As seen on TV: Obama’s leadership failure

By Tom Toth “I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.” -President Barack Obama Barack Obama’s lack of operational awareness of what’s happening within his own federal bureaucracies has reached legendary proportion. The most recent institutional crisis to hit the White House is the widespread issues with Veterans Association hospital […]

Cartoon: “Wolf of Stonewall Street”

By A.F. Branco

Cartoon: “Traffic Outrage”

By William Warren

Obama donor tapped to head investigation into IRS Tea Party targeting

Barbara Kay Bosserman By Tom Toth The integrity of the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) criminal investigation of IRS targeting of conservative groups, including Tea Party-affiliated organizations, may be dead on arrival. Barbara Kay Bosserman, a trial lawyer for the DOJ, has been selected to head the investigation into the widely-reported prejudicial targeting of potentially thousands of the president’s political adversaries […]

ALG praises Reps. Kline and Camp for investigation

By Rick Manning and Tom Toth   On December 3, Representatives John Kline (MN-2) and Dave Camp (MI-4) issued a letter to Department of Labor Secretary Thomas Perez demanding information regarding how the Department of Labor utilizes and reviews information given for use by the Census Bureau for use in unemployment reports. The letter is in response to recent newspaper reports charging […]

The lives of others

By Don Todd At the beginning of a recent speech in Iowa Senator Ted Cruz instructed his audience to leave their cell phones on because he wanted President Obama to hear every word he said.  While this was meant as a joke it raises an important point. Why would anyone in their right mind not assume that Obama is using […]

None dare call it tyranny

By Rick Manning Intimidation. It is an ugly word bringing to mind mobsters threatening to burn down a shop owners store if he doesn’t buy fire insurance, or a loan shark enforcers breaking legs to send a message to someone who bet the wrong horse. It is even uglier when it is used in conjunction with the Presidency in a […]

The American people never voted for Obamacare

By Robert Romano As a famous German propagandist once said, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Elections have consequences, it is true. And in 2008, following the epic market crash and financial crisis, Republicans were demolished in the general election, losing the White House while Democrats picked up seats in the House and Senate. And […]

Barack Obama: Shutdown Fever

By Tom Toth President Obama isn’t very happy. Over the first 48 hours of the government shutdown, Americans have watched Obama and his Congressional gofers desperately attempting to paint the shutdown as a catastrophe forced onto the nation by the Tea Party. Photo Courtesy of Tamara Somerville: “There is a pervasive bipartisan sense in the neighborhood that padlocking the children’s […]

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Breitbart Was Right about Pigford

Even after his death, Breitbart continues to make news. He was the first to expose the corruption that stemmed from the settlement that followed the 1997 Pigford case filed in D.C. federal court.  In 2010, Pigford became all-consuming for Breitbart. “All I’ve been doing is eating, breathing, sleeping Pigford, researching Pigford, finding whistleblowers who are hiding in plain sight who […]

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