Ethanol policy reform: The rare place where environmentalists and energy advocates agree

By Marita Noon We all expect to pay a price for missing deadlines — fail to pay a parking ticket on time, and you may find a warrant out for your arrest. People have lost their jobs when they can’t get the work done on schedule. Students, who turn in papers late, get lower grades—maybe even fail the class. But […]

EPA: Hurting poor families worst

By Tom Toth News for low-income households facing another brutal winter in New England is again bleak. One of the largest energy providers in the region announced recently that energy costs for a typical household could top $150 a month this winter — a 37 percent increase over just last year. For many poorer families, that $40 per month increase […]

VIDEO – Sting operation uncovers scummy Hollywood environmentalist agenda with reporter disguised as a Middle Eastern oil tycoon

This video is not fiction. Hollywood regularly takes cash from anti-American interests to fund environmentalist propaganda. The Matt Damon film Promised Land, which attempted to scandalize the entire natural gas industry, was primarily funded by Middle Eastern oil giants looking to undermine American energy companies. Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign was funded by a $26 million grant from Chesapeake Energy, a […]

Slideshow: Over two thirds of U.S. energy generation threatened by the EPA

By Tom Toth Power industries in the United States are under attack by the radical left, now empowered by dominant federal agencies and government officials. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has—especially since the beginning of the Obama administration—been taken over by environmental alarmists and given a seemingly open license to promote the environmentalist agenda by any means necessary. The strategy […]

Podesta to carry out the Obama Doctrine

By Marita Noon “Canada is a sovereign nation and we will develop our resources with appropriate regulations and enforcement to protect the environment,” said Paula Caldwell St-Onge. The Consulate General of Canada, St-Onge was in Albuquerque to talk up, and answer questions about, the Keystone pipeline. She’d done media interviews prior to her arrival at the University of New Mexico […]

Death by renewables

By Marita Noon “Even green projects have an impact on their surrounding environment.” Green energy, specifically so-called renewables, has been sold to the American public as the answer to a host of crimes against the planet. But, as Lex Berko points out in her post on Motherboard, “even green” has its downside. Biomass may be “renewable,” but burning it releases […]

Big Green’s big price tag

By Rick Manning Washington, D.C. has been consumed with an on-going battle over whether the bureaucracy can significantly expand the scope of legislation without getting legislative approval.  It is the dry, boring stuff that defines why President Reagan once remarked that, “personnel is policy.” While the attention has been on the increased costs of health care because of Obamacare’s implementation, […]

When the lights go out

By Tom Toth The future of abundant, affordable energy in the United States is under attack from environmental organizations and individuals currently influencing the nation’s regulatory climate. Acting through powerful government arms like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), fringe alarmist groups are actively waging a high-stakes war on American energy, and the nation’s future is on the line. If they […]

Obama expands war on coal to ash

By Nathan Mehrens Observers of the war on coal that is being waged by the Obama Administration and its allies know that the war centers not just on the actual burning of coal, but on all parts of coal’s lifecycle.  These range from efforts to oppose extraction, transportation, burning, and finally the transportation and reuse of coal ash, a byproduct […]

EPA Regulations: Browning out America’s future

By Tom Toth In the modern world, where energy flows, commerce and prosperity follows. The economic and industrial greatness behind the United States is built on the back of an infrastructure that makes massive amounts of energy accessible and affordable. Coal is a indispensible pillar of that infrastructure. Since becoming an economic powerhouse, the United States has consistently relied upon […]

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