Bill Clinton and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales question international takeover of Internet

By Robert Romano “Whatever you think our country’s done wrong, the United States has been by far the country most committed to keeping the Internet free and open and uninterrupted, and a lot of these people who say they want multistakeholder control over domain names and Internet access, what they really do, is want the ability to shut down inconvenient […]

U.S. lends $35.6 billion through IMF foreign aid slush fund

By Robert Romano U.S. lending to foreign governments through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has reached $35.6 billion, representing more than 25 percent of the agency’s $141.8 billion of outstanding loans. Well above its 17.7 percent quota, the U.S. is therefore funding a disproportionate share of IMF loans. Astonishingly, 68 percent of IMF lending, or $96.9 billion, has gone to […]

The Lautenberg Deal

By Tom Toth Well, it’s finished. After “fighting the good fight” Congressional Republicans blinked in the waning hours before reaching the debt ceiling and agreed to reopen the government, allowing Obamacare to be implemented unchanged. Despite demands from Democrats for a clean Continuing Resolution, the final deal hand-crafted by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats contains a perturbing provision. Buried 20 […]

The People v. K Street: The Obamacare Battle

By Rick Manning The K Street vultures are out in force. With both the continuing resolution and debt ceiling extension legislation pending, the tassel loafer lobbying crowd has descended on Capitol Hill with Obamacare fixes and other wish lists to be crammed into any final resolution. Big Labor wants changes in the way reinsurance is taxed under Obamacare, and suddenly […]

The $578,000 modular bathroom

By Tom Toth Brawner Farm at the Manassas National Battlefield Park puts a high premium on its bathrooms. Under the supervision of the National Park Service, the government has spent over $578,000 to erect a “comfort station.” You read that correctly–$578,000–for a bathroom in a park. Replacing the standard, plastic portable waste receptacles previously in the park, one could imagine […]

A Bridge Too Far… From Common Sense

By Chris Freind One. Fourteen. Two. Zero. Here’s what those digits represent: One: Pennsylvania’s rank for states with the worst bridges. Fourteen: Length in feet of a local bridge on a vital street, closed a year ago due to its deteriorating condition. Two: Years. The time it will take to re-open that bridge, if we’re really, really lucky. Zero: The […]

IRS overpaid Earned Income Tax Credit by at least $110.8 billion since 2000

By Robert Romano — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has overpaid the earned income tax credit by at least $110.8 billion since 2000, according to a recent Treasury Department inspector general report. That is more than double the $53 billion of sequester cuts expected in 2013 totaling less than 2 percent of outlays, and puts the lie to those who […]

Public employee union’s ‘official time’ personnel bailout

NRD Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared at The Washington Examiner. By Nathan Mehrens — Around $156 million, that’s how much taxpayers spent in 2011 on federal employees who did no federal work at all. These aren’t people who fail to perform the work assigned to them, but rather employees who are not assigned any federal work at all. Shocked? […]

Infographic: Medicaid Vs. Veterans Benefits- How Long Does it Take?

Applying for benefits? Veterans often wait much longer for assistance than those requesting Medicaid- and often by a mile. Sources: Medicaid Eligibility Determinations: Veterans Affairs Averages:

Let Future Cabinet Secretaries pay for their own ego portraits

By Nathan Mehrens — Given the current federal budget situation, sequester, and everything that goes with it, now is a great opportunity to take a very hard look at the spending practices of federal agencies.  There is no shortage of areas where cuts could be made without affecting the agency’s mission. One such area is perks that serve no measurable […]

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