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Trump, Sessions take critical stand against California’s new nullification of federal immigration law

By Robert Romano “Immigration law is the province of the federal government.  This Administration and this Justice Department are determined to make it work effectively for the people. I understand that we have a wide variety of political opinions out there on immigration.  But the law is in the books and its purpose is clear. There is no nullification. There […]

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How many laws did the Oakland mayor break?

By Printus LeBlanc Anyone that paid attention to the 2016 election knows the issue of illegal immigration was one of the core issues that drove President Trump to victory. For good reason, the American people were tired of open borders and criminal illegal immigrants roaming freely through their streets. President Trump is keeping his promise to deport criminal illegal immigrants, […]

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Anti-establishment, anti-euro parties prevail in Italy

By Robert Romano Almost a decade after the sovereign debt crisis began in Europe, with increasing sentiment for countries to withdraw from the Eurozone currency union, and for the first time in Italy, a narrow majority voted against the establishment parties. The trouble? The Italian people voted for two separate anti-establishment parties: The Five-Star Movement with 32.7 percent of the […]

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Trump’s steel tariffs protect national security, put end to $8 billion foreign aid to Canada, Mexico, South Korea and Brazil every year

By Robert Romano President Donald Trump is keeping the promise he made in 2016 and is protecting the American steel industry, instituting a 25 percent tariff across the board on steel imports. No nations are excluded. The move comes as the U.S. imported 34.5 million metric tons from around the world, a 16 percent increase from 2016 when it was […]

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House passes sex trafficking bill, but faces uphill battle in the Senate

By Natalia Castro In a rare bipartisan push, the House of Representatives has voted to pass legislation making it more difficult for online users to engage in sex trafficking and empower victims to fight against web makers that facilitate inappropriate online content. However, this bill is no stranger to controversy and has sparked outrage from some lawmakers and technology companies. […]

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Is Congress really concerned about foreign involvement in U.S. elections? Then get illegal immigrants off the voter rolls.

C/O Legal Insurrection By Printus LeBlanc Multiple congressional committees and a Special Counsel have spent millions of taxpayer dollars to investigate foreign interference in the 2016 election and have come up with some memes from Russia. Meanwhile, recent reports from several states indicate there is real foreign influence in U.S. elections being ignored by Congress and the Special Counsel. Voter […]

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Don’t let Schumer, Pelosi add the $63 billion to the non-defense domestic spending baseline in 2018

By Robert Romano In the last continuing resolution, Congress increased baseline non-defense discretionary spending by $131 billion over the next two years. This was in exchange for $165 billion of new defense spending over that same period. But rather than add to the existing baseline budget on the domestic side — adding tens of thousands of new federal employees to […]

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After Supreme Court takes pass on DACA, the President should enforce immigration laws

By Natalia Castro President Donald Trump must do primary the job of the executive under Article II of the Constitution — enforce the law. With increased pressure from the courts surrounding Trump’s immigration plans, he truly only has one option, enforce the law to the best of his ability to get unsafe, illegal immigrants off the streets. The Supreme Court […]

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Time for the nation to have an honest dialogue about violence

By Rick Manning Almost twenty-five years ago, my almost nine-year tenure as a state lobbyist with the National Rifle Association came to an end.  After fighting with every ounce of my being to stop encroachments on the right to keep and bear arms, I was done, vowing that I would spend my energy on other worthwhile political pursuits. While, over […]

Cartoon: Dereliction of Duty

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