What would happen if we treated food like Obamacare?

-By Brad Tidwell In recent debates about Obamacare, there’s been a theme pushed by many opposing the Hobby Lobby decision to not pay for certain kinds of birth control — #NotMyBossBusiness. The idea is businesses should not be able to make health care decisions for their employees. The problem is that this is already happening — and not just with […]

Obamacare repealed… for some

By Tom Toth Senators and Representatives are working tirelessly to repeal the Affordable Care Act — sort of. Actually, most of them aren’t lifting a finger to repeal any portions of the law that are worsening the lives of everyday Americans. In the meantime, special interests are getting priority insider treatment. As of this week, corporate executives were added alongside […]

Obamacare replaces Prohibition as most-hated federal law

By Don Todd Like President Carter who has lost his reputation as the worst President in recent times Andrew Volstead (R-MN) has lost his distinction as the author of the most hated legislation in modern history with a politician’s name attached to it.  The Volstead Act which implemented Prohibition has now been replaced by Obamacare and Congressman Volstead has been […]

Obamacare previously uninsured enrollees off by 4.7 million?

By Robert Romano The numbers are in for Obamacare sign-ups on the exchanges in accordance with the April 1 deadline to enroll: 7 million have enrolled. But apparently, only about one-third were previously uninsured, reported the Los Angeles Times on March 30: “At least 6 million people have signed up for health coverage on the new marketplaces, about one-third of […]

SEIU Front Group “Wisconsin Jobs Now” Promotes ObamaCare, Law Breaking

-By Brad Tidwell The “nonpartisan” Wisconsin Jobs Now, funded nearly entirely by SEIU Healthcare, is an Obamacare certified application counselor with a history of lawbreaking. “Wisconsin Jobs Now” is a self-described “community-based, non-profit organization” focused on issues like “economic justice” and “fighting income inequality.” However, when you look into their financial statements, it becomes immediately clear that they are little […]

Obamacare keeping children from specialty care

By Rick Manning And it begins. Obamacare’s predicted destruction of the medical safety net for children and seniors is beginning to be felt.  Really sick kids are being denied care.  Fortunately Seattle Children’s Hospital is still treating those who were denied their spokesman, Dr. Sandy Melzer told a local reporter that “they can’t continue doing it that way.” How many […]

VIDEO: Obamacare’s crippling ramifications to families & small businesses

This video is only one of millions of stories from Obamacare’s disastrous ramifications. Stories like these are why the fight against Obamacare mustn’t end.

Cartoon: “O-Care for the Youth”

By A.F. Branco

5 states with most health insurance cancellations due to Obamacare

By Tom Toth After three years of planning and development, Obamacare was finally launched in October 2013. Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the nation in 2009 that the bill needed to be past so we could “find out what is in it.” The following slides will show the five states that were hit the hardest by insurance cancelations due […]

Eleven state attorneys general stand for the rule of law

By Rick Manning Eleven states are now challenging the legal ability of the Obama administration to unilaterally change and delay portions of the Affordable Care Act without the consent of Congress. As The Hill reported: “Eleven GOP attorneys general say the Obama administration is breaking the law by constantly making changes to ObamaCare without going through Congress.  The attorneys general […]

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