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Finally, some good news from the House

By Natalia Castro Bipartisan hasn’t been a common word floating through the House of Representatives these days. Shockingly throughout the mainstream media’s coverage of modern politics from Russian collusion to the healthcare crisis, most outlets forgot to cover key, bipartisan legislation the House passed to protect veterans and end the corruption that has plagued the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). […]

Why doesn’t the UFCW respect Hispanic women?

By Richard McCarty Since last year, Mickey Kasparian, the president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 135, and his lackeys have been accused of discrimination and/or mistreatment by not one, not two, not three, but four Hispanic women. Three of these four accusers worked directly for the UFCW; a fourth works for a UFCW-funded organization. Last December, Sandy […]

Cartoon: Democrat’s Best Friend

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher resolution image.

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It is time to stand by Attorney General Jeff Sessions

By Natalia Castro Jeff Sessions was one of the first Republicans to endorse President Trump on the campaign trail, because he believed in the law and order approach to justice. As Attorney General, Sessions has continued to be an adamant defender of the rule of law. Now, the American people must be the first to defend him for ensuring that […]

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From Russia with love

By Printus LeBlanc The Chairman of the House Committee on Science Space and Technology, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy Rep. Randy Weber (R-Tex.), recently sent a letter to the Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin asking for an investigation into Russia meddling. I know what you’re thinking, not another Russia investigation. The investigation is likely […]

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Sticking with Jeff Sessions at Attorney General an easy choice for President Trump

By Robert Romano “[President Donald Trump] should prefer that [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions continue running 99 percent of the Justice Department while the Russia investigation wraps up than to turn over 100 percent of DOJ to the deep state for the months or year that it would take to confirm a new Attorney General.” That was Americans for Limited Government […]

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Making America Safe Again

By Natalia Castro National security has been a major concern for the Trump Administration, but ultimately the FY 2018 budget will determine how much of his agenda the President is actually able to implement. With heavy funding for national security programs and an opportunity to rebuild our depleting military, House Budget Committee Chairwoman Diane Black’s (R-Tenn.) budget proposal offers the […]

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If the Senate GOP were a business, the FTC would have to investigate them for false advertising on Obamacare repeal

By Robert Romano If Senate Republican conference was a business, it would have to be investigated by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. For almost a decade, Republicans have promised the American people that given the opportunity, with majorities in the House and Senate, plus the White House, that they would pass legislation repealing Obamacare. The movement fueled the […]

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We Pause to Remark

We know it is difficult but we should really feel sorry for the Queen of England and her family.  How would you like to spend your entire life as a tourist attraction? Members of the media spend their entire careers second guessing and criticizing everyone in public life yet when they are criticized or second guessed they claim the Constitution […]

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What are they thinking?

By Printus LeBlanc You would be hard pressed to find a city in the US that does not have budget problems. The average citizen probably believes the politicians will raise revenue through taxes. But a sinister source of revenue is undermining the community trust in police officers. Local officials are using police as revenue raisers through fines, fees, and civil […]

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