonstrable dishonesty in Obamacare intent

By Bill Wilson It’s a tough time to be Barack Obama’s No. 1 apologist.  The president’s policies aren’t working, his public support has evaporated and his party was roundly rebuked in the 2014 mid-term elections.  Yet New York Times columnist Paul Krugman soldiers on — inextricably tied to the terminal velocity of Obama’s ongoing ideological implosion (which continues to drag down the […]

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Obama’s executive amnesty will not solve a thing

By Robert Romano President Barack Obama’s plan to offer amnesty to 4.5 million illegal immigrants with U.S.-born children appears to be doomed to failure for a very simple reason. Giving somebody a temporary permit to work does not mean they will find a job or even follow the rules when the visa expires. Why? There is already an easy way […]

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