NLRB’s naked overreach: Lying about legitimacy

By Brad Tidwell If there’s any overarching theme to be found from the Obama Administration’s last few years in office, it’s the “we can’t wait” theme. The Obama administration has never been long on patience, oversight or precedent when it comes in opposition to their plans. One of the best examples of this has been the actions of the National […]

Supreme Court to Hear NLRB Recess Appointment Case

Earlier this year, the DC Circuit court ruled that Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB were illegal.  Today the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case in the coming term.  It will be a key separation of powers case in the coming term. Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement responding to the Supreme […]

North Carolina Republicans stand up to Wisconsin-style union bullying

By Willie Deutsch In what looks eerily similar to the Wisconsin protests of 2011, union members and the NAACP are holding weekly protests at the North Carolina capitol against the conservative policies of the Republican legislature. While the Wisconsin protests were specifically against the repeal of collective bargaining for certain public sector workers and of union dues being automatically deducted from state payroll […]

New boss, same as the old ‘Boss’

New boss, same as the old ‘Boss’ By Marta H. Mossburg For those looking for insight on the scandals engulfing the Obama administration, read “Boss,” Mike Royko’s classic 1971 biography of former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley. The IRS targeting of conservative groups and the Department of Justice (DOJ) criminalizing reporting will make more sense after understanding how the infamous […]

Sixth Circuit has big labor running scared in Michigan

By Nathan Mehrens A recent federal court decision has got big labor running scared. And it should be. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a Michigan law that bars public schools from collecting union dues, overturning a district court injunction against implementation of the law. The circuit court also ordered the lowered court to uphold the law. The […]

Democrats Caving to Labor Pressure on Perez Nomination

By Willie Deutsch At a time when even Democrats are expressing shock at the political overreach of the Obama administration, and a new political scandal seems to pop up every day, you would think the Senate Democrats would be careful about what Obama appointees they support.  Instead they are bowing to pressure from labor, pushing through deeply flawed nominees, and […]

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New ALG Study Shows: SEIU is on the Decline

The SEIU has long bragged about being the fastest growing union in the nation.  The truth is actually quite the opposite.  According to a recent ALG study, the SEIU is actually on the decline, and has never reached the numbers it brags about. Service Employees International Union’s 2012 LM-2 Shows Membership Dropped By Nearly 45 Thousand Members- The First Drop […]

Public employee union’s ‘official time’ personnel bailout

NRD Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared at The Washington Examiner. By Nathan Mehrens — Around $156 million, that’s how much taxpayers spent in 2011 on federal employees who did no federal work at all. These aren’t people who fail to perform the work assigned to them, but rather employees who are not assigned any federal work at all. Shocked? […]

Obama’s dangerous love of unions

NRD Editor’s Note: This column originally appeared at The Washington Times. By Bill Wilson – A massive embezzlement case in Mexico involving the leader of Latin America’s largest labor union should send shivers up and down the spines of American workers. It should also force the administration of Barack Obama to reexamine its ongoing kowtowing to union bosses — most […]

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Current Obama appointee to NLRB faces civil RICO lawsuit over union embezzlement

By Rick Manning – Richard Griffin, Jr. has had a rough 2012, and 2013 doesn’t look much better. For Griffin, 2012 started brightly as he was given a recess appointment to the National Labor Relations Board and was sworn in as a Board Member on January 9, 2012. Now, just a little more than a year later, he is fighting for […]

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