Obama sends kids to the back of the bus on education

By Robert Romano Decades-old desegregation orders on Louisiana school districts, the center of a federal government case against Louisiana’s school choice program, are now emerging as a major distraction for the Department of Justice bringing the case. The Justice Department is arguing that allowing students to leave public schools for private schools will somehow undermine desegregation of schools in Louisiana. […]

Unions spend more than $1.5 million on VA election

Analysis by Americans for Limited Government shows that two unions alone have spent more than $1.5 million dollars cumulatively trying to influence the Virginia state election. The SEIU which represents both private and public sector employees has spent more than $1.28 million on the top three Democrat candidates and the Democratic Party of Virginia. Not surprisingly, Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe […]

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The People v. K Street: The Obamacare Battle

By Rick Manning The K Street vultures are out in force. With both the continuing resolution and debt ceiling extension legislation pending, the tassel loafer lobbying crowd has descended on Capitol Hill with Obamacare fixes and other wish lists to be crammed into any final resolution. Big Labor wants changes in the way reinsurance is taxed under Obamacare, and suddenly […]

Oops! From the one picture is worth a thousand words file…

If I were trying to make the case that women should hold a higher percentage of construction jobs, I probably wouldn’t use a picture of a woman pushing a 1/3 full gardening wheelbarrow to make the point.  Hey Labor bloggers – with one image you managed to reinforce the very stereotype that your article is trying to break down. See […]

NLRB: The little labor board that could… destroy your job

By Rick Manning The Obama Administration and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled the wool over the eyes of naïve Senate Republicans in agreeing to pull back two objectionable appointees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in exchange for the dropping of any filibuster threat against replacement nominees. Within 24 hours of the deal, President Obama submitted two new […]

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Did SEIU-backed worker center FastFoodForward stage an emergency?

By Brad Tidwell Using the hashtag #4259Broadway, SEIU-backed worker center Fast Food Forward posted pictures of a strike at McDonalds. Suspicious timing, or fortunate photo op? Mere minutes after posting an update about a broken air conditioning unit, Fast Food Forward’s twitter account posted a picture of paramedics pushing what looks to be a passed-out woman out of the McDonalds […]

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Joke is on Senate Republicans: Richard Griffin to be NLRB General Counsel

By Willie Deutsch In the Senate Republicans capitulation on stopping Obama’s radical nominees, their consolation prize was that Obama would withdraw his nomination of Richard Griffin and Sharon Block to the NLRB.  While Obama took advantage of this by nominating two equally radical nominees, their is a further irony. It seems Obama will take advantage of the Republican surrender by nominating […]

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Are Big Labor and Democrats on the same page?

By Rick Manning Major fault lines have suddenly appeared in the formerly dependable Big Labor/Democratic Party coalition, and the earthquake that follows could have major future electoral ramifications. Labor unions are one of the primary funders of Democratic and far left politics.  The hundreds of millions of dollars they contribute into the Democratic machine gives them clout that far exceeds […]

NLRB’s naked overreach: Lying about legitimacy

By Brad Tidwell If there’s any overarching theme to be found from the Obama Administration’s last few years in office, it’s the “we can’t wait” theme. The Obama administration has never been long on patience, oversight or precedent when it comes in opposition to their plans. One of the best examples of this has been the actions of the National […]

Supreme Court to Hear NLRB Recess Appointment Case

Earlier this year, the DC Circuit court ruled that Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB were illegal.  Today the Supreme Court has decided to hear the case in the coming term.  It will be a key separation of powers case in the coming term. Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement responding to the Supreme […]

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