The American people never voted for Obamacare

By Robert Romano As a famous German propagandist once said, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. Elections have consequences, it is true. And in 2008, following the epic market crash and financial crisis, Republicans were demolished in the general election, losing the White House while Democrats picked up seats in the House and Senate. And […]

ACORN Whistleblower Anita MonCrief Unloads on Ohio Secretary of State

By Kevin Mooney — Instead of deferring to a U.S. attorney general who is not serious about enforcing the law against voter fraud, Ohio’s Republican secretary of state should have prioritized ballot integrity, Anita MonCrief, a former ACORN employee turned conservative activist, told NetRightDaily. But it is now clear that dead and ineligible voters will remain on the voter rolls […]

Ohio and Colorado Fail to Purge Ineligible Voters from the Rolls Prior to Election Day

By Kevin Mooney – Colorado and Ohio could both determine the outcome of the presidential election, and other key races. But neither state is complying with a federal law that requires state officials to maintain and update their voter registration rolls. Under Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), commonly known as “motor voter,” state social service agencies […]

Rhode Island Voter ID Points to Growing Bipartisan Support for Election Integrity Efforts

By Kevin Mooney – When one Democrat accuses another Democrat of rampant voter fraud, it creates a bit of a problem for left leaning media outlets and pressure groups that have been critical of voter identification laws. But it also presents an opportunity for citizen activists and elected officials who are working across party lines to build a national consensus […]

New Hampshire Voter ID and Voter Roll Clean-Up Could Prove Decisive on Election Day

By Kevin Mooney — Losing New Hampshire could mean losing it all for the Obama campaign. After reportedly pulling back on Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, where Gov. Mitt Romney is surging, the Obama campaign has settled on the Granite State as one of its must-wins. That’s far from certain in a state that has been trending back to the Republicans […]

U.S. Elections Jeopardized by Excessive Absentee Ballots and DOJ Lawsuits

By Kevin Mooney — For too many Americans, voting has become a matter of mere convenience, rather than a serious civic responsibility, John Fund, a National Review columnist, has told television correspondents in recent interviews. While there are legitimate reasons to vote by way of absentee ballot, Fund argues that the process has become open-ended, loose and prone to fraud. “Absentee […]

Are voters really upset when politicians act slimy?

By Adam Bitely — Politicians accusing their counterparts of engaging in unethical behavior is a game as old as time. Most times, the accusations of politicians acting in an unethical manor go unchecked. Many accusations appear to be theater for campaign season rather than actions that will result in a politician being investigated to the full extent of the government’s […]

Liberal Attorneys Press “Motor Voter” Lawsuits as Obama DOJ Moves to Block Voter ID

By Kevin Mooney — Polls show that Gov. Mitt Romney could be competitive against President Obama in Pennsylvania, a must win state for Democrats. So, it should come as no surprise to learn that a coalition of left-wing attorneys have filed a “motor voter” suit against state officials aimed at accelerating highly questionable registration practices. The suit, filed under Section […]

AFSCME Members Know They are Playing Defense

By Kevin Mooney — AFSCME delegates attending the union’s 40th International Convention in Los Angeles know they are losing the argument. But they are also convinced they can make significant inroads with the American public by retooling their message. Both of the candidates running to succeed outgoing President Gerald McEntee acknowledged that public employee unions have been playing defense in […]

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The fight for Florida Part Deux

By Rick Manning — Hanging chads and legal battles will remain seared in the memories of everyone who is old enough to remember the historic 2000 Bush versus Gore election decider in the state of Florida. Prudently, Florida is preparing for another donnybrook as many political pundits believe that the re-election of  Barack Obama may be decided on Florida’s verdict. […]

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