Fueling the American resurgence

By Tom Toth In the modern world, where energy flows, commerce and prosperity follows. The growth of the United States’ economy is being stunted by the Obama administration’s activist energy policies which are bankrupting the producers of abundant, affordable energy. The American way of life developed over the last century stands as history’s greatest example to date of what an […]

Fear and Facts

By Paul Driessen – The ground hadn’t stopped shaking. Tsunami waters had not receded. And yet coverage of this awful natural disaster — a scene of almost unfathomable devastation and death — was already giving way to single-minded focus on radiation exposure and meltdowns. Addressing justifiable concerns is essential, to allay fears and refocus attention on finding the missing, burying […]

The Real Nuclear Meltdown

By William Warren – Today’s cartoon is on the whole Nuclear Energy fears triggered by the Japan situation and all the media-hyped anti-nuclear sentiment out there.

Nuclear safety: Reactors that can’t melt down

By Kelvin Kemm – The recent tragic events in Japan have brought the issue of nuclear energy to the forefront of public discussion. While some have exploited the tragedy to advance anti-nuclear policies, others have tried to defend this important energy source on the grounds of its importance to our economy and standard of living. Missing in the discussion are […]

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