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When you Live by Identity Politics, You Die by Identity Politics

It appears that the “war on women” rhetoric has turned on Democrat candidates. A new video (shown below) made my the Republican National Committee shows several examples of Democrats in close campaign battles attacking their female Republicans opponents with sexist insults, all of which are from this campaign cycle alone. This trend of conduct is troubling — no woman should face rhetoric like these candidates have faced throughout this […]

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McConnell aides promise Obamacare reconciliation vote

By Robert Romano In a private meeting with Americans for Limited Government (ALG) staff, senior aides to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) promised that should Republicans reclaim a majority in the Senate on Tuesday, they would use the budget reconciliation process to go after Obamacare. It was unclear whether that meant full or partial repeal of the law under […]

Cartoon: Grim prospects

By William Warren

Jindal: ‘Trust parents, trust teachers, support local control of education, vote November 4’

Cartoon: Sunk

By William Warren

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Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin encourages Americans to vote

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Election Day should be a national holiday 

By Rick Manning Millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man hours are spent every two years trying to get Americans to care enough about candidates or issues enough to go to the polls and vote. Yet, for 146.6 million Americans who have jobs, voting is more complicated than it need be.  Why?  Because they have to leave home […]

Lee: ‘Vote this year as if your life depends on it, because it does’

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McCarthy: ‘Prove we can govern’

By Robert Romano The midterm elections are just a week away, and with most predicting a Republican sweep on November 4, House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy is setting his sights on the 2015 governing agenda. But before a new Congress is sworn in, the government’s funding for FY 2015 is due to run out on December 11, and Politico’s […]

Palin: ‘Our country isn’t going to make it if things don’t change rapidly’

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