Return of the Tea Party

By Robert Romano Republican primary voters have cast a decisive verdict against the Washington establishment in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. In ousting House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), grassroots activists led by the tea party have marked a stunning comeback in the national political scene. The beneficiary of Cantor’s fall, Randolph-Macon College economics professor Dave Brat, ran his campaign […]

Primaries show Tea Party winning the ideological fight in the GOP

By Tom Toth Four years after the remarkable advent of the “Tea Party,” many are wondering whether the Conservative grassroots’ response to the Obama administration’s domestic policies still has the political punch it demonstrated with 2010’s landslide midterm elections victories for the then-rejuvenated Republican party. That evidence is now rolling out in the heart of the Republican’s electoral infrastructure—and news […]

The tea party repealed the debt limit? Really?

By Robert Romano Let the blame game begin. The House of Representatives, led by House Speaker John Boehner, turned over control of that body to Nancy Pelosi and Democrats to pass a so-called clean debt limit extension — really it’s been suspended — until March 15, 2015. The measure relied on Democrats to pass, which only 28 Republicans, including House […]

It’s time to throw big business off the Republican stool

By Rick Manning The Republican Party winning coalition has traditionally stood on a three legged stool consisting of God, guns and economic freedom with the economic freedom part of the equation being the glue. The God part of the equation tends to revolve around social issues. Many of those in this category hold a strong belief in a sovereign God […]

Fighting for right is never wrong

By Rick Manning The play Man of LaMancha was inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece, Don Quixote.  In the play, Don Quixote takes up a quest where he battles windmills that he perceives as dragons, declares a local woman who works at a tavern as his princess who he serves as her knight champion. It is a story of honor […]

Could Chris Christie Republicans be the biggest losers?

By Rick Manning National political pundits are busily fluffing up the narrative that the 2013 gubernatorial election has made New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the front runner for the Republican nod for president in 2016, while the narrow loss by conservative Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race spells the beginning of the end for the conservative movement. The Washington […]

Ted Cruz stood for what’s right and won

By Rick Manning Common wisdom amongst those who live in the Beltway is that the fight to end Obamacare was not worth it, and those who stood up to the bullying of Obama and his cronies were political losers. Senator Ted Cruz went home to Texas last weekend and made two separate stops to talk to the people at hastily […]

Are faux conservatives more dangerous than liberals?

By David Bozeman Columnist Kathleen Parker, who inexplicably passes for conservative, has penned yet another hit piece on Ted Cruz, this time stating that he is a “mirage, an idea conjured in a fantasy that can’t be realized in reality.”  She continues, “if Cruz’s voice drowns out the so-called established voices, Republicans may as well start investing in camels.  The desert awaits.”  […]

A House majority in name only

By Robert Romano House Republican leaders never had any intention of defunding or even delaying implementation of Obamacare. No other conclusion can be drawn from the complete capitulation by House Speaker John Boehner in agreeing to end the partial government shutdown, suspend the debt ceiling until Feb. 7, and allow funding for Obamacare to take effect without condition. Oh, and […]

Tea Party Rallying to Audit the IRS

By Willie Deutsch While some Democrats are trying to push the IRS scandal under the rug by declaring it solved, Americans everywhere know that this abuse of authority is far from solved.  This is why Tea Party organizations are rallying to demand that the IRS be audited. This is a powerful reminder of how the IRS scandal has united and […]

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