Americans have ‘greater expectation’ of privacy in surveillance era, judge rules

By Robert Romano Do the American people have an even greater expectation of privacy in the digital era? That is what U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Richard Leon has ruled, in a case enjoining the National Security Agency (NSA) from gathering intelligence, including hundreds of millions of phone and email, on every single person in the […]

Conservative African Americans Expose Liberals’ Worst Fears

By Willie Deutsch Few things upset liberals more than people who don’t think the way they are “supposed” to.  This is particularly displayed when women and minorities articulately defend conservatism. We saw the complete wrath of the liberal elites when Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court, and that vitriol continues to this day.  You would think liberals would […]

Is the NSA recording everything?

By Robert Romano Did Obama admit that the National Security Agency (NSA) is recording everything? Here was the President’s charitable explanation at a June 7 press conference of recent disclosures that the agency is collecting phone records and Internet communications on millions of Americans and non-Americans alike. “What the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations […]

Couple arrested for handing out ‘End the Fed’ fliers near Independence Hall

By Robert Romano On May 18, activist Mark Passio and his wife, Barb Marinelli, were arrested and handcuffed for distributing “End the Fed” literature near Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Penn. by federal park rangers. The shocking incident was caught on video. According to Passio’s description of events, “I was walking with my wife Barb in Philadelphia from Market Street to […]

Food regulations of the future?

By Marta H. Mossburg Dateline:  March 27, 2020—The federal government today announced new regulations for buying fast food. Starting June 1, upon entering a national fast food chain restaurant or before ordering via a drive-thru each patron must undergo a Body Mass Index (BMI) analysis. The score will determine portion sizes for adults and children and restrict the options available. […]

Bloomberg’s War on Soda suffers a defeat

By Adam Bitely — One day before Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decree to stop the sale of large sugary drinks in some cases was to take effect in New York City, New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling ruled that Bloomberg’s ban was banned. New York City is “enjoined and permanently restrained from implementing or enforcing the new regulations,” wrote New […]

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The Nanny State of the Union

NRD Editor’s Note: This column first appeared at By Rick Manning — Tonight, we will hear President Obama give a defense of big-government liberalism and make an argument that growing government is good for America. He couldn’t be more wrong. Almost 1 in 6 Americans depends upon the government for food assistance. To put the enormity of this dependency […]

Majority Believes the Federal Government Threatens Their Personal Rights

A new report from the Pew Research Center finds that a majority of Americans believe the members of Congress are the problem and not the system. Further, they find that a majority of Americans believe that the federal government threatens their personal rights: As Barack Obama begins his second term in office, trust in the federal government remains mired near […]

The EPA: Rogue and Dangerous

By Rick Manning — The Environmental Protection Agency has been rocked by two major scandals in the past weeks culminating with Administrator Lisa Jackson’s resignation this past week. The agency charged with responsibility for overseeing the nation’s environmental laws has become one of the most controversial federal government agencies during Obama’s first term through their dramatic expansion of powers over […]

FDA calorie counters gone wild

By Rebekah Rast — Domino’s Pizza restaurants might soon be investing in some new wallpaper. Remember the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) law within Obamacare requiring all food chain restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calorie information on menus and menu boards?  The FDA now wants to extend this law to grocers, convenience stores and even customizable food […]

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