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New Hampshire’s Shaheen no friend to Press Freedom

By Rick Manning The news broke out of New Hampshire two evenings ago that the campaign of Senator Jeanne Shaheen barred BreitbartNews reporter Matt Boyle from attending one of their open to the media events. Multiple news outlets on all ranges of the political spectrum have, at this writing, been stymied in their attempts to get a comment from the […]

Cartoon: jack-O-lantern

By William Warren

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Obama fails to enforce his own Labor regs

By Nathan Mehrens In what is yet another example of the Obama Administration’s pattern of making things up as they go along, the U.S. Department of Labor published a “policy statement” in the Federal Register on October 9, announcing that they will not enforce, for a while, a complex regulation dealing with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA). This is […]

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Lost GOP opportunity in lame duck?

By Robert Romano The first test of whether a potential Senate Republican majority will be willing to stand up to Obama will be in the upcoming lame duck session, when the current continuing resolution expires on December 11. The decision made on whether to have a short-term continuing resolution that allows the new Congress to set spending priorities, or to […]

Cartoon: Ebola Czar to the Recsue

By A.F. Branco

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ALG files FOIL request to NY state AG on wage prosecution release

New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a suit against a franchise restaurant operator alleging under-payment of employee wages issuing a release announcing the prosecution on October 16, which included a statement from union organizing activist Kendall Fells of the organization Fast Food Forward. In response, Americans for Limited Government (ALG) has filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) […]

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Where is the Republican Party?

The full version of this article was originally published on Breitbart.com. By Rick Manning Dan Bongino is the ideal candidate for Congress. Bongino has the pedigree as a former Secret Service agent that provides an automatic stamp of approval from everyone who learns this one fact about him. He has built-in name identification through his regular guest radio hosting gigs […]

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Security Issues jump to fore with Ebola crisis

By Rick Manning Elections are unpredictable by nature, yet every October in an even number year there are those of us who do just that, attempt to predict their outcome. If asked on October 1, the number of pundits who publicly wondered if Ebola in western Africa was going to be a major issue was pretty close to zero.  Now, […]

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CDC last month on Ebola: ‘Outbreak is just a plane trip away’

By Robert Romano “It is increasingly clear that the health of other nations has a direct impact on health in the United States — infectious diseases do not recognize borders, and a disease outbreak is just a plane trip away.” That was Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Tom Frieden writing of the Ebola outbreak in a White […]

Cartoon: Now panic

By William Warren

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