Democrats Push for $35 Billion Public Sector Union Bailout

By Adam Bitely — Senate Democrats are pushing for a $35 billion bailout for states to the benefit of teachers which will result in a major cash infusion for teachers’ unions. This money will certainly be put towards the election of Democrats. “It is hard to think of a greater waste of taxpayer resources,” said Americans for Limited Government President […]

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Wall Street protesters scratch the surface

By Bill Wilson — If one has been following the news lately, it probably has been impossible to miss a nascent radical protest movement in New York City dubbed “Occupy Wall Street.”  On its face, it appears to be a typical leftist attempt to spark populist outrage against the supposed excesses of capitalism, and there may not be much more […]

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EuroTARP: Much ado about nothing?

By Robert Romano — The embattled creditors of Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and other troubled sovereigns breathed a collective sigh of relief as Germany has overwhelmingly approved those creditors’ next round of bailouts. But not so fast. It’s not over yet. “It is not at all excluded that the retrofitted European Financial Stability Facility, which is incomparably more dangerous than the […]

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$140 Billion States Bailout Mirrors Europe

By Bill Wilson — Tucked away in the $447 billion so-called jobs bill — which won’t create jobs — is yet another bailout of bankrupt states like New York, Illinois, and California. This time, the bailout totals $140 billion. This comes atop $145 billion states got out of the original Obama “stimulus”, and $26.1 billion in Aug. 2010 — all […]

EU Tightens its Noose

Cartoon By William Warren

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Revulsion against bailouts on both sides of the Atlantic

By Howard Rich – Last week a gleeful American press corps celebrated the most recent “European” bailout of Greece. In fact, one major wire service blissfully concluded that this $230 billion infusion of cash would “end the region’s debt crisis.” Of course such unfounded optimism is laughable — as anyone following the sovereign debt debacle in Europe is well aware. […]

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Krugman’s Awakening?

By Bill Wilson – It’s the second time within a month, but I agree with the New York Times’ Paul Krugman.  This time, he writes that “bankers and wealthy individuals with lots of bonds in their portfolios” can count on the government to “protect the interests of creditors, no matter the cost”. Now, we would certainly disagree on which policies […]

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Barack Obama Stars In “My Big Fat Greek Bailout”

By Frank McCaffrey – Our nation is in a debt crisis, yet our President is working to help Greece with its debt. This may seem absurd, that’s because it is absurd. ALG’s Robert Romano explains how this “Big Fat Greek Bailout” is a “Big Fat Greek Mess.”

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Taxpayers Are Losing on General Motors Bailout

No surprise here, but taxpayers are definitely losing money on the bailout that was engineered by Obama and Bush for General Motors. As Shikha Dalmia wrote at Reason (bold text done for emphasis): …Bloomberg’s survey of 21 auto analysts put the average projected price for GM at $42.85 per share a year from now. This means that, outside of miracle, […]

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Iceland’s Revolution Against International Bank Bailouts Goes Global

By Bill Wilson -In April, the people of Iceland went to the polls, decisively rejecting a bailout of British and Dutch investors who lost billions in the Icesave bank in 2008.  Iceland is the rare example of a nation that allowed its banks to fail in the wake of the financial crisis. Now it appears to be an example for […]

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