Ohio and Colorado Fail to Purge Ineligible Voters from the Rolls Prior to Election Day

By Kevin Mooney – Colorado and Ohio could both determine the outcome of the presidential election, and other key races. But neither state is complying with a federal law that requires state officials to maintain and update their voter registration rolls. Under Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), commonly known as “motor voter,” state social service agencies […]

U.S. Elections Jeopardized by Excessive Absentee Ballots and DOJ Lawsuits

By Kevin Mooney — For too many Americans, voting has become a matter of mere convenience, rather than a serious civic responsibility, John Fund, a National Review columnist, has told television correspondents in recent interviews. While there are legitimate reasons to vote by way of absentee ballot, Fund argues that the process has become open-ended, loose and prone to fraud. “Absentee […]

Liberal Attorneys Press “Motor Voter” Lawsuits as Obama DOJ Moves to Block Voter ID

By Kevin Mooney — Polls show that Gov. Mitt Romney could be competitive against President Obama in Pennsylvania, a must win state for Democrats. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that a coalition of left-wing attorneys have filed a “motor voter” suit against state officials aimed at accelerating highly questionable registration practices. The suit, filed under Section […]

Net Right Daily Warned of Media Pressure Against Chief Justice Roberts

By Kevin Mooney — Here, in a nutshell, is what several astute commentators on the right, including George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and others have told readers in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare: Associate Justice John Roberts would have ruled to strike down the federal health care law, but Chief Justice John Roberts felt an institutional obligation […]

George Soros Backed Advancement Project Leads the Charge Against Voter Fraud Investigations and Voter ID

By Kevin Mooney — Take a look at the press releases from progressive organizations that deny voter fraud is a serious problem and the organization that appears to be out in front these days is the George Soros funded Advancement Project. The group, founded in 1999 by civil rights attorneys, describes itself as “a policy, communications and legal action group […]

George Soros, Liberal Foundations Bolster Pressure Groups Opposed to Vote Fraud Investigations

By Kevin Mooney — Complaints about voter fraud are not rooted in reality and divert attention from electoral reforms that would invigorate America’s democratic system, lawyers with the Brennan Center for Justice have long argued.  In a commentary entitled: “The Myth of Voter Fraud,” authors Michael Waldman and Justin Levitt even go so far as to equate voter fraud investigations […]

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ACORN re-emerges in Washington money game

By Kevin Mooney and Rick Manning — Tired of bipartisan Republicans who compromise the farm away on domestic policy? Frustrated with Republican presidents who allow far left Democrats to re-craft their legislation? If so, now would be an opportune moment to revisit conservative congressional Republican efforts to halt federal funding for ACORN. Several months before the videotapes were released that […]

Former ACORN Insider Infiltrates Fox News

By Anita MonCrief — The sometimes strange and increasingly alarming “age of Obama” continues to bring the average American startling and upsetting news. The ever reliable Vice President Joe Biden stepped in to add insult on top of injury to the growing number of Americans who identify themselves as part of the Tea Party. From Biden’s equation of the Tea […]

ACORN Activists Denounced Reaganomics and Organized Elaborate Protests that Invoked 1930s Depression Prior to 1982 Mid-Term Elections

By Kevin Mooney — While the nation was still mired in a deep recession, self-described community activists staged elaborate protests against President Reagan’s policies in the early 1980s a Nexis search reveals. On the anniversary of his 100th birthday, Reagan is widely credited and praised for re-energizing the economy and reversing the “malaise” of the 1970s. But just before the […]

ACORN Community Labor Organizing Center Listed as “Not in Good Standing” But Still “Active”

By Kevin Mooney — Apparently there is at least one ACORN affiliate that has declined to drop the organization’s tainted name. The ACORN Community Labor Organizing Center (ACLOC), which is registered in Louisiana and also maintains a strong presence in Texas, has served as a major conduit for political operations and could play a prominent role in the 2012 elections. […]

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