Cartoon: Fire and Fury

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Senate Republicans: Defund Left-Wing Groups

By Richard McCarty In 1978, the US Labor Department created an occupational safety and health training grant program, which is now called the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program. In recent years, the Labor Department has awarded roughly $10 million a year in Harwood grants. The money is distributed to public colleges and universities, business groups, unions, and nonprofits. Of course, […]

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Manafort is right, Mueller has gone beyond original mandate of special counsel and Sessions’ recusal

By Robert Romano “Paul Manafort is absolutely correct that the charges he is facing far exceed the original mandate of potential contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, and have gone years into the past prior to the 2016 election campaign and in many cases do not even invoke official Russian government contacts.” That was Americans for Limited […]

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DOJ misconduct in Nevada in Bundy case

C/O By Richard McCarty and Printus LeBlanc The Bundy family was the group at the center of a tense standoff in Nevada in 2014. The nation was glued to TV sets as federal agents squared off against the family and their allies. A recent ruling by a federal judge, based on the shocking report released by Bureau of Land […]

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Was the Democrat-funded Steele dossier a basis of the FBI’s Trump-Russia investigation?

By Robert Romano It was not the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign funded Fusion GPS-Christopher Steele junk dossier in 2016 that caused the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign, but George Papadopoulos’ meetings with suppose Russian agents to obtain “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. That is the narrative now being fed by the mainstream media. According to the New […]

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We Pause to Remark

By Don Todd Funny to watch the left work themselves into a lather over the very idea that taxpayers will get to keep more of the money they earned.  Armageddon Pelosi shouts.  Chuck Schumer has a fit and falls in it. One hopes that all the Trump haters got their money out of the stock market the day after the […]

Cartoon: Pen-Head Eraser

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Trump Delivers on Judicial Nominees

By Richard McCarty One of President Trump’s most important promises in last year’s election was to appoint conservative justices to the Supreme Court, and he followed through on that promise by appointing Neil Gorsuch to the nation’s highest court. But that major win has been followed by a string of less-heralded victories. When Trump took office, there were 105 federal […]

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President Trump’s restoring Article 1 of the Constitution

By Natalia Castro The left enjoys painting President Trump as a ruthless totalitarian, but when looking at his track record so far in office, it is clear he is anything but. For years, the executive branch has expanded their power into all areas of government, rather than just enforcement of legislation, the court has been weaponized as a legislator themselves, […]

Cartoon: Economic myths busted

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