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Politically correct court ruling against Trump travel restrictions reveals judicial tyranny

Cartoon c/o Legal Insurrection. By Robert Romano Under the ridiculous ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson of the District of Hawaii, temporary travel restrictions on immigration — grants of power to the president enacted by Congress decades ago — from any Muslim-majority countries somehow violate the First Amendment. But only if the restrictions are issued by President Donald […]

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Hiding the truth, distorting Andrew Jackson’s image

By Bill Wilson Anyone looking for a prime example of why the American people increasingly detest the mainstream media need look no further than the Washington Post’s “reporting” on President Donald Trump’s visit to Nashville on March 15. While many in the insular world of the GOP establishment may not think symbolism matters, the Post sure does.  Their effort to […]

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Here are 6 CRA rescissions the Senate has yet to pass

By Natalia Castro The House has done a phenomenal job rooting out the government overreach and constraining regulations which the Obama Administration used to grow the executive branches power. Now, after 14 successfully passed Congressional Review Act (CRA) rescissions in the House, the Senate is trailing behind having only passed eight. While the nomination process continues to occupy the second […]

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CBO: 8 million will choose to leave private insurance market without fines

By Natalia Castro The Congressional Budget Office is absolutely correct, millions of Americans may not be getting insurance once Obamacare is no longer in affect. However, mainstream media has already made a critical error as to why so many people will be leaving the system. Rather than being forced to have insurance that does not satisfy individual needs, Americans are […]

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Deconstructing the administrative state

By Peter Hong What do you picture when you hear the phrase “administrative state?” Do you think about the lexicon of federal agencies with acronyms that have come to dominate our everyday lives: IRS, EPA, OSHA, TSA? Envision sterile federal buildings populated by unelected bureaucrats rewriting laws to expand the scope of government overreach? Foresee a dystopian universe where administrative […]

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Restoring Article I, by eliminating one regulation at a time

By Natalia Castro Congress began dismantling Obama’s regulatory state as soon as it came into session; utilizing the power of the Congressional Review Act of 1996 (CRA) for the first time in nearly two decades, Republicans in the House have begun taking back their own authority and opened up the gates to a stronger, healthier economy. The CRA provides Congress […]

Cartoon: Beast of burden

By A.F. Branco Click here for a higher level resolution.

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Trump escalates war in Syria without Congress

By Robert Romano An additional 400 U.S. troops are prepared to hit the ground in Raqqa, Syria to assist efforts by local militia to lay siege to the Islamic State-held city. There’s only the problem. U.S. troops, including what has slowly built up to another 500 special forces, have been operating in Syria since Nov. 2015, and airstrikes have been […]

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The left’s war on choices

By Natalia Castro The difference between the United States and every other country is that in other countries the government provides people with opportunities, here we choose our opportunities. The logical flaw of the left is the attempt to provide individuals choice by transferring those choices to the government. The key to individual liberty is that choices remain with the […]

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Why are Republicans still subsidizing private health insurance?

By Robert Romano One obvious drawback to the new health care system proposed by Congressional Republicans from a free market perspective is the continued presence of private insurance subsidies, this time via refundable tax credits. It raises an obvious question: If the Republican legislative plan to repeal Obamacare is a “market-based” approach to health care that will bring down costs, […]

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