Climate change a symbolic battle against an unpleasant, toxic way of life

By Marita Noon I suspect most readers of my column do not religiously read The Atlantic. I don’t either. But I have people — readers who alert me to news and information I might not see otherwise. Though the Atlantic has gained recent notoriety for the interview with Hilary Clinton, in which she says: “Great nations need organizing principles, and […]

EPA goes from Environmental Protection Agency to Extremist Political Agenda

By Marita Noon During the week of July 28, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held hearings in four cities: Atlanta, Denver, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC. The two-day sessions were to allow the public to have their voice heard about the proposed rules it released on June 2 that will supposedly cut CO2 emissions by 30%. Many, including myself, believe that these rules are […]

Global warming’s public relations gambit

By Rick Manning Get ready America, many of the world’s largest public relations firms are creating a climate change litmus test by asserting that they will not work for companies or organizations that don’t buy the global warming mantra that is being used to destroy the free market system. What these PR geniuses apparently fail to realize is that by […]

Climate alarmists never quit

By Alan Caruba Americans are discovering that the Cold War that was waged from the end of World War Two until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is not over, Americans continue to be subjected to the endless, massive, global campaign to foist the hoax of global warming–now called climate change — on everyone. The campaign’s purpose to […]

Testimony on EPA’s proposed rules for existing power plants — Atlanta, Georgia

By Marita Noon Today, I have come to address the EPA’s proposed rule regarding carbon emissions from existing power plants. I speak on behalf of myself and my personal views. I also represent the Washington DC based group: Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and its 60,000 supporters. Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow has been working on issues of environment and […]

2007: A great year for growing bad legislation like the ethanol mandate

By Marita Noon President Obama, and his administration, has enacted so many foolish and cost-increasing energy policies, it is easy to think that they are his purview alone. But in 2007, Republicans were just as guilty. Seeds were planted and a garden of bad legislation took root in a totally different energy environment. At the time, the growth seemed like […]

The EPA takes aim at Tesla, electric cars

By Tom Toth The cornerstone of personal independence and commerce in the modern world is motorized mobility — the car. Ever since Henry Ford’s Model T revolutionized travel in the United States over a hundred years ago, people have relied on the automobile for virtually every personal interaction and business expenditure. Today, the car may very well be at the […]

Australia shoots down climate lobby’s scare mongering

By Marita Noon Thursday, July 17 was a big news day. The world was shocked to learn that a Russian-made missile shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet with 298 on board as it flew over Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam. Though flight 17 eclipsed the news cycle, there was another thing shot down on July 17. Almost […]

The Big All Star Chill: Is the Hockey stick broken?

By Rick Manning Baseball fans across the nation will be turning their eyes to Minneapolis, Minnesota for the next couple of days as the stars of the game congregate to showcase their skills. But one thing will be missing – summer weather. Almost as if the Michael Mann hockey stick had been turned upside down, Minneapolis is expected to see […]

Big Green’s lethal agenda

By Paul Driessen The outstanding presentations at this Ninth International Conference on Climate Change clearly demonstrate that activist climate science is increasingly devoid of evidence … increasingly removed from the scientific method – and yet is increasingly being used to devise, justify and impose policies, laws, and regulations that govern our lives. Indeed, rules formulated on the basis of “dangerous […]

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