Public employee unions’ future in doubt with Supreme Court decision?

By Nathan Mehrens Is the practice of forcing public sector employees to pay agency fees to unions on the way out? Based on my observation of the oral arguments in the Supreme Court on Monday in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, I think the answer may be yes. This case involves a challenge to the practice of the forced payment […]

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Mehrens: SEIU ‘drives the growth of government’

Americans for Limited Government Foundation President Nathan Mehrens outlines how the SEIU is driving the growth of government.

Why Congress must stop NLRB’s war on the franchise business model

By Dustin Howard Here is one defund Congress might want to look at in the upcoming omnibus spending bill for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2016: Stopping the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) war on the franchise business model. In business, predictability is usually a prerequisite for growth. The business that can successfully project what its costs are should know […]

Big Labor’s tax-deductible organizing scam

By Nathan Mehrens In today’s workforce, union membership isn’t as widespread as it once was. Years ago the percentage of private sector employees who were members of unions was much higher. In 1974, nearly a quarter of the private sector workforce was unionized. Now, that figure is 6.6 percent. In an attempt to curtail this downward trend, many unions have […]

Union transparency: How to make Michigan public unions more accountable

Union financial transparency comes to Canada

By Nathan Mehrens After several years of debate, the Canadian Parliament last week passed legislation to require financial transparency from labor unions. This is a monumental achievement deserving of praise. It was not easy. I had the privilege to be present for some of the debates on this legislation back in 2012. The unions and their allies, in typical fashion, […]

Yearly dose of sunlight for labor unions

By Nathan Mehrens With the coming of spring, baseball season, and longer daylight hours, another type of sunshine arrives — light on union finances. At the end of March, the financial reports for unions in the private and federal sectors for the previous calendar year come due. Those unions with receipts of $250,000 or more file the Form LM-2 with […]

Taxpayer funded labor official arrested for defrauding workers

By Nathan Mehrens Stephanie Hicks, former president of the union representing employees at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Birmingham, Alabama, was recently arrested after being indicted on charges of bank fraud, forgery, and aggravated identity theft charges. The charges are related to her alleged embezzlement of $132,000 from the union, American Federation of Government Employees Local 2207. Hollis Lindley, Jr., […]

Reining in NLRB hurts administrative state

By Robert Romano In December, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued controversial new regulations on union representation elections, significantly reducing the period between the filing of a petition and a union election occurring. Through shortened election periods, the agency is limiting the time an employer has to communicate with his or her employees about the implications of unionizing the firm. […]

Video: ALG’s Mehrens on fast food protests

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