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#ReadTheMemo and urge Congress to stop the illegal spying!

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Do Democrat #Resistance even want to do a DACA deal if it means making a deal with Trump?

By Natalia Castro President Trump gave a State of the Union which turned a new page for unity and opportunity between the executive branch and Congress. As Trump expressed his hope of a more productive legislative year, he outlined a path toward legislative achievements with immigration took center stage. Trump may be taking a risk to get Democrats on board, […]

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How the President and Congress can drain the swamp

By Printus LeBlanc The President gave a unifying and stirring speech this past Tuesday at the State of the Union. There was one line in the speech that mostly went unnoticed by non-DC swamp dwellers but shook the swamp to its core. The President stated, “All Americans deserve accountability and respect — and that is what we are giving them. […]

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Are earmarks coming back? If so, is that a good thing?

By Natalia Castro For over 200 years, earmarks were a staple in appropriations legislation, but last decade that system changed dramatically as abuses of power became more and more evident, and by 2011 the system was banned. President Donald Trump recently chimed in on this controversial debate calling for a change in Congressional rules, like earmarks, to more efficiently move […]

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Democrats sit on hands during unifying State of the Union while opioid, gang crisis kills their communities

By Printus LeBlanc 2018 has been a good year for President Trump. It seems like every day another company announces raises, bonuses, and capital investment in the U.S. The stock market is booming, and January payroll beat expectations by 49,000. Despite all the good news and momentum in his favor, the President extended multiple olive branches to the Democrats in […]

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President Donald Trump celebrates the triumph of the American and human spirit in first State of the Union Address

By Rick Manning State of the Union messages are typically a laundry list of promises seeking to pander to various constituencies with little philosophical cohesion. Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech broke this rule. Rather than a policy focused speech, the President chose to emphasize the triumph of the American spirit and the costs of failure to protect […]

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How Trump and the GOP Congress can break the midterm jinx in 2018

By Robert Romano Congressional midterms after a President wins the White House can be a brutal affair. The out-party tends to be motivated and has a knack for taking it out on Congress. The incumbent party, usually, is unable to match the opposition’s energy and so losses tend to follow. It’s the midterm jinx. The White House incumbent party tends […]

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What is parallel construction, and why is Special Counsel Mueller ok with it?

By Printus LeBlanc It seems like every day there is a chorus of officials celebrating Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If you dare question his integrity, you are to be banished to the gulags. However, with a little bit of research you will find out his career as a law enforcement officer is filled with mistakes, mishaps, and questionable policies. Once […]

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Jeff Sessions is putting sanctuary jurisdictions on notice

By Natalia Castro Attorney General Jeff Sessions is sending a strong message to counties and states that refuse to protect their citizens from criminal illegal immigrants. After a year of continuous battles against jurisdictions which are self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities,” Sessions has announced his intent to issue subpoenas to 23 of these jurisdictions as part of a mandatory compliance review. By […]

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White House releases a dud of an Immigration plan

By Printus LeBlanc Throughout the first year of the Trump presidency, the media has been looking for a way to crack President Trump’s base. They have yet to be successful with most of his base not believing anything the media puts forward, but Trump may have found a way to do it himself. If the immigration plan put forward by […]

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