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Baltimore: The blindness of the Ivory Tower

By Bill Wilson In the May 1 edition of the Washington Post, an opinion article by overly-credentialed professor of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton Danielle Allen, “Why the dispossessed riot,” calls for “sloughing off” the current understanding of what freedom means and embracing a new, more enlightened “democratic one.” Stripped of all the academic jargon and tortured philosophic […]

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Double standard at Barack Obama’s ‘Injustice’ Department

By Bill Wilson As U.S. Senators take up the nomination of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General, they should keep an eye across the country on the scandal enveloping now-former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber.  At first glance, these two unfolding political dramas might seem as far apart as “the east is from the west,” but a closer examination reveals a troubling […]

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Obamacare fatigue: Why repeal still matters

By Bill Wilson Type “Obamacare” into any Internet search engine and in less than a third of a second — faster than the snap of your fingers — tens of millions of results will bombard you.  Within these pages are literally billions of words addressing the law and its attendant issues — including the few hundred words contained herein.  It’s […]

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Protecting IRS lawbreakers

By Bill Wilson With all the noise and distractions, it is easy to understand why the most important story of the decade is being overlooked.  The holidays are in full swing, Congress is playing Hamlet — to be or just roll over yet again — the Occupy leftist movement is blocking roads to protest the police doing their job, and […]

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The far left’s emboldened totalitarian impulses

By Bill Wilson The modus operandi of America’s far left isn’t subtle: It’s all about “taking.”  Money, property, privacy, speech, guns — you name it.  Everywhere we look, the foundational underpinnings of our once-free, once-prosperous society are being encroached upon by government’s emboldened totalitarian impulses. Which brings us to the No. 1 thing they are taking from us: Control — […]

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Paul Krugman: Demonstrable dishonesty in Obamacare intent

By Bill Wilson It’s a tough time to be Barack Obama’s No. 1 apologist.  The president’s policies aren’t working, his public support has evaporated and his party was roundly rebuked in the 2014 mid-term elections.  Yet New York Times columnist Paul Krugman soldiers on — inextricably tied to the terminal velocity of Obama’s ongoing ideological implosion (which continues to drag down the […]

Global warming zealot McCarthy of EPA plays race card

A version of this article was originally published on Investors.com. By Bill Wilson You can’t argue with global warming zealots: Whatever the thermometer reads, they’re right and you’re wrong. Whatever the short-term, intermediate or long-term data suggest, all these eco-radicals see is additional proof of their distorted worldview. Hot summers? Mild winters? That’s global warming. Mild summers? Frigid winters? That’s global warming, […]

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Everything at stake in Obamacare court fight

By Bill Wilson Do we live in a nation of laws enacted by our duly elected representatives?  Or do we live in a country in which a handful of elites can do as they please with no regard to those laws — or due process for those affected by them?  This is the central question the U.S. Supreme Court must […]

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Congress should not pay for Detroit’s pension problems

By Bill Wilson It has been almost a year since Detroit filed for bankruptcy on its $18 billion of debt, and now state and local leaders are on the verge of a deal to bring the city onto its own feet again. Under the deal, city employee pensioners will receive a 4.5 percent cut, and the state legislature has overwhelmingly […]

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Reason.com is wrong, tax-deductible charities should follow the law

By Bill Wilson In his recent piece supposedly rebutting my recent op-ed in Investor’s Business Daily concerning alleged violations of Canadian tax law by several left-wing foundations, Reason.com managing editor J.D. Tuccille on February 26 in “Conservative Activist Says It’s His Turn To Use the IRS as a Political Bludgeon” demonstrates skills that should immediately make him employable at the […]

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